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Killing Us Left and Right

January 30, 2009

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Killing Us Left and Right             

By Joanna Francis     


The Jews just now are all in a tither at the recent nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr., a Roman Catholic, to the Supreme Court.  Jewish groups like the misnamed “People for the American Way” and “The Feminist Majority Foundation” have served notice that they will not allow a reversal of the anti-Constitutional ruling, Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion on demand in the United States in 1973.  What remains unspoken by these groups, however, is that abortion was always intended to be practiced on us goyim (cattle), as a means to reduce the numbers of their enemies.  What better way to cull the herd than by preventing our births altogether?  (Jews quietly lament the fact that some Jewish babies have fallen into the trap set for us goyim.).  For American Jews, Roe v. Wade signified the beginning of their Messianic age, wherein they could now freely practice genocide against their ancient enemies, the Christians, with impunity.  They are not going to give that up without a colossal fight.

Ever since the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts, Jr., another Catholic, to the Supreme Court this past summer, these groups have been given significant airtime by their co-religionists in the media to inform the American people that their “rights” are being threatened.  Vile, despicable Jew, Ralph Neas of “People for the American (Talmudic) Way”, has already begun renting his garments in public, warning us American women that we stand to lose our “right” to allow Jewish “doctors” to murder our unborn children.  Neas warns us that “right wing extremists” seek to launch a “counter-revolution” in our legal system.  He betrays no hint of irony, though, that a counter-revolution would not be necessary had there not first been a revolution.  On the issue of that revolution and its fomenters, Neas is silent.  Since Jews comprise only 2% of the U.S. population, it should make us wonder why such normally self-absorbed people are so adamant about protecting the right to abortion for American women, 98% of whom are not Jewish.  If the real American people were not already in the final stages of Talmudic-induced dementia, we might have been able to consider the implications behind their obsession with abortion and launch a coherent, unified counter-offensive.  But since the Jews control the media, the only pro-lifers who are allowed to speak out on television are those least likely to expose the real agenda and people behind abortion. 

And exposing them wouldn’t be hard to do.  Their main argument is that abortion must be kept legal so that it’s safe for women.  Yet these same Jewish groups scream bloody murder at the idea of allowing health inspectors inside their abortion clinics.  All medical facilities, including veterinary clinics, must adhere to federal health and safety regulations and allow health inspectors inside their facilities on a routine basis. But abortion clinics should be exempted.  And most of these facilities are unlicensed and use “doctors” of dubious qualifications.  So their back-alley butcheries are no longer against the law; they are now above the law Women’s safety be damned. 

In his book “The Hand of God,” Jewish convert to Catholicism, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, describes how he and his fellow abortionists formed the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) in 1968 in order to force legalized abortion on the American people.  He admits that they fabricated all of the “evidence” they proffered to the public and to our traitors in black robes in support of legalizing abortion.  (The revolution could only have come about through their usurpation of our court system, since they knew the American people themselves would never have voted for such an abomination.).  They were allowed to present polling data on air and in the print media, completely unchallenged, which “proved” that 60% of the American people were in favor of legalizing abortion.  The only problem is, as Dr. Nathanson now admits, they never actually conducted any such poll, but merely pulled that number out of thin air.  Dr. Nathanson and NARAL also decided they would play the “Catholic card” in order to stifle any public opposition to their pro-abortion agenda, by appealing to the latent (and not so latent) anti-Catholic fears of the Protestant majority.  In its diabolical brilliance, this tactic had the effect of framing the debate in terms of a battle between “progressive, enlightened, patriotic Americans” (read: Protestants) v. the “Papists,” who, as everyone knows, have always been secretly scheming to take over the country for the Vatican!   

It worked.  Playing the “Catholic card” effectively coerced most of the mainline Protestant churches into supporting abortion, at least indirectly, by their silence and passivity.  The Protestants’ reluctance to be on the same side of any issue as the Vatican allowed the Jews to co-opt the Protestants and win the public relations battle over abortion in America.  (Although given the lies about pre-Roe v. Wade polls, any current polls presented as reflecting the American public’s opinion about abortion must be considered dubious, at best.).   

By remaining silent in the face of legalized barbarism, the Protestants did what they have been doing for the past 500 years, i.e., unwittingly playing into the hands of the enemies of Christianity.  By allowing themselves to be manipulated by anti-Catholic propaganda, these well-meaning but dangerously confused people effectively gave the Jews license to kill us.  Now, many bloody years after Roe v. Wade, conservative Protestants have joined Catholics in the pro-life movement.  But they are late on the scene.   

How did this all happen?  Thanks to that abominable traitor and useful idiot to the Jews, Martin Luther.  Protestantism effectively weakened the power of the one force on earth that has ever been able to keep the beasts leashed and muzzled:  the Roman Catholic Church.     

So it’s not surprising that the Jews are now apoplectic at the sight of some of their ancient enemies now moving into counter-offensive position and onto the Supreme Court.  Of course, the Jews know they have no reason to fear the pseudo-Catholic, Talmudophilic organization now occupying our ancient real estate in Rome.  Instead of issuing thunderous, scathing warnings to the faithful and indeed the world about who is behind the abortion plot, those infiltrators who have been occupying the throne of Peter since 1958 have handed the lambs over to the wolves to be slaughtered.  It’s not enough to issue pious platitudes to the faithful to “Choose Life.”  Especially when they drag the Immaculate Bride of Christ into the Synagogue of Satan to grovel before Her killers like a cheap, masochistic whore, begging forgiveness for having tried to protect Herself from them in the past.  The Jews know they effectively pulled off a (temporary) coup d’eglise in 1958 by finagling the election of Freemason Angelo Roncalli to the Papacy.  But they know they cannot control one billion people that easily.  Especially once we begin awakening, one by one, to their nefarious plot.   

Jews have only ever feared one organization in their entire history; therefore, any rumblings or stirrings that indicate to them that She is reawakening will cause unprecedented panic.  Case in point:  traditional Catholic Mel Gibson’s crucifixion in the media for daring to make a movie about Christ that was faithful to the Gospels. (No mention is ever made in the media of course about the seething, visceral, implacable hatred spewed against Christ and His Blessed Mother in the Talmud.).  Contrast that with the movie “Luther,” a glowing Jewish tribute to their favorite useful idiot.  Luther was the man who, in his diabolical pride, split Christendom, weakened the power of the Church to protect the faithful, and unleashed the beasts from their ghettos to prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.  (Regardless of whatever abuses were occurring within the Church at that time, we did not need a divisive Luther, but another heroic Savonarola).  No mention is made in the movie about how Luther turned viciously against the Jews towards the end of his life.  That little datum is irrelevant to them, since Luther had already served their purposes by that time and the damage was done.  Never again would Christendom be able to stand up against them as a unified force.  They had divided and conquered. 

Abortion was foisted on us because the Jews were unleashed on the world 500 years ago, thanks to the Protestants.  Rabid, wild pit bulls were unchained from the ghettoes in which they had been placed by the Catholic Church for the safety and protection of mankind.  Without the Protestant Revolt, there would have been no French Revolution, no World War I, no Jewish-Bolshevik Revolution, no Spanish Civil War, no World War II, no theft of Palestine, no JFK assassination, no Great Apostasy called Vatican II, no sexual revolution in the 1960s, and no legalized abortion in the 1970s.  Only after having neutralized the Church at the Second Vatican Council could the Jews have used their Marxist Trojan horse, feminism, to destroy Christian civilization.  Only by having temporarily hijacked their ancient nemesis could they have pulled off Roe v. Wade.  (They knew the Catholic reaction would be tempered, since in the aftermath of the drastic, unprecedented changes forced on Catholics after Vatican II, confusion reigned supreme.  Many had lost their faith and left the Church, and the rest were wandering about like lost sheep, waiting for some cue from their shepherds (See #6) in the Vatican about what to do.  But there would be no cues forthcoming.  Only useless bleating about universal brotherhood, and praise for our “elder brothers in the faith” who were now slaughtering us.). 

But the Pharisees have already lost one battle in this “culture war.”  Conservative Protestants and Catholics are now linked arm in arm in the fight against abortion.  It is not Protestants who fear a majority Catholic Supreme Court.  Some of the most passionate and devoted pro-lifers are Protestants.  Their faith and their zeal are touching and sincere.  However, they still do not realize how they continue to allow themselves to be used by the modern day Pharisees.  Protestants (and a handful of useful idiot Catholics) suffer from a form of dissociative disorder which allows them to fight a “culture war” here at home, and a real war in the Middle East, without recognizing that the Jews are behind both of them.  Protestant conservatives are staunchly opposed to abortion, homosexual marriage, and the assault on Christianity in the public square.  They blame “liberals” or “atheists” for this assault on their faith and morals, thereby allowing the Jews to hide behind these labels.  So since they are “conservatives,” they are told they must support the war in Iraq and send their children off to be killed in the Middle East.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with the war is labeled a “liberal” or “unpatriotic.”  So they blindly support the war in Iraq and the murderous Israeli regime, without realizing that they are being used to kill Israel’s enemies in the Middle East, while the Jews continue their attack upon Christian culture here at home.  So you can go off and fight for Israel, but if you make it home alive, you’re not allowed to say “Merry Christmas” in your own country.  

Hint:  there are no “liberals” or “conservatives” anymore, for all intents and purposes.  There are only Jews on the Left and Jews on the Right.  They control both parties.  Is it just coincidence that all the Jewish Republicans happen to be pro-abortion?  What is it that’s really conservative about the Jewish conservatives anyway?  Do they share the Christians’ traditional moral values?  No.  Are they isolationists?  Not if the war benefits Israel.  Are they strict constructionists?  Not when defending a “right” to abortion nowhere mentioned in the Constitution.  The simple fact of the matter is: they are the same old Trotskyites they’ve always been.  They’ve merely infiltrated the Republican Party because most sane Americans started drifting to the Republican Party in the 1980s, after the Jews turned the Democrat Party into Sodom and Gomorrah.  That’s why they are called “new” conservatives or “neo-conservatives,” or just “neo-cons” for short.  And don’t buy into the lie that not all neo-cons are Jews, because the non-Jewish “neo-cons” really were traditional conservatives before selling their souls to the Zionists.  Jews are not conservatives, even while pretending to be.  They are chameleons.  They are neo-con-artists.  They are whatever they have to be in order to control and destroy their opposition. 

So now the modern day Pharisees are literally killing us Left and Right.  They’ve got half of us convinced that it’s proper to let the Jews kill our children before they’re born (Democrats); while the other half let them kill our children in the Middle East in defense of Israel (Republicans).  But notice that the death traps are laid only for us Gentiles:  both in the Jewish abortion mills, and in the Middle East.  Those few Jews on the “Left” who speak out against the war on CNN and the ubiquitous “pro-life” rabbi on FOX are merely playing “good Jew/bad Jew” so as not to make it too obvious to the lemmings.  The American people think they have a real choice in television news between CNN and FOX because they play different sides in the culture war to keep Americans divided; but both are 100% pro-Israel in foreign policy, with no real dissent allowed.  And the traitorous Gentile mouthpieces on both sides understand their role in this charade very well.  So “Catholic” Judases on the “Right” like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity feign outrage when Christianity is maligned, but make no mention of who is really doing the maligning, as they shamelessly collect their 30 pieces of silver for selling out their own people as cannon fodder for Israel.  Meanwhile, the Gentile mouthpieces on the “Left” know better than to criticize Israel for anything, and they breathlessly support the genocide of their own people through abortion. 

Because no Jewish blood is to be spilt in abortion clinics and no Jewish blood is to be spilt in the Middle East.  Through their control of Hollywood, the Jews continue to feed us a steady diet of soft porn, violence, and decadence, and encourage our young to become sexually active.  After having destroyed our families, it’s not difficult to get young people to become sexually active.  Love-starved, fatherless young women are so easy to seduce.  Then when the inevitable unplanned pregnancies occur, the Jewish abortionist is there to “take care of that problem for you” in his Jewish-owned slaughterhouse (warning: graphic images but good article).  Meanwhile, the Jews here and in Israel sit safely at home and plan our next war for us against their enemies.  And the Gentile blood flows in torrents. 

We have been programmed into bringing about our own destruction; either through abortion at the hands of Jewish “doctors,” or by killing and being killed by Muslims in the Middle East.  Muslims who, by the way, posed no real threat to America, even after we sold them out in 1948.  Muslims have also been targeted for destruction, due to their obstinacy in believing in such antiquated things as marriage, babies, families, virginity, modesty, and religion.  Only they are not as brainwashed as we in the West who allow the Jews to defile our culture, kill our babies, calumniate our religion, and tell us who are enemies are.  Maybe we Christians and Muslims should form some kind of defensive alliance, since we have more in common than we realize, including a common enemy who seeks the destruction of us both.  That would be the Jews’ worst nightmare. 

I am grateful to Protestant Christians for all they do in fighting against the evil of abortion in our country.  However, it frustrates me that they cannot see that the very people who brought us abortion, are the same people who have manipulated us into a foreign war against their enemies – their enemies, who were never America’s natural enemies.  Thanks to that Protestant insanity called dispensationalism, most Americans believe that the gangsters calling themselves “Israelis” are actually related to the Biblical Hebrews.  They joyfully await Armageddon, confident that they’ve earned a one-way ticket to heaven for having supported the Israelis.  Yet they give no thought to what Jesus would say about the treatment of the Palestinians and how that might conflict with the parable of the Good Samaritan.   

They have no idea that the modern state of Israel is mainly made up of secular, Christ-hating, atheists, whose ancestors never set foot in ancient Palestine, but were actually Phallic-worshipping Khazars until they converted to Talmudism (now called “Judaism”) in the 8th Century.  Today’s Judaism has nothing whatsoever to do with the ancient Hebrew faith, but is merely anti-Christianity under the guise of a “religion.”  They throw on a yarmulke and put out some menorahs and convince us that they are just like the faithful ancient Israelites.  Only they’re not.  They are the spiritual (not genetic) descendents of the Pharisees who practiced the un-Biblical “traditions of the elders” condemned by Christ Himself.  Those “traditions of the elders” were later codified in the 5th Century and became known as the Talmud.  Satan himself shudders when he reads the evil and blasphemy spewed forth in the Talmud.  Judaism is Talmudism.  So the term “Judeo-Christian” is an outrageous oxymoron used to trick us Christians into thinking that today’s “Jews” represent the Old Testament religion.  By taking advantage of our naïveté about who they really are, the Israelis know they can count on American support for whatever atrocities they commit, even getting us now to commit their atrocities for them!  Thanks to their successful false flag operation on September 11, 2001, the Jews were finally able to get Americans angry enough to want to fight Israel’s enemies for them.  That “new Pearl Harbor” was a most opportune “catalyzing event” for Israel!  

Since Christendom is now split in half (with the Protestant half continually sub-dividing itself into thousands of different denominations), and the Catholic Church is temporarily in enemy hands, we alone cannot stop these beasts.  We need to pray; but we also need to wean ourselves off the Zionist kool-aid we’ve all drunk and see that it’s the Jews who stand to gain the most from Christians and Muslims killing each other off.  Because everything we think we know about Muslims is simply Zionist propaganda that’s been pumped into our heads by the Jew-controlled media.  They have us convinced that it’s the Muslims who seek to take away our freedom and religion; when in actuality, it is they who have that plan!  Jesus warned us:  Beware the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy (Luke 12:1).   

Muslims are the last obstacle to the Jew World Order (Muslims don’t abort their children.  We do.  Who’s healthier?).  Since the Jews feel confident they’ve finally extirpated the last traces of Christianity from the West, they’re now ready to go after Islam, using us as their mercenaries.  The Muslims must be separated from their traditional religious values (under the guise of “democracy”) because their strong families, modesty, and abstinence from drugs, alcohol and pornography make them very difficult for the Jews to control.  The Christian West went down fairly easily to these Jewish vices, but the Muslims are putting up a fight.  Plus, they stand in the way of Eretz Israel.  That’s what World War III is all about, just as Benjamin Freedman predicted in 1961.  We Christians are killing Muslims so that we can both end up as slaves to the Jews.  Only the Muslims don’t want to be slaves to the Jews, while we apparently do.         

We Protestants and Catholics are simply the children of a divorce that took place centuries ago.  And like children of divorce, we are now more vulnerable to the evil forces that seek to exploit us.  They have laid the traps into which so many of us have fallen.  The trap of abortion was meant for us Christians.  That’s why I am relieved and gratified that the Protestants are supportive of Judge Alito’s nomination to the Supreme Court.  Standing united is the only way to defeat the enemies of Christianity.  But I wish my Protestant brothers and sisters could see that we are now falling into another trap set by Jews for us Christians.  We are fighting their enemies (and our potential allies) in the Middle East in a war that only benefits the bogus state of Israel, and that will end with mankind’s enslavement to them!  They are counting on us not being able to figure this out.  Because if we Christians and Muslims were ever to form an alliance against them, they’d be checkmated – and they know it.  That’s why they continue to brainwash us into fearing and hating Muslims, i.e., so that we never stop fighting long enough to realize that we have more in common than we might think; and that we have all suffered catastrophic losses at the hands of the same people. 

Jewish hands.  They have usurped my beloved Catholic Church, betrayed my country, defiled my culture, and murdered millions of unborn American babies.  Including my own.


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