Creating your own Guiding Light


by Master Serapis Bey

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-09/05/11 


    With great delight I have been asked to step forward once more to channel my wisdom and energy to you with the purpose of aiding your spiritual development. I am Master Serapis Bey. In this communication I wish to discuss the method and purpose of creating your own guiding light.

Every person on the Earth has their own guiding light; it is the very essence of the Creator within them. It is that all knowing source of light that can offer tremendously important wisdom and can steer you in the correct direction even when you feel as if you are blind to the path before you. Your guiding light is akin to a lamp that you carry with you, always  the lamp shines brightly even in the darkest of times. The guiding light cannot be distinguished or tainted but represents an aspect of the truth of the Creator that you carry with you. If you were to physically carry a lamp in your hand everywhere you went you would be well aware of the lamp and it would become your constant focus, but because your guiding light is not a lamp that you hold physically but is a source of light within your being it is very common to forget the presence of the guiding light.

In the title of this communication I have used the word, 'creating' which signifies that one must manifest, create or make their guiding light.  To some extent this is true as you create or generate everything within your reality and so the process of spiritual growth and self awareness appears as if you are creating or manifesting new aspects of yourself rather than remembering or becoming aware. Creating symbolises to me that you are placing your energy and focus into a situation or thought to assist you in recognising its energy, so when I say to you create I mean energise and focus.

Your guiding light will always share with you the truth but your ego will only share with you thoughts generated from past experiences which can be tainted and untruthful. There is a need to create an existence where the guiding light can solely channel its wisdom into your being without the interference of the ego. While the ego holds a certain level of power it can be difficult to connect with the truth of the guiding light and this can manifest a feeling of being lost or without guidance. The presence of the guiding light is actually very powerful and can assist in stopping you from searching outside of your body and encourage you to seek the knowledge and wisdom you require inside of you. This means that the power of the guiding light allows you to see beyond the reality that you have created for yourself on the Earth and the guidance that others share with you. With the presence of the guiding light you begin to acknowledge the wisdom and truth within, understanding the truth of your reality on the Earth. The truth of your reality is that it is only a small aspect of your being or creation; it is not essentially your entire, magnificent being and is often influenced by illusions of the past. With this knowledge and without the presence of the guiding light you may view your reality as being unstable and a false experience, but with the presence of the guiding light you are able to see beyond your reality and to know that everything occurs appropriately but you have the ability to create or to energise and focus yourself to generate a reality born from truth.

There are so many changes occurring on the Earth this is because people are seeing that the reality they have created is born from the ego, from past experiences and so only causes limitations and fear. Many are beginning to create a new reality for themselves born from the truth within their being. The only way we can truly create a reality of truth is if we are aware of the truth within us. Many people would say that they are not aware of their truth and so how can they create a reality born from truth. When I explained the title of this communication I offered you the answer that you needed, it is that through creating (energising and focusing) that you will become aware of your truth. This process simply requires you to focus upon your guiding light, to energise the understanding that the guiding light holds the truth that you need and that is naturally you. With focus and energising you are actually placing your trust and faith in your own guiding light or soul. You are creating a reality for yourself where your guiding light is present and active; with this you are naturally diminishing your false beliefs, illusions and the ideas of the ego.

When you place your trust and faith in your guiding light you are surrendering yourself and energy to your guiding light which is an active and aware energy, it will give back to you much more than you could currently imagine. With focus upon your guiding light you naturally begin to interpret and develop it in your reality, and so it seems to manifest with greater power.

The purpose of creating your guiding light now is that many situations, ideas and beliefs that you have long understood to have meaning and truth in your reality will begin to be rocked, shaken and may even fall away. You may be asked to discard beliefs or understandings that have a great deal of meaning to you. It takes a strong person to let go of a lifelong belief and to replace it with a new belief or understanding, this process very often creates feelings of sadness, loss, confusion and even depression, because of a sense of being unsupported. If you are able to create your guiding light at all times (energising and focusing on your guiding light) then it will be far easier to let go of unneeded beliefs about your situation, reality, the world and your purpose on the Earth. It will also be easier for you to forgive yourself as often through this process a person feels remorse for connecting for such a long time with false beliefs. This is natural but not appropriate as everything in your reality occurs for a purpose. The guiding light allows you to view with love your current reality and the new reality born from truth simultaneously offering tremendous clarity. I must also explain that when I say a new reality bornof truth I am not speaking of an existence or place beyond your current existence on the Earth but a reality that allows you to be as you are now but with new and diverse experiences and knowledge. This is a reality that remains at a physical level but with a spiritual perspective and an expression or understanding of truth.

The method that I am suggesting in order to discover or create your guiding light is simple acknowledgement and recognition of the truth or powerfully wise source of guidance within you. To say to yourself regularly out loud that you recognise the guiding light within you and you welcome it to bathe you in its wise expansive knowledge, understanding and love. This would make such a tremendous difference to your reality and will allow the driving force and intuition of your guiding light to truly become one with your being and existence on the Earth. Essentially though this simply acknowledgement you are creating, focusing, energising your true guiding light encouraging yourself to be guided not by your ego or mind but by your soul, your essence, truth and by the Creator.

It is essential to be able to discover your own truth now, your own understanding of your reality and existence on the Earth.  This doesn't mean that you cannot be guided by a spiritual teacher but that each day you are able to understand your own energies. It is also essential to understand that you perspective or view of the Earth may be completely different to another person's, but with the presence of your own guiding light you are happy to allow others to be as they are because you know that they are following the correct path for them at this time. You can always add or send your energy to another to aid support but again this must come from a perspective that is free from beliefs or judgments but comes from a place of pure love within your being or your guiding light. The guiding light within you is predominantly for you alone but of course when you are connected to your guiding light you may find yourself expressing random words or actions to assist the growth of another. When you settle into your own guiding light then you are able to allow others to do as they please following their path. The Earth and the understanding of humanity is changing tremendously, this can bring up many fears, some people may wish to hold on to fear seeing this as the safest way to exist while others will be happy to release all illusions and exist as truth. Whatever is occurring around you, you have the security that you have your guiding light with you at all times and therefore are able to detect what is correct for you and the truth that will aid your spiritual development. Many diverse truths will become apparent, they will flow like waves to wash humanity, there will always be one wave of truth that touches your heart because it is the divine path that your soul wishes to follow in your current existence. It is important to remember that ideas, beliefs or understandings that you feel are not appropriate for you may not be false but simply may not currently be the correct path for you, they will touch the heart of another instead. It is now time for humanity to open their hearts to the diverse beliefs and understandings that are growing on the Earth, to accept and to honour all, this is the way forward. In a time of transformation the challenge of discovering the truth of the Creator becomes very prominent, all that I ask you to remember is that you are on your quest for discovery of your own truth. Therefore when you come across the beliefs of another and they do not seem to resonate with you, always remember that they still exist as truth to them and are helping them along their own spiritual path to the Creator. What we will see on the Earth is that there are many different and creative path ways to unite with the Creator, this is actually an additional lesson for us to trust in ourselves but to also honour others as well as realising how expansive and beautiful the Creator is.

Allow yourself to dedicate your focus and energy to creating your own guiding light as a support for the transformation and process of release that will and are occurring on the earth and within your reality now.

I acknowledge all as a beloved aspect of the Creator,

I am Master Serapis Bey


Wisdom House, Kingsley Road, Harrow | HA2 8LD


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