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Embracing Your Power ~ The Creator, Jennifer Farley

September 22, 2018

Embracing Your Power.

The Creator Writings.

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley.

September 22, 2019. 





You make choices every day.

Some mundane and others are life-changing. Here is a thought to ponder today; how often are the choices you make heart based?

You have a multitude of experiences during your day that can make the world a brighter and more loving place.

How often do you use your voice to project it to your world?

It is time to release being fearful, stand up, to begin expressing that Unconditional Love to your Earth plane and be heard! You were born a powerful being; embrace that power, knowing that if it comes from pure love, pure truth and pure intent, it can never be corrupted.

Jennifer Farley



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If you use discernment you are free to research with...

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Relaxing in the presence of love ~ The Angels, Ann Albers

September 22, 2018

Relaxing in the presence of love. 

The Angels via Ann Albers, 

September 22nd, 2018

It happened again this week. As I sat to channel the angel messages, I felt the most loving presence come over me and the words came with a great sense of peace. I suspect we’ll go back to the angels’ voice at some point, but for now enjoy the sweetness of the energy behind these words…

In the silent embrace of my Presence you will find the love you are seeking. In the quiet moments between thoughts you will feel the peace you dearly crave. In the eyes of creation you will witness me, always seeking to come to the surface in human hearts.

Feel yourself sinking back into my love as a wave sinks into the ocean.

As you breathe and relax into the embrace of my love, your pains will heal, and your problems will be resolved. You need no longer feel the sting of being hurt, abandoned, betrayed, or disparaged, for my love is so all encompassing it will overshadow all pain, as clearly as light drives away the illusion of darkness.

You are never separate...

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Thought for September 22, 2018 ~ Sathya Sai Baba

September 22, 2018

Manifestations of Divine Love!

Thought of the day.

By Sathya Sai Baba

September 22, 2018.

Translated from Portuguese.



Spirit of love is spiritualit.


Image result for sathya sai baba.


We do not need to go looking for God.
Wherever there is truth, God will appear.
Where Narayana appears, His consort Lakshmi - the goddess of abundance and prosperity - will also appear.
So, if you want riches, you must take the first step!
When you succeed in installing Lord Narayana in your heart, the goddess Lakshmi will follow His Master to your heart.
God can give you abundant grace, but it is submerged in the depths.
It takes effort to get it.
If you need to draw water from a well, you will need to tie a bucket with a rope to throw it into the well and get water.
You have not tied the rope in the bucket, nor thrown the bucket in the well, then the water will not reach you.
The rope to be used is devotion.
This rope must be tied in the container of your heart and thrown into the well of God's grace.

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Society is Made of Narrative – Realizing this is Awakening from the Matrix ~ Caitlin Johnstone

September 22, 2018

Society is Made of Narrative. Realizing this is Awakening from the Matrix.


By Caitlin Johnstone, Waking Times

 Posted on September 21, 2018 by David Nova.


In the movie The Matrix, humans are imprisoned in a virtual world by a powerful artificial intelligence system in a dystopian future. What they take to be reality is actually a computer program that has been jacked into their brains to keep them in a comatose state. They live their whole lives in that virtual simulation, without any way of knowing that what they appear to be experiencing with their senses is actually made of AI-generated code.
Life in our current society is very much the same. The difference is that instead of AI, it’s psychopathic oligarchs who are keeping us asleep in the Matrix. And instead of code, it’s narrative.
Society is made of narrative like the Matrix is made of code. Identity, language, etiquette, social roles, opinions, ideology, religion, ethnicity, philosophy, agendas, rules, laws, money, economics, jobs, hierarchies, politics, government, they’re all purely mental constructs which exist nowhere outside of the mental noises in our heads. If I asked you to point to your knee you could do so...

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“Lost In Space” Redeems The American Television Family ~ David Nova

September 22, 2018

“Lost In Space” Redeems The American Television Family.


By David Nova,

Posted on September 21, 2018 by David Nova. 




Netflix’s reboot of Lost in Space is more than just entertaining nostalgia – it singlehandedly resurrects a positive portrayal of the American nuclear family on TV. 

When I was a little kid, when there were few science fiction programs to watch, one of my favorites television shows was the original Lost in Space. It may be difficult to explain just how beloved this show was for an older generation, a series that hasn’t exactly enjoyed the lasting impact of its then rival, Star Trek. However, at the core of this show was a very special family we all secretly wanted to belong to. Little boys wanted to be Will Robinson, just as little boys a decade or so later wanted to be Luke Skywalker.

I was too young to watch the show in its original run. Like many kids in the early 1970s, I grew up on syndicated rebroadcasts of 1960’s television fantasies such as I Dream of Jeannie, Gilligan’s Island, Batman, Bewitched, Star Trek, and Lost in Space.

Lost In Space, the...

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Stories of Initiation I ~ RaHoTep, Suzanne Lie

September 21, 2018


Stories of Initiation.

Message from RaHoTep the Initiate.

Channeled through Suzanne Lie.

Part 1 of 3 

September 21, 2018


Part ONE of a three part message

Dear Ones,

We are the Arcturians. We would like to talk about Initiation, including the secret and sacred Initiation of Human Love.  The concept of Initiation can be quite confusing, especially the Initiation of Human Love. Therefore, we wish to share the story of two initiates with you. 

One is a male, RaHoTep, who will speak of his Initiation in Ancient Egypt and the other is a female, Matia, who will speak of her initiation in Ancient Delphi. Because their stories are quite long, RaHoTep will share his message in this meeting, and Matia will share hers at our next meeting.

All of you have past/parallel realities in which you have passed your initiations and served Gaia as a great Initiate.  We present these stories to assist you in better understanding the process of initiation, as well as to ignite your memory of your own “initiation lives.”  

We know that you have had these initiation lives because we see your aura and because you have...

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Healing Separation of the Physical and Spiritual Reality ~ Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael.

September 21, 2018


Healing Separation of the Physical and Spiritual Reality.

by Archangel Michael

Through Natalie Glasson


Natalie Glasson from Sacred School of OmNa

September 21th, 2018


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 21th September  2018 
Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa
In my communication with you today, I, Archangel Michael wish to share with you tools from the Angelic Realm and my own energy to gift to you adding your ascension and empowering your current journey upon the Earth. The tools, techniques, and practices I wish to share with you are focused upon enhancing your spiritual and physical journey upon the Earth, while recognising that both are the same. Your spiritual and physical journey are synthesised, they do not exist separately and should not be recognised as disconnected either. Your physical life is the canvas for your spiritual being and soul to paint and create whatever inspires and fulfils you. When you exist only in your physical reality and do not engage the presence of your soul then life becomes boring, mundane and challenging. When you only engage with your spiritual self and pathway and give less importance to your physical reality you miss the purpose of life and are...

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The Ones Who Are Awakening ~ Arcturian Council, Daniel Scranton

September 21, 2018

The Ones Who Are Awakening.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council,

via Daniel Scranton. 

September 21, 2017


Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are surprised and excited to see how many people are waking up every single day. We have noticed this trend occurring as you get closer and closer to the equinox, but we also notice that there is a portion of the population who are struggling. They are struggling to find something to believe in, and they have not been able to make a leap of faith to the truth that we are all one and we are all Source. They certainly are far from believing that they create their reality.

We have been looking for ways to reach this particular group of individuals on your world, and we know that at times you will attempt to share something with one of them to bring them into the light, to help them awaken. But you are going to have a hard time convincing someone of something when they don’t really know what they believe in. So it...

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There is unlimited potential for transformation right now ~ Angel Wisdom, Sharon Taphorn

September 21, 2018

New Beginnings.

There is unlimited potential for transformation right now.

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn.

September 21, 2018. 



There is a new spiritual aspect in the energy and it is time to burn away, release the excess, and finish things off so that you can make way for the new energy you have been processing through. This energy has brought with it a new freedom to explore alternatives and out of the box thinking which has been the lacking component in the process for many of you. You are there, you have just been waiting for the world to catch up with your thoughts and feelings. You are now ready to be seen as the spiritual influencers that you already are.

Also remember that new people, new ideas and novel approaches will come your way as you let go of the past, the old, the no longer working. It is time to honour yourselves, honour your differences, and support each other in this new energy.  

Thought for today: 
Be confident in your abilities to connect with Spirit. You are meant to be a spiritual mentor. Release judgments, rigidness, fear, and anxiety as these are the blocks standing in...

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Get Your Flu Shot? DOJ Report From Vaccine Court Reveals Flu Shot is Most Dangerous Vaccine in U.S. ~ Brian Shilhavy.

September 21, 2018

Get Your Flu Shot? 

DOJ Report From Vaccine Court Reveals Flu Shot is Most Dangerous Vaccine in U.S..

by Brian Shilhavy

Editor, Health Impact News.

Posted September 21, 2018 by Edward Morgan. 





The 2018 push for the flu shot is now in full swing. Pharmacies are advertising enticing offers, including free flu shots with discounts on other products (CVS), and the opportunity to give a free flu shot to children in Africa (Walgreens).
These retail outlets offer no-wait shots, making it appear to be as easy as purchasing candy or tissue paper in your visit to your local drug store.
What these retail outlets will most likely fail to mention, however, is that according to the Department of Justice’s quarterly reports listing compensations for injuries and deaths due to vaccines from the Vaccine Court, the flu shot is the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S. with crippling and fatal side effects.
How many people taking advantage of “free” flu shots will know that there is a long list of debilitating side effects from the flu shot, as compensated by the U.S. Government in the federal Vaccine Court?
These side...

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