St. Germain through Mike Quinsey

Everything gathers pace, but it is like two trains on the same track heading for each other. Both are aware of the consequences but seem to be determined to remain on their tracks. Consider that the track is your present reality, and that whilst within it the dark and Light are moving in opposite directions. The dark have always tried to confront the Light head on, and have no compunction about the consequences. Indeed, the more chaos and destruction they cause the better it suits their aims to use fear to control you. The Light however has its own plan and just before the head on collision, it will change tracks into a new reality.

The Light has worked unceasingly for eons of time knowing that this point would be reached. The preparation has been meticulous, and now all is poised to bring an end the activities of the dark. The net is closing, and the dark lash out knowing that they cannot avoid the inevitable. Mighty forces are assembled that wait that final word that will see a quick end to the last cabal. There cannot be any other ending, as it is the Creator’s plan that you shall change direction and prepare for the great time of Ascension. The dark have limited powers, and they will not be allowed to escalate the wars that presently take place.

By allowing the dark to reflect back to you the consciousness that has been formed over millennia of time, you are able to see the extent of the negativity that has built up. There have been times when all of you have contributed to the it, and it has to come back to you for cleansing. Accept that over many lifetimes you have experienced in almost every situation you could imagine. You have had your times of being the powerful overlord, and also the downtrodden peasant.

Today, you stand at the threshold of change that will put your experiences behind you. All of the lessons will have been learnt, and you are ready to leave the duality of Earth behind. More than that, you are becoming the Cosmic Being that you always were, and restoring your full consciousness. You are about to experience a great coming together of the Light forces and you will be the focus of their attention. I believe that you are just becoming aware of your greatness, and can therefore accept what is offered to you. Your bodies are already changing, and your senses are becoming keener as your consciousness opens up. Helping this development are Great Beings that have come within the aura of Earth, and are the energy Masters that will take you forwards. Your physical body will further change, and become much more refined ready for your final step into Ascension.

Look well beyond what is happening today, and know that it is but a blink of the eye. Certainly there is a lot taking place, and you are living out the last days in much turmoil. It will come to a sudden end, quickly and efficiently and with your knowledge. For those who have been largely unaware as to what has been occurring, the facts will be laid bare and supported by irrefutable facts. Remember, that we can tap the ethers and bring any event to life again so that you can see it as it happened. There is no escaping the truth, and we shall justify our actions accordingly.

When the changes have taken place, there will be a great deal of soul searching and many will wonder how they came to be taken in by the dark. We offer each and every one the chance to make amends, and we know that in different circumstances such as will occur, many will come into the Light. There is great jubilation each time a Dear One sees the Light, and every help will be given to enable them to overcome any feelings of remorse. All is experience, and each and every one of you is the richer for it. This is what your cycle of duality has been about, and you still have the Creator’s Love, no matter how far you have fallen.

Try to see your full potential, and live it now. Decide to leave the old you behind, start becoming what you are destined to be very soon. For most humans the most difficult aspect is the control of their emotions. You live in a society that is used to being on the defensive, and you react negatively to any supposed threat against you. Be calm and walk away from confrontation, and see how much better it makes you feel to be able to exercise such control. Do not rise to the bait when someone deliberately sets out to make you angry. Do not let their negative emotions pull you out of the calmness you have created around yourself. If you can do this, you will feel in total control of yourself rather than let others dictate how you are.

I am St. Germain, and at the moment I lead and you follow. However, in the near future you will stand alongside me, and we shall go marching on together. In the higher dimensions no one views another soul as being less than themselves, and the object of evolution is to bring you all ever onwards and upwards. In the ultimate, we shall All be as One in the perfection of the Creator’s Light. You have done the difficult part, now allow yourselves to claim the prize that has awaited you for eons of time. I Love You All.

Thank you St. Germain
Mike Quinsey



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