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February 3, 2009


Dick Eastman: a note for those afraid to read the following <> Ziopedia:  Israel, a Militaristic Society <> In the name of patriotism, we have participated in a planned deception to create a state of permanent war. <> Cannon Fodder for the Rapture <> The Illusion of Democracy - If We Can Keep It <> Deconstructing the Psychoanalytic Base  "Those who control the present, control the past.

Important articles from Ziopedia follow below.  The following note is for those afraid to read them.
Note from Dick Eastman on the importance to you, dear reader, of overcoming your fear of reading news that a murderous and most intimidating enemy has determined you shall not read.  I know the basis of your fear. The threat is real.  You know enough already to have the utmost respect for the power and the willingness of the Zionists -- from Zionist Nathan Rothschild, to 9-11 planners and pepetrators like Paul Wolfowitz, Dov Zakheim, Richard Perle, and hundreds of others with this seed blood to provoke bloody frame-up wars of Christian against Moslem,  the power and willingness of 'macho' Uzi-armed Jewish child hunters, men and women raised to fanaticism in the Trotskyite War-Communism  Jewish Supremacist Kibbutzim where any Palestinian children sneaking up "to see the Jews" are shot like rabbits and delcared terrorists; and you know their power to see that the lives of their critics, any critics, go nowhere but downhill.     Make no mistake, these people who consider themselves God's chosen and the rest of the world as not really human and destined to be their slaves actually do rule the world right now -- but not without a lot to trouble -- and they and have moved events to make their control easier and more secure, horrible events like world wars, civil wars, race wars, class wars, economic "market" disasters, and even the weather and the decline of education and culture in general.  Not all Jews are Zionist, but all Jews know the power of Jews that are.  And so do most of you and therefore you are afraid to speak up.  But the fact is even if you keep your mouth shut and behave yourself in servile ways before these bullies, you are still marked because you have been exposed to the virus of Zionist-inconsistent information and are contaminated, quaranteened and marked for sanitization one way or another.
Remember populist governor and senator Huey Long of the 1930's.  Long often criticized the millionaires of his day, especially Rockefeller, Morgan and Bernard Baruch, and he had a popular plan to redistribute the ill-gotten wealth and knock down the power of the big fortunes while retaining the market system and the constitituion.  But Huey Long  was not anti-Jewish or fascist.  When a reporter asked him if he saw any resemblance between himself and Hitler he replied, "Don't liken me to that sonofabitch.  Anybody who lets his public policies be mixed up with religious prejudice is a plain Goddamned fool."  A few months later he said:  "I don't know much about Hitler.  Except this last thing, about the Jews.  There has never been a country that put its heel down on the Jews that ever lived afterwards."  But anyone who attacks the Machiavelliain dealings of any merchant bankers -- as Huey Long attacked the handiwork of the Morgans, the Rockefellers and Bernard Baruch -- is considered a dangerous anti-Semite and some Jew somewhere is planning that he not linger long in afterwards.  He was shot by a Jew sympathetic to the Rockefeller interests and the political machine of plutocracy  that had been overthrown by Long  in Lousiana. 
Like Long we know Zionist bankers and all whom they control through their monopoly of credit  were behind the great crimes that have hobbled and diminished the human race to keep them in power and everyone else inferior and without an alternative to subservience.  But as Huey Long learned the hard way -- even if you attack the bankers as bankers and not as Zionists -- it makes no difference.  You become their mortal enemy anyway.   That is what (Trotskyite) communism is all about. That is what anarcho-Capitalism and neo-cons and new-democrats are all about.  Trotskyist Stephen Schwartz who contributes to all the neo-conservative publications wrote: "To my last breath I will defend Trotsky ...  To my last breath, and without apology."  He praised Trotskyites who became "neo-conservatives" in a takeover of the Reagan Administration (Reagan was supposed to have been shot and G. H. W. Bush, a Harriman asset, was supposed to take over the Presidency) among them Irving Kristol, father of neo-con Willaim Kristol.  Schwartz praised these neo-cons for refusing "to apologize grovel crawl and beg forgivemenss for having at one time, been stirred by the figure of Trotsky."  I
 A prominent contributor to several neo-conservative journals, praised neo-conservative "pioneers" Kristol and Burnham for refusing to "apologize grovel crawl and beg forgiveness for having, at one time, been stirred by the figure of Trotsky." "To my last breath I will defend Trotsky," Schwartz defiantly wrote. "To my last breath, and without apology."  At a February 2003 White House party, Schwartz and  Paul Wolfowitz discussed Trotsky's legacy. And it was Cheney and Wolfowitz turned to Makiya, an Arab leader of the Trotsky-founded Fourth International, for "advice about Iraqi society."   And of course many of the 9-11 dual-citizenship perpetrators of 9-11 studied under Trotskyite Professor Leo Strauss, who taught that mankind in general - and Americans in particular - need to be ruled by a managerial elite that can manipulate them through the use of lies and myths -- as Elijah doused the alter with crude oil and set it on fire claiming to "bring fire down from the Jehovah" in order deceive the gentiles, or Moses poisoned the leven of Egypt so that he could blame the "passover" plague (the Jews had removed every trace of leven from their homes and were thus "passed over" by God's angel of death that visited the Egyptians -- who afterwards gave the Hebrews all their gold and jewelry  as Moses took his people into the wilderness to develop them into a fighting force to work effect genocide in the Promised Land of Cannon which with its Medeterrainian climate was much nicer than Egypt.  9-11 was such a deception too.  Zionist-Trotskyite Neo-cons and New Democrats spoke of the need for a "new Pearl Harbor."  Their white paper, "The Project for a New American Century"  1997 announced to the governing class of that  peaceful post-cold war pre-war-on-terror world  "we need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global responsibilities today,"  meaning the responsibility "to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values" and to "promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad." The Clinton sanctions that starved three million Iraqis -- was a bow to this pressure -- but not even magician Clinton could obey the 1998 letter he received from neo-cons asking that he attack innocent Iraq.  The fact is that Americans today are on the same hit last that Iraq was on in 1998.  We know too much, we understand their deceit and therefore we must be wiped out.  First the chaos that will kill tens of millions of Americans indiscriminantly and with it the targeted assassinations of those who know too much about the people who rule the world.  This is not a prediction, this is a plan already well along in execution. 
On thing is certain.  If you react to this truth by denial and silence, then the outcome is a foregone conclusion.  If you awaken to the need to speak out and reach the ignorant masses -- they are targeted just as you and I -- with the truth that they are under attack in an undeclared war fought by indirect means of economic sabotage, of cultural sabotage, and of foreign and domestic policy sabotage -- that the Presidents being forced on them by rigged primaries and a propagandist-managed news and polling are in reality our excecutioners -- then you have a chance, because the resources of an awakened people -- Americans of all races and creeds -- have resources and aptitudes that the enemy is never able to take into account.
TO survive you must know the jungle in which you are trapped.  To do that you must not be frightened away from taking in accurate information like the following.  Sign up for Ziopedia so you can have access to the rest of the articles sampled here.  Encourage others to do the same.  Overcome your fear and tell your ignorant neighbor what he needs to hear  -- you will be surprised at how many already know the truth but were waiting for someone with the courage to speak the truth to them face to face before getting involved.
This is not about killing Jews or even Bankers with war-blood on their hands -- it is about saving our own country and our own lives from death and slavery.
I know only a handful of men with the courage of Andrew Winkler, the editor of ZioPedia.  He is a intelligent man of good will who has uncovered the truth and shattered the lie.  Those who criticism him do so with conspiratorial intent or from fear.  Don't be fooled.  Do what you have to do.  Do it as Gandhi would.  Do it as Huey Long would.  Do it as Washington and Jefferson would.  Or Martin Luther King Jr. or one of the good dead Kennedys.  Get accurate information about this mortal threat and then begin acting in emergency survival-is-at-stake mode. (I am not talking about supporting change of color and style in a president, or having to paying your debts in gold or a strong woman with experience.  These are alternatives for people without knowledge.  You, on the other hand, are part of the solution.
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ZioPedia and Anti-Semitism

Given our highly critical attitude towards Zionism in general, and Israel in particular, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that we are being accused of being 'wildly anti-Semitic'. There are a lot of people out there - including the editors of US based online dictionary Webster - confusing criticism of Israel or Zionism with Anti-Semitism, some of them deliberately, some due to decades of brainwashing.

ZioPedia and the Rebel team strongly opposes trailor-trash racism, in fact we believe that a lot of groups and organisations promoting racial hatred against Jews are seeded with Zionist agents provocateurs, frightening ordinary Jewish folks into blind support for their criminal leadership. We consider Israel to be the most racist and evil country on this planet, an illegal political entity, controlled and protected by a Mafia-like criminal network with a 19th century style colonialist and social-Darwinist agenda. We fight for Israel's replacement with a free, united, egalitarian and secular Palestine.

ZioPedia and the 'Holocult'

We refuse to believe in self-evident truths and known facts, promoted by psychopathic liars like the Zionist masters of deception and enforced by criminal codes. We refuse to believe in dogmas that have become such a taboo that mentioning even the slightest doubt in some of their most non-sensical beliefs, leave alone in their three core dogmas - a plan to kill most, if not all European Jews, 6 Million Jewish victims, and the use of chemical slaughter houses - is treated like medieval heresy, punished by job loss, financial ruin, social shun, and - in thousands of cases - even prison. We believe that for truth to prevail and mankind to progress, there must be no taboo. Any belief, 'self-evident truth' or 'known fact' must be open to questioning, regardless how popular and useful they might seem.

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