Sananda: True Abundance Comes From Walking The Spiritual Path

BY: Esu Immanuel Sananda

ESU “JESUS” SANANDA Good evening, child. I am Esu Sananda, known also as Jesus of Nazareth, and to those native to the Americas, the Pale Prophet and other names. I come in Light and Love and on behalf of my Father, Holy God of Light. Thank you for your attention. “I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”

Did I speak these words? Yes, indeed I did. What do they mean? Well, it has nothing to do with money and material possessions, but it has everything to do with spiritual abundance. Without spiritual abundance, all else is but folly and emptiness. Yes, money does seem to be a necessity in your world.

But, to chase after it while allowing one’s own spiritual health to suffer, is as fool-hearted as chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will come up just as empty-handed. All that is abundance is not measured in sums of money, stacks of gold, or hoards of material things. Abundance is measured by the fullness of you heart and your spirit, and it is not achieved by the ways and means your world has to offer. It can only be achieved by living your lives based upon Godly principles. You ones are learning to recognize what “walking the spiritual path” is all about. Some may be finding it a difficult road. Though it is intended to be challenging, it need not be difficult. The third-dimensional physical plane is an instrumental part of this challenging growth experience. You all are on a spiritual path—each at different levels of understanding and progress. Those who diligently seek spiritual understanding will most directly confront the potential pitfalls and challenges brought forth by the magnification and amplification provided by your third-dimensional schoolroom environment. This is to say there will be great distractions and obstacles to face.

But the diligent seekers also know of the fullness of heart and soul that this effort brings. Those who have gone down this path before you have experienced much of the same things you are experiencing, for the ways of the world—especially the darkened world in which you now live—tug in complete opposition to the ways of the spirit.

You have found, while attempting to take the high road and do God’s work, that you have become the whipping posts for the adversarial dark forces who are fighting to maintain control over the world. While working day and night, with little or no time to attend personal lives, you are also having to fight off the slings and arrows of adversarial attacks. You have been falsely accused of theft, espionage, and a whole parade of other transgressions, and you are the recipients of much vicious name-calling.

All these things, mind you, are done in the name of God and in supposed service unto same. But, as I told you several months ago, the sorting had begun, and I would begin with those who claimed to be doing my Father’s work.

I cleansed my Father’s house of prayer once before, and I am not intimidated by these lower energies, and I shall sweep them from His house again and again and again—until they persist no more. Nothing can be hidden any more, for it is the time of revelation and fulfillment. AND SO SHALL IT BE! Know, however, that this confrontation is but the dark energies fighting to try and survive, for they know that defeat is imminent. When I put them on notice several months ago [beginning in a 12/25/98 writing warning of an impending housecleaning], I warned that things would heat up, and here you are. Yet, let it be known throughout all the world that GOD WINS! PERIOD, END OF DISCUSSION. The darkness will simply be transmuted by the Light which is rapidly coming upon your world.

ALL need to go within and CAREFULLY examine, and IN TRUTH assess, their own spiritual condition, for the time grows very short indeed. Neither I, nor my Father, wish that any should perish from the fullness of experiencing in these grand days of a major planetary transition, but free will dictates that each of you must choose for yourselves.

Those whose choice is to continue down the darkened path shall find themselves “relocated” to conditions which will allow them to repeat this same lesson again and again, until such time as they come into knowledge of the wisdom and value of Lighted behavior. It is the design of Creation everywhere. Even though you who have bravely moved forward with this new newspaper called The SPECTRUM find yourselves in conditions of such opposition and under such persecution, know that we of the Higher Realms are with you day and night, and you have but to call upon us, and we shall be there to guide and assist at every turn. There is a Grand Light at the end of this darkness, and you ones know it deep within yourselves.

It is just a little difficult to see it when you are so in the thick of the battle. I urge you ones, however, to not be so caught up in the details (especially the distractions purposely thrown in your path to lure you off course) that you miss the Greater Plan. Details are important, but you must guard against them engulfing you to the point you do not move forward. There are great and glorious days just ahead, and all you need do is but step over the threshold. Fear not, and take the step of faith, for in so doing, you shall be stepping into that grand and glorious Light.

THIS IS NOT PIE-IN-THE- SKY, DEAR ONES; IT IS FAITH IN GOD’S PLAN AND IN YOUR PART IN THAT PLAN! Remember how when it is the darkest, then dawn is just ahead. Pay no mind to those who are attacking you, and pay no mind to their deceiving ways, for the one they follow is the father of all lies, and master of deceit and darkness. All that has been done, and all that is being done by the Adversary, is being exposed, and neither the lies nor The Truth can be hidden any more. Love and Light does conquer all, and you ones need to remember this.

When your enemies come against you, rather than react out of anger and the desire to get even, it would serve you better to merely return to them Love and Light. These are the most powerful forces in the universes, and even the strength of darkness can not stand against them. And contrary to what you may have been taught or told, forgiveness is Godly, and God forgives ALL who truly repent. Make no mistake, and see that you are not misled. God asks that you forgive your enemies, and God never asks you to do that which He would not.

So, to those who say there shall be no forgiveness and you are not welcome aboard my ship, I say unto you that you speak with the tongue of Satan.

I shall welcome aboard my ship whomever I please, and I shall not have the likes of Satan, nor his mouthpieces, tell me otherwise. Selah. Now, let us get on with the final chapters of this transitionary process. I know that you ones are weary and it can be difficult to maintain the faith necessary to proceed forward daily. But know that we are always with you, and you need only call upon us and we shall respond immediately to your call.


Spectrum Newspaper 7/3/99 -