Can You Guess Who Is George W. Bush's True Biological Father ???

May 21, 2008

B. Nicholson

In late May or June of 1971, I was driving my car on a lark from Farmer's Branch Texas down through Louisianna to New Orleans when I picked up a hitch-hiker on the return leg. The young man, hitch- hiking for the first time in his life, claimed he was a "jet fighter pilot" and had graduated from Yale University. As I was disinclined to believe that the US Air Force would train as a fighter pilot any young man like him (a somewhat kooky and flighty drunk with long hair), he was forced to prove his status to me with Air Force non- picture identification. I made his status as my passenger contingent upon his sobriety and he agreed to keep the bottle put away for the duration. I recall he was stung at the rebuke. As we rode along in my VW bug back to our mutual home, we conversed over the din of my motor, and he gave me his reason for maintaining his intoxication. His dad had murdered his real father and, well, his real father was John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Since he did not seem to resemble JFK and since he kept referring to his "dad" instead of his "step-dad" I was also disinclined to believe him on these matters too, but he insisted, and so I did, or perhaps I feigned belief at least at first given the great improbability and inconsistency of his story. This troubled young man was George W. Bush, now President of the United States. He confessed to me that he felt that he had no future, that his life was now over before it really began and that he was condemned to dissolution.

I asked him if he was estranged from his parents, and he said no, what's more his parents loved him and had full faith and confidence in him, but he felt guilt for the blood on the hands of his parents. I believed him, because with the passage of time, he calmed down (perhaps he had been afraid of me?) and we found common ground in our mannerisms and speech. Naturally, especially at the beginning of our trip, I was fearing somewhat for my own life and sensed danger from my crazed and disturbed passenger. Now he was without drink for several hours, so as we rode ever closer to Texas, I agreed to divert my course southward for his convenience and unwittingly toward my own peril. The shy disheveled young drunk could be imperious when sober, too.

I asked him if anyone had ever believed his story, and he confessed that he had never told it before. I told him flat out that I did not anticipate anyone ever believing his tale whether I believed him or not, that it would be a disgrace to his family in any event, and that it was a matter better left undisclosed. In these words he perceived wisdom. Furthermore, I told him that far from being the stain of cowardice he considered it, to have received training as a fighter pilot in the USAF reserve or active duty was a great honor and a mark of achievement for anyone able to serve his country in such a distinguished manner. Likewise, I told him, his graduation from Yale was a further mark of distinction, and given his powerful father's good graces, he had the potential to become Governor of Texas and even President of the United States, and that the matter was now in his hands. In short, I believed in him and was the first person to do so.

We had finally crossed the border back into Texas. I had been driving since setting out from my home in Dallas that early morning. Unwilling to allow a drunk with an open bottle to drive my car, young George persuaded me to allow him to let a room for the night in a motel. He wanted me to meet his parents who were big republicans in Houston, Texas. He telephoned them from our room and I spoke to them briefly assuring them that George was safe and that I, too, was a fine young man of good caliber. Our options were limited so late at night, and we slept together on a king size bed. I've never done that before, or since, and doubting President Bush has either, the President will remember our episode. I hope, to have been a positive influence on his theretofore, dissolute life.

Anyway, I earnestly and silently thanked God to be alive that next morning. Uneasy at the prospect of maintaining an association with a family of drunks at best and murderers at worst and awakening first, I left a message of encouragement for my sleeping host, slipping out the door, into my VW, and safely home to Dallas. Given the record of assassination, terror, and murder that the republican "plumbers" maintain to this day, it was only by that Grace that God keeps for young fools that I escaped certain death at the hands of the head plumber, George Herbert Walker Bush.

Here's the background on the JFK assassination by Nixon-controlled elements of the Central Intelligence Agency, led by George Bush, Senior:

The Kennedy Assassination was revenge, personal and political. While George Herbert Walker Bush was away in the south Pacific, his friend and colleague, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, moved in on the lovely Barb Pierce when she visited him as he convalesced from his PT-109 injuries. Their sexual relationship in 1944 gave George Bush motive for revenge. George and Barb had not announced their earlier engagement. Worse, George had stupidly given Barb a cheap dinner ring instead of a diamond so her friends and Barb's presidential lineage drew Jack Kennedy in. JFK's baby (W) forced Barb Pierce's withdrawal from Smith, her rushed marriage to George Bush, & the couple's prompt exile.

So was George Herbert Walker Bush CIA? Just like John Fitzgerald Kennedy and at the identical rank, George H.W. Bush is known to have worked in Naval Intelligence in Washington, D.C., in the same office with JFK during the first days of World War II. Not only is this a proven link between the lives of the two young men, the Office of Naval Intelligence was a precursor to CIA. CIA would have recruited from the ranks of pre-existing secret agencies.

Now look at Bush's family connections. George Herbert Walker Jr. was George Bush's grandfather. Bush's grandfather's $53 million stock value went to near $0 (Wall Street Journal story December 15, 1959) upon Castro's nationalization of West Indies Sugar - where Walker was a director and had significant operational control. Great grand- dad George Herbert Walker Sr. was a director from the mid 1920's at the Cuba Company, the Cuban Railroad, Cuban Dominican Sugar, Barahona Sugar, Cuba Distilling, Sugar Estates of Oriente, and Atlantic Fruit and Sugar. The sugar companies merged into West Indies Sugar in 1942 and George Herbert Walker Jr. had taken over several of the directorships in the 1930's and early 40's. George Herbert Walker Jr. was also one of the founders of the New York Mets along with the Paynes, Whitneys, etc. (Recall W's only "real" job, that Texas baseball work?)

Meanwhile on his father's side, Prescott Bush as US Senator and golfing buddy with Eisenhower and a long time buddy of the Dulles Brothers (Sullivan Cromwell attorneys for Brown Brothers Harriman and many of their holdings before they became CIA Director and Secretary of State) helped his brother in law, Walker Jr., watch over Cuba's puppet governments - Batista in particular. George's running the Cuban CIA operation was a natural. He had his own youthful experience and friendships in Cuba, his family experience, and his family's best interests from which to draw inspiration.

Young Bush, president of the CIA front company, Zapata offshore oil Co. in Houston, ran the operation on the Zapata peninsula of Cuba known as "the Bay of Pigs" and from that failure, G.H.W. Bush's fluent Spanish managed and participated in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. E. Howard Hunt the plumbers and Cubans from Zapata were the JFK assassins. Bush recruited them in south Florida in 1960 and 61. A CIA manager of the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald's, movements before 11/22 had Bush's name, Houston address, phone #, & nickname "Poppy" in his address book.

In FBI records, "George Bush of the CIA" was given a classified briefing on the Miami Cuban community's reactions to the JFK assassination, but years later CIA said that the person briefed on the Miami Cuban community's reaction to JFK's murder was not George H.W. Bush. Oh no! Two more men named "George Bush" were offered as the person briefed, but both were located by newspaper reporters and neither was briefed nor even qualified to be briefed. George Bush, CIA was also identified by a US government witness who delivered Navy ships to him in Guatemala prior to the Bay of Pigs "Operation Zapata" invasion. One ship was the "Houston" another the "Barbara J".

Bush's murder of JFK explains why the republicans ran Bush for U.S. Senate before he had won any election to local office in Texas. This was virtually unprecidented. Texas had loyal, rich, native real Texan republicans who had won various offices, but Bush, a young Yankee with no family ties to Texas at all, was jumped ahead of hundreds of more likely candidates. Senator Yarborough called Bush "the darling of John Birch Society" for good reason. When Texas voters refused him the US Senate, republicans ran him for the only Texas US House seat they could win and lavished his campaign with large contributions. His competitors for the nomination, all vastly more qualified, were encouraged to quit the race and did. According to Bush's authorized biography, after his win in Texas' only safe republican district, Nixon seriously considered George for his running mate in 1968 (?!), but instead gave him important posts, UN ambassador, and youngest CIA director in history, among others. Plodding, barely educated in Yale's 2 year hurry-up program, Bush failed to distinguish himself anywhere. Yet, republican officials, especially Nixon (also in Dallas on 11/22/63), couldn't do enough for him. No reason given. Nixon resigned so easily because George H.W. Bush, writing from his White House office as head of the Republican Party, wrote him the letter asking him to resign. The secret team could not take the scrutiny. THAT's why the pressure on Nixon was suddenly and unexpectedly effective. We were getting too close to the truth.

Look at it from another angle. Consider the parallel career of Al Haig. Al Haig was in Army Intelligence and gave the Cuban Zapata returnees from Castro's prison (some of whom he describes as felons), jobs and scholarships here in America. Recall that Haig was the supposed incompetent who "lost" the JFK autopsy photographs. Tellingly, Haig also put himself in charge of JFK's funeral arrangements working almost alone in the Pentagon late into the night and coming in early the next morning, even though he worked in Army Intelligence. (Army Intelligence suddenly "lost" most of Oswald's service record, too.) Haig was no medical man, nor was he a funeral director. Then shortly after Johnson took the reins, Haig presented higher-ups with the mysterious, now proven to have been totally fabricated, report framing Oswald for trips to Mexico and Cuba taken by CIA and Army Intelligence look-alikes posing as Oswald. Per his stupidly incriminating autobiography, Haig did nothing to deserve his high jobs in the US Government, or his military decorations. We are left to wonder.

According to the White House Nixon tapes, E. Howard Hunt got his hush money from Nixon in Watergate instead of being disavowed because he had a safe with incriminating evidence in it. On the tapes, when Nixon refers to "the Texans and the Cubans" or "that Bay of Pigs thing" when it is clear from context he means the JFK assassination, Nixon is not talking in code. Indeed, Nixon brags in his book, Six Crises, that he was the administration's point man on the Bay of Pigs fiasco, thus having direct contact with Bush at that time.

Larry King said that his only interviewee unable to tell where he was on 11/22/63, ever, was George Herbert Walker Bush.

Bush should be interviewed as a suspect in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Almost 100 people have lost their lives to the republican Plumbers since the assassination, they will stop at nothing to keep the lid on this. Now know this that all this blood cries out for swift American justice.

Just imagine trying to keep all that inside you for all those years! No wonder Poppy went major depression after being turned out by Clinton. I mean, who wouldn't? And poor "W" [GW Bush] ! Having your father killed by your step-dad like that? How awful! I met the young Bush in 1971. I remember his telling me how he went off the deep end when he figured it out for himself. While, it makes me proud of him for pulling his life together out of such a morass of hellish spew, we really should have known about all this before he was nominated.

PHOTOS: Note JFK assassination pictures of Eugenio Rafael Martinez & George Herbert Walker Bush, Sr. the Umbrellaman; Martinez's mug shot after committing Watergate Burglary; and Mel Rafael Martinez current candidate for US Senate, brother to Rafael Eugenio Martinez on the Inter-American commission for Human Rights 2003.

Republicans murdered our president, now the murderers' sons should lead us? Perhaps we should have justice first? Please resend this to all American freedom lovers, everywhere.


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Any good biography of JFK. (I've read two referring to upstate NY "Barb" descendant of a US President and her description during his convalescence in the summer of 1944. )

Two emails from readers for the Larry King reference and the French Secret Service having "W"'s [GW Bush] DNA, both unsubstantiated but entirely plausible. Those electronic records will be made available to law enforcement only, please.

In "Plato's Republic" before a dramatic style change where weird sex stuff is discussed, the first (and unobjected to) reference to "wives and children" being held in common is in a description of the armaments of the citizen soldiers. What had been left out of that description of the ranks and arms of the Greek soldiers was any reference to "spears and arrows" --WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN HELD IN COMMON AND TO WHICH NO ONE WOULD OBJECT! Moreover "spears and arrows" replaced "wives and children" perfectly in the original meter. Thus Socrates wrote the first (and best written) book, and Plato stole and adulterated Socrates' work for his own. Sometime, it is what is not written, that can be most important. For instance, why would Kennedy keep his family & friends in the dark about "Barb"? She fit their descriptions of her, name was the same.

I was also a Texas resident from 1963 to 1973, went to high school there and wondered why Bush was run without any qualifications like that, and with such desperate frenzy. My sister worked for Mr. Zapreuder's moviehouse & was making his film to show at her birthday party and I have disclosed the admission of George W. Bush from my youth who was privy to his family's Kennedy secret. I am willing to so testify in any U.S. Court.

Here I am: Nicholson B., Pheromones cause disease: pheromone/odourant transduction. Med Hypotheses. 2001 Sep;57(3):361-7

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