The Evil Zionism Have Created

Joachim Martillo

Here is a brief summary of some research on Neoconservatives and Neoconfederates.



The anti-anti-Semitism of Israel Lobby organizations like the ADL

tends to serve as a distraction from the evil that Zionists planned

and committed in murdering Arab Palestine and in driving out the

native population. Such Zionist behavior is clearly comparable to Nazi

goals for Eastern Europe. The evil is less well-known that Zionism

created in forcing DPs (Displaced Persons) to settle against their

will in the State of Israel after WW2 and in inciting Arab Muslim

hostility toward Arab Jewish communities, which were ultimately

destroyed as a result of Zionist crimes in Palestine. But the most

insidious evil of Zionism from the standpoint of America lies in

inspiring the alliance of American Zionists, Neoconservatives and

Neoconfederates. These political factions have joined together in a

commitment to maintain a racist Jewish colony in Palestine by means of

the brutal oppression and suppression of the native population.


American Zionists are mostly inspired by misguided feelings of guilt

and a confused need for atonement. But they have chosen an incorrect

method of satisfying this need because giving Zionists a license to

commit the sorts of crimes against native Palestinians that Nazis

committed against European Jews is a completely mistaken form of

expiation. American Zionists only succeed in supporting Zionist crimes

against humanity in Palestine and in becoming a major driving force

for anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim prejudice in the USA.


Neoconservatives are intellectual descendants and often the

blue-stripe diaper babies of American Revisionists or Jabotinskians.

They argue for a muscular American Empire so that Israel can serve as

a middleman or colonial surrogate for the USA in the Middle East just

as their forbears claimed a Jewish colony in Palestine could serve the

British Empire. Neoconservatives thrive on the disorder that the

presence of Israel creates, for they want the USA to treat the symptom

by interfering with Arab governments, invading Arab countries and by

stationing troops in the Middle East. Neoconservatives absolutely

reject any idea of doing away with one of the major causes of Middle

East turbulence by forcing the State of Israel to renounce Zionist

racism and to make full restitution for Zionist crimes against the

native population.


Neoconfederates are white Apocalyptic Evangelical Fundamentalists.

They are the most bizarre block of the supporters for Israel and

really require a separate study. Intellectually they are the

descendants of racist unrepentant and unreconstructed Southern

Confederates, who turned to religion with the defeat of the

Confederacy. They found spiritual solace in Premillennial

Dispensationalism particularly in the form espoused by the Moody Bible

Institute and Cyrus Ingerson Scofield. They believe that the creation

of Israel in the 1947-8 murder of Arab Palestine is a genuine sign of

the beginning of the End of Time. Because they believe they have a

realized eschatology, they are completely irrational and think

mythographically. They are extremely dangerous. (See Notes below.)


This unholy political union that is centered on the State of Israel

brings together ideologies of racism, racist colonialism, prejudice,

bigotry, social intolerance, religious intolerance, social Darwinism,

biological determinism, imperialism, millennialism, extremist

nationalism, contempt for democracy and contempt for human rights.

Never has there been anything closer in the USA to a genuine American

Nazism. Defeating this sort of politics is absolutely necessary for

the salvation of American democracy and will require a long-term

effort with careful planning.




Because I have not had the time or resources fully to research the

issues described in the following, the material below should be

considered more a hypothesis of connections and relationships, but I

have read a lot of the material available here in the Boston area, and

I believe there is a good deal of support for the hypothesis, and the

hypothesis suggests other areas of investigation (e.g., it helps

explain the attitudes of people like Krauthammer toward affirmative

action) and has -- I believe -- some predictive value.


I attended the following discussion at the Wellesley Hillel last



"Evangelical Christians, Jews and Israel." Speaker: Stephen Marini,

religion. Tuesday, April 8, 2003, 12:30-1:30 pm, Hillel Lounge.

Sponsor: Hillel. Info: x4088. 


Marini makes the distinction between eschatological fundamentalists

and chiliastic fundamentalists. I call them apocalyptics and

literalist fundamentalists. Apocalyptics believe that the End is

immanent while literalist fundamentalists accept as a matter of

intrinsic belief that the Christian millennium will arrive one day and

that they must order their life accordingly.


It was quite interesting. He tied in modern American eschatological

fundamentalism to the tail end of the 2nd Great Awakening and the

Millerites, a connection of which I was unaware, but which makes sense.


A good book on the Millerites is The Disappointed, edited by Butler

and Numbers.


The original Millerite fundamentalist eschatology identified 1843 as

the year the end would begin. Obviously, it did not happen, and then

they tried again for a date in 1844, and it also did not happen at the

later date. Faced with the failure of their calculations, they

developed the idea that on the 1844 date, Jesus began to construct the

temple in heaven -- a claim not subject to verification.


This sort of eschatological fundamentalism continued to play an

important role in American religion straight through the 19th century.

Dwight Moody's premillennialist dispensationalism is an important

example. He created the "Moody Bible Institute, which became one of

the most important training grounds for evangelical pastors and

trained lay people." The 1909 Scofield Reference Bible incorporated

and popularized much of Moody's theology, and "became the standard

version for many evangelicals" (viz Epic Encounters by Melani



[You might want to check out "Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, Author of the

Scofield Reference Bible"

( , which is a chapter in

Stephen Sizer's doctoral thesis, Christian Zionism: Its History,

Theology and Politics



The Fundamentals, A Testimony to the Truth, by Torrey, A.C. Dixon and

Others (1909) is a basic book of American Fundamentalist



Premillennial Dispensationalist theology appealed in particular to a

subset of unreconstructed and unrepentant racist Confederates and

their descendants. They saw the destruction and the humiliation of the

South as the premillennial tribulation. Darby's premillennial

dispensationalist theology identifies a dispensation of the Jews,

which will take place in Palestine, and a dispensation for white

American fundamentalist evangelicals. Premillennial dispensationalists

interpret evidence of truth of this Jewish dispensation as support for

the "Neoconfederate" dispensation by analogy.


"In their fascination with the Holy Land as the once and future site

of God's action in history, these early twentieth-century evangelicals

were to become the spiritual inspiration for the fundamentalist turn

to Israel nearly a century later, in the 1970s and 1980s." (Vide

McAlister.) These Neoconfederates take the Zionist conquest and

suppression of the native population of Palestine as a sign by analogy

that they will be able as part of their dispensation to subordinate

American non-white and non-Anglo populations.


Marini explained that during the 20th century fundamentalists peaked

in the 20s. I would argue that they were coasting during the time

period from Bryan's departure from Wilson's cabinet as a matter of

principle until Clarence Darrow humiliated Bryan (a prairie populist

not a Neoconfederate) during the Scopes Monkey Trial.


During this time period, Mencken was quite effectively scorning and

deriding everything about the fundamentalist evangelical movement.


Fundamentalism came back stronger in cycles during the 50s, 70s and

90s. George W. Bush is their poster boy because he was a 40-year-old

substance abuser that had a vision of God and turned his life around

(not unlike the apostle Paul). He prays to God before every major

decision. I believe I have read that Bush still has the occasional

vision or conversation with the divine. (Acid flashbacks?)


Marini did not actually know the tie-in with Jabotinsky's faction of

the Zionist movement, which is the predecessor of Herut (Freedom -

Begin's), Gahal and then the Likud (Alliance - Sharon and Netanyahu's)

Israeli parties. (The unfamiliarity is not surprising, for Marini is a

specialist in 18th and 19th century American religious history.)


I discussed it with him outside after the talk.


During the early 1900s Jabotinsky co-opted a lot of the religious

Zionists to his faction. Jabotinsky was a highly Russianized Ashkenazi

from Odessa. Because one cannot simply become Russian (Russki) but at

best can only be Russianized (Rossitski) if one's ancestry is not Rus,

he fell into Zionism. Because he was so far from religion, he actually

got along very well with many religious Zionists, who did not mind him

as much as they did Zionists, who were closer to religious Judaism and

more actively rejected it.


In his private opinion, which can be found in Jabotinsky's Russian

writings, Jabotinsky considered the religious Zionists to be idiots

that had lots of energy and were infinitely manipulatable.


In the 1920s Jabotinsky came to the USA to found American Revisionism,

which is to a large extent the origin of the Neoconservative movement.

During the late 1920s he and his followers established their fist

contacts with American fundamentalists. He considered them just as

much idiots and as manipulatable as the Jewish religious Zionists.


As I noted above, the American fundamentalists were in decline at this

point, and they were becoming a national joke. Movies from this time

period tend to reflect the contempt with which fundamentalist

evangelicalism was treated after the Scopes Monkey Trial.


Jabotinsky and his followers, who included Benzion Netanyahu,

Binyamin's father, Rabbi Korf -- later Nixon's advisor and confident

-- and Bergson, a nephew of Rav Kook, who at the time was the

spiritual leader of the Religious Zionist movement, helped to

revitalize American fundamentalism by directing them toward Zionism

with a reinterpretation of the literalist fundamentalist

eschatological or chiliastic message within the framework Zionist



The Revisionist Zionists worked the fundamentalist movement straight

through the 30s under Jabotinsky's direction and then in the 40s under

Netanyahu's direction.


Under the American Revisionist reinterpretation of American

Fundamentalism, the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 is the

critical event that proves the truth of the eschatology. Thus

Christian Zionist eschatological (and many chiliastic) fundamentalists

believe they have a fully realized eschatology (something historically



This belief in realized eschatology makes them very fanatic and

precludes most rational discussion.


The possession of a realized eschatology -- in their minds -- brought

about increased interest and the beginning of a renaissance in

American fundamentalism.


From the 50s onward the Israeli Revisionists continued to strengthen

their ties with American fundamentalists through frequent invitations

to Israel and a very politicized Biblical archeology, which also

helped to create ties between the fundamentalists and other parts of

the Zionist movement. The studios began to respond with blockbuster

religious films, which in turn sparked more interest in fundamentalist

religion. Cecile B. de Mille's Samson and Delilah, The Ten

Commandments, Quo Vadis and Ben Hur are examples. As increased ties

developed between fundamentalists and Zionist parties across the

political spectrum, through the 60s & 70s we see a growing Zionization

of the American fundamentalists. Hollywood seems to notice because the

Biblical Blockbuster is replaced at this time period by the Zionist



With the ascent of fundamentalists in American politics, Zionists can

count on a 25-50 million-voter block in the USA. This voter block has

tremendous linkage to Neconservatism via the movement's original

incarnation as American Revisionism.


Where is H. L. Mencken when you need him? Unfortunately, he is dead

and buried in Baltimore. But this recrudescence of religious nuttiness

might even be too much for Mencken, for in comparison to the 20s the

fundamentalists are probably too strong to shame back under their



I asked Marini if he thought the argument that I make to distinguish

among ancient Israelites, Greco-Roman Judeans and modern Ashkenazim

would be effective in dissociating American fundamentalists from

Right-wing Zionism. He rejects the idea because American

fundamentalists think mythographically from their eschatology, and

they believe the End has already begun. Note that they do not merely

live in a world of myth; they write (and rewrite) the myths by which

they understand the world to correspond to their understanding of the

End, which began in 1948 with the creation of the State of Israel.

They make very strange and bizarre connections between events.


They fit contemporary politics into their vision of the coming rapture

and apocalypse and then backwards rewrite the past to conform to their

vision of the future.


Thus, the facts are completely irrelevant, and they simply do not care

about any injustices done or being done to Palestinians because there

is a state named Israel in the ME, whose "Jewish" population can be

connected to the prophesies of Daniel, Ezekiel and the Revelation of

St. John.


References that you might wish to check out are:


Militant Zionism in America: The Rise and Impact of the Jabotinsky

Movement in the United States, 1926-1948 (Judaic Studies Series) by

Rafael Medoff and


Zionism and the Fin de Siècle: Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism from

Nordau to Jabotinsky by Michael Stanislawski.


You must read both cum grano salis. Rafael Medoff does not read

Russian and does not realize that Jabotinsky is lying when he pretends

devotion to democracy in English. Michael Stanislawski does read

Russian and does not make that particular error, but his world view is

somewhat distorted by Zionist indoctrination, and his analysis

sometimes reflects this Zionist bias and a certain ideological

exceptionalism that characterizes Jewish studies. Nevertheless, it is

probably the best English language intellectual historical analysis of

the beginnings of Zionism.


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