That “Secret” Something We All Are Searching For

BY: Ceres Anthonious Soltec


Understanding Your Bio-Electric Sensing Machine

BY: Hilarion

Good afternoon, my friend. It is I, Ceres Anthonious Soltec, come in the Radiant One Light of Creator Source. Be at peace and be still. Your world of illusion and “mystery” will soon be coming to a point of breakthrough. Much of what you have come to “know” as reality will be greatly impacted and altered as the perceptual shifts in consciousness are made. All of these experiences can and should be used as catalysts for further growth and understanding.

The cause of these shifts are the increasing frequencies irradiating your planet that we have discussed in great detail in the many past writings. [Editor’s note: For you new readers, these writings have been collected together in the two volumes (so far) called WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach. The ongoing series of “spiritual” writings first appear in this newspaper.]

Many ones do not consciously perceive the shifts in frequency, yet such is evident to the astute observer. Much like a parent who sees a small child every day, they do not notice the changes in size as much as one who only sees the child once or twice a year. And yet, there are always tell-tale signs that will give indicators to the parent that growth is occurring—such as clothes that don’t fit any more. Look for the tell-tale signs all around you and notice the changes.

Do you feel the inner tugging of your heart which is yearning to match the higher frequency state of the planetary system? This may manifest in an inner unrest that will cause some discomfort as if somehow you are missing out on some big “secret” of life that seems to be sitting on the peripheral edge of your current understanding. It is not a secret, but rather an indication of emotional restrictions in your energy fields that are causing a weightiness of sorts in your heart. In other words, the emotional blockages (baggage) that you once could easily tolerate are becoming more and more burdensome as the background frequency of your planet continues to rise.

In effect, the small annoyances of a couple years ago are becoming much more amplified as your general sensitivity as a being continues to increase. These are the tell-tale signs to look for within. The greatest obstacle we see, which most ones on your planet are faced with in terms of allowing their natural frequency to rise, is that there is a great covert effort to keep ones in an off-balance state of distraction.

The single most effective method being used at this time is MONEY—or more generally, materialism. Many ones have been greatly distracted into chasing the illusion of money and the perceptual “status” it seems to buy. The “American Dream” of having a large house, two cars, a couple of children, and a dog or cat, has been painted for you, and you are supposed to make it yours, especially if you are an American.

There is nothing wrong with having such dreams, but when both parents have to work and place the children in day care for someone else to raise so that the “dream” may be fulfilled, we must ask: Where is the balance and reason in such a “dream”? True wealth is never found in dollars. True wealth is found in the heart. Finding within that which satisfies the inner longing of the heart is quite a worthy endeavor.

You each have a purpose for being there in the physical. Fulfilling the true reason for your participation in the physical at this time is what will lift your spirits (frequency) and, at the same time, empower you with creative insights that will help you to manifest what you need along the way. Great inspired ideas will always attract energy and momentum if they are held in focus and acted upon in reason. You each have the ability to tap into higher consciousness and allow for new and creative ideas to flow forth. It is up to YOU to initiate the “call” for Guidance, Assistance, Understanding, or whatever it is you desire.

We, of the Host of God in service to The One Light, ask that you seek first the protection of The Light (that which serves to free ones from the “traps” of ignorance) else, in all likelihood, the dark ones (those who effort to sell lies that keep you in a state of ignorance and thus usurp your power) will be first to come.

One of the most subtle tricks of the dark side, concerning money, is to make you believe that you have to have money PRIOR to beginning a new creation. NO, NO, and NO! How much money did God need to invest prior to creating the Sun around which your planet orbits, or your very planet itself ?

Sorry, but the creative cycle ALWAYS begins with an emotional DESIRE and mental THOUGHT. Look for a moment at what a desire and a thought are. Can you touch either? Can you see them with the physical eyes? What is the nature of desires and thoughts? Where are the origins of these non-physical phenomena?

Do you personally realize that YOU (the SOUL you) were born from Creator Source’s desire expressed as a purposeful thought-energy form? The nonphysical world of desires and thoughts is quite real and, in the Higher Dimensions, these take on a solidness that could be likened to the solidness of steel or the softness of a feather in your current environment.

The façade of thinking that you need money prior to taking action—that would result in positive change and thus help you to further realize your purpose—is a GREAT and well used TRICK of the adversarial forces.

Let us say that you love to help children and you would love to start an orphanage—run not for the purpose of making money, but rather for the purpose of providing needy children with a loving, nurturing environment. Let’s assume you are very driven to realize this lifelong dream, and yet you have no extra money other than $20 a month to invest. Perhaps you could start on your weekend by volunteering at an existing orphanage in your area, one day a week, spending the $20 on gas for your car. Just taking a small step toward reaching a goal will result in a great return flow of energy that will continue to grow (like rolling a snowball along a snow covered field).

By taking such action, you would likely find yourself among other like-minded people with a similar IDEA and DESIRE. Now, can you see that when you have two or more minds (God- force energy translators/focusers) focused upon the same goal, how there would naturally be an amplification of the DESIRE? Remember, please, that like attracts like. Opposites do not attract on the thought levels or the emotional levels of existence.

Only in a small subset of the physical can you observe a phenomenon wherein the one pole of a magnet seems to attract the opposite pole of another magnet. However, if you were to look at two of the iron atoms of the magnetized iron bar, held closely together due to their VERY, VERY strong attraction for one another, you would see that their affinity for one another is so great that it takes great force to pull one atom of iron away from another.

In essence, the attraction for likeness is far greater than an opposite. When you send forth a thought and hold it for just a few seconds within your consciousness, there will always be a response to your desire (that which precipitates the thought in the first place).

The response is most often another thought that will then lead to a new or inspired idea. Sometimes, usually when a thought is held for a longer period of time, there will be an actual physical manifestation occur. This is most often witnessed by you ones as an event such as the phone call you just received and your first response is: “I was just thinking about you!” These sorts of occurrences are clues and indicators to you that your internal Guidance system (personal connection to Creator Source) is functioning properly, and to let you know that you have the ability to develop this perceptual awareness to a much greater degree.

These Higher creative abilities exist regardless of your perception of same. If you are a thinking and reasoning being, then you MOST CERTAINLY have a personal and direct connection to Creator Source. Technically, only Creator Source can break a connection; this would, in essence, un-create you, and you would no longer exist. Please know that Creator Source would not have created you in the first place if He did not want you to persist, grow, and evolve in newness.

Creator does not make mistakes and you should have NO FEAR of ever being un- created. It was only a technical point made to illustrate that YOU CAN AND DO connect to and through Source every moment, throughout your entire existence, regardless of your perceptual understandings or beliefs. You may choose to ignore the connection, deny the connection, or use the connection in any manner you see fit. We of the Host of God offer these words in response to the many petitions from you ones who ask: “What is my purpose?” and “Why am I here?” or “What can I do to help?”

Always the answer will be, from the Lighted Realms, to first go within and find personal balance. This means let go of the anger, apathy, boredom, and grief. Find a place of inner peace within the balancing energy of Creator Source—God. From this position of balance will come greater clarity, and ability to recognize within, the still Inner Voice that will help you to find the answers to the more specific questions you are looking to have answered. Be diligent—for the dark energies do not wish to see you awaken in this manner and will attempt to throw all sorts of distractions in your way.

Taking the first step described above will, in non-physical space, cause a condition of energy flow that would be likened to turning on a light bulb in a darkened stadium. The resulting focus of attention from negatively oriented entities may not be comfortable, but with persistence and determination you can and will learn to recognize and use your own inner connection to Source.

You could say that awakening and deliberately using your Higher creative abilities is necessary in order to pass your “final exam” and “graduate” to the next level of experiential growth. Many call this the “fourth dimension”, but we see that there is much confusion in the minds of the ones who will be reading this message as to what exactly that means, so we will just say “that which comes after your current level”.

We do see that it would be very beneficial, for the new readers of this information, to re- run Master Hilarion’s messages dealing with the nature of the “bio-electric sensing machine” you call your body.

[ note: Those writings constitute Chapter Four in Volume II of WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach. We are, as suggested here, re-running those messages elsewhere in this issue of The SPECTRUM.]

Learn to use your God-given talents and abilities to create whatever it is that makes your heart sing with great enthusiasm and joy. You will find that many will be attracted to you as you express your uniqueness in an inspirational manner. The correct manifestation procedure is as follows: First comes desire, then comes thought (this usually happens simultaneously with one another). As an emotionally charged thought is held in consciousness, then comes another thought, and more ideas.

When an idea truly resonates with your Higher purpose, you will naturally be driven to express this idea in the physical. This may mean telling someone of your idea or taking action to find out more information which may help you to bring your idea more fully into physical manifestation. Please note: you will not be given an inspirational idea from the Lighted Realms that you are incapable of using in some way to further assist in your personal growth. The Lighted Brotherhood will not find it beneficial to run you around on a “wild goose chase” for the sake of satisfying an ego desire you may have that serves no Higher purpose.

However, you can be sure that darkly aligned energies most certainly will—and are masters at this! As you continue to express your ideas in the physical, more and more energy will be added to your quest. Truly inspirational ideas that cause the heart to sing with exhilaration will attract all of the necessary resources needed in order to bring forth the energy that will cause the manifestation to occur.

Please note that often the resources (people and money) only come into the equation AFTER the preliminary creative energy is set forth. Clear focus on an end result will put all else into alignment. Your heart’s response to the focus will tell you if the focus is a truly worthy endeavor.

Exercising these abilities will be challenging and rewarding. Often the fears and worries associated with taking a risk, being ridiculed for being different, etc., will cause you to have to deal with the inner emotional blockages or constrictions we spoke of earlier in this message, and thus will likely cause you to confront those annoying “little” things that keep you from finding the inner peace you are seeking.

Note: The “weights” of fear and doubt are what make doing something the first time much more difficult than the second or third. Actively applying your creative abilities is the “secret” something that many of you ones feel you are missing in life—that seems to be just outside your reach. It is NOT outside your reach!

Actively creating is the secret to unlocking excitement and happiness in your life. Conversely, seeking to destroy what another has created will not bring forth an inner sense of fulfillment, but rather an ego-driven idea of gratification that only serves to hurt self. Seek newness. If you do not like what another has created, then go create something better and thus serve as a teacher rather than a critic.

The more you free yourself from the social pressures that propagate illusion and fear, the better you will be able to exercise your creative abilities. Though the formula is simple, it is not particularly easy. This does NOT mean that it need be difficult, but those challenges with which you are faced that require creative solutions are BY CHOICE AND BY DESIGN given to you so that you may recognize growth and thus further expand as an aspect of Creator God and the Infinite Creation.

I am Ceres Anthonious Soltec, come as Teacher, Guide and Friend, in service to The One Light—Creator Source. Blessings and Peace to you all. Salu.

The Spectrum Newspaper, 3/28/200

Understanding Your Bio-Electric Sensing Machine

BY: Hilarion

In Soltec’s 3/28/00 writing, elsewhere in this paper, it is suggested that we re-run this two-part dissertation from 1997, especially for our newer readers who may not have the benefit of so many of our past presentations of “spiritual” messages. As the planetary frequency continues to rise, and all of us upon Mother Earth experience various effects stimulated by these new energies, it is helpful to review this most instructive lesson from Master Hilarion. Our bodies—that machine which most of us just take for granted—are indeed a most amazing creation and, as Master Hilarion so skillfully points out, can be very helpful in our quest for inner peace and fulfillment through the sorting out of those often nagging fundamental questions about direction and choices and purpose. The following is Chapter Four in Volume II of WISDOM OF THE RAYS: The Masters Teach. And for those of you who are wondering: yes, a Volume III will eventually be a reality. How soon that happens is a matter that depends upon the usual things that bring such a project into manifestation. Volume III will continue the collection of spiritual messages from where Volume II left off, up to the present. Your heartfelt notes and other wonderful compliments about this series of books is truly what keeps the momentum going!

Good afternoon, my friend. Please release of the emotional charge and allow the energy to flow naturally and smoothly. It is I, Hilarion, of the Fifth Aspect of Creator’s Spectral Expression. I come in The Light of Holy God of Lighted Creation. I come as the Cohan (Master Teacher) of the Emerald Ray. Ones on your planet are greatly concerned with the physical well-being of the body in which they are housed.

Here we shall give forth some insights that will help to clarify the causes of the conditions that ones are experiencing. For most this will not be “comfortable” reading because the reasons for illnesses are most often other than what a person wants to hear, let alone accept. The physical body is “merely” a conduit for the interaction into and the interfacing with the physical experience.

I say “merely” because that body is a most exquisite creation indeed and poorly understood by your current level of so-called medical science. It is a self-contained bio-electric machine that is quite suited to handle a wide array of energy patterns and frequencies that allow for the animation and coordination between the physical and the non-physical.

The body’s electrical system is quite sensitive and balanced in such a manner as to have the capability to respond and alter according to emotional desires of the one controlling the mechanism. YOU ARE NOT YOUR BODY!

“You” are the one inhabiting the mechanism and it responds to your desires.

There is similarity between “you” inhabiting and operating your body, and the process of sitting behind the wheel and driving your automobile. The body, for the most part, is self regulating and will tend to run quite well in an “autopilot” mode.

However, there come times of experience where the body is subjected to threat, such as physical injury, when it will offer a reactionary response to the danger and bring focus to the impending physical condition. An example of this reactionary impulse would be to quickly remove one’s hand from a hot stovetop. The body will retain information that will help one to avoid future damage and will offer a cautionary warning to the host (YOU) when the hand even gets close to a warm object. This mechanism is part of the design of the body so that more primitive (lesser aware spiritually) users will be able to persist long enough in the physical without demise so that there will be adequate time sequence for growth.

This is the situation wherein one will tend to live instinctively and obey the signals of the body such as hunger, thirst, and rest. Ones will seek out the satisfaction of these basic needs so that they can experience as fully as possible. As entities begin to grow more and more aware spiritually, they will begin to come out of the fog and into a more reasoning condition wherein mental anticipation of the future need for food will be recognized and planned for through storage.

This is the point where ones begin to awaken enough to realize that there is something more to the experience than to just exist and search out survival needs. This is where ones begin to reason with others the value of working together with one another in order to quiet the distractions and concerns of the body.

This is where there occurs the first spark of sensing that man is more than a reactionary animal and that there is an inner desire to explore this awareness. As cultures and beings evolve, there comes the need for Guides and Wayshowers to interject more and more of the true nature of the physical experience.

While Esu “Jesus” Sananda is a good example of one such Wayshower who came to your planet 2000 years ago, MANY have come at this present time. These more advanced ones will volunteer for the challenge of fulfilling this task and will choose to take on a body in the physical to bring forth the all-important messages concerning the non-seen-but-felt spiritual connectedness of mankind. These awakening nudges will often cause great emotional stirrings in the body. Ones will not know how to handle these energy surges at first, because they are subtle yet strong in their grip upon the physical apparatus.

The surges will cause an array of sensations within the physical which, in turn, can provide the physical entity with guidance as to what is right versus what is wrong. Much like the reactionary impulses to avoid physical danger, the body will offer reactionary impulses in response to other kinds of situations, which can nudge you to go toward that which will offer comfort and warmth. And in the case of the presentings of spiritual truth, the body will offer the best it can in the way of “gut felt” responses to that which is being offered. “How”, you may ask, “does the body do this?” The physical part of the body is but “only” one small part of the entire apparatus that makes up the entire, functioning, bio-electric machinery.

Just like in a computer, you have all the physical components—the main processor, the memory modules, the peripheral (audio and video) circuit boards, and the interconnecting wiring.

And yet, more fundamentally, the computer still requires electricity (energy) operating in very focused ways in order to function and come to life at all. In the case of the body, there are various electrical counterparts associated with each physical part of the body, including each organ and each individual cell. More fundamentally, there is a coordinated electromagnetic (LIGHT) energy field that encompasses the entire physical body.

Some can actually see this “luminous” electromagnetic field under the proper conditions and call it the aura. Your body’s electromagnetic field interacts with the electromagnetic fields emanated by others and will respond to the various frequencies of these fields. This is when you ones will say that you KNOW you can trust a person immediately; you don’t know why but you can just “feel” it. This is why, when another comes offering true spiritual knowledge, you “feel” it within your “gut”.

You are responding to the higher- frequency energies flowing into the electromagnetic field of your body. The body then responds with a desire to find more of what causes this reaction. This is also the reason why some ones will be frightened of you. They will know that you hold truth and they cannot hide their trickery from you and that you will, in time, see through their games.

These ones have resisted the spiritual path, having not yet learned to recognize that there is value in the experience. These ones have an energy signature that is much lower in frequency. They are usually the ones clinging to the physical-material for their comforts and security. They are much like the animal who has to horde and hide food from others who might take it away—not realizing that there are infinitely abundant sources of nourishment for both the physical apparatus and, more importantly, the soul (the non- physical, God-like, thought projection of Creator Source). When ones turn from their purpose, there come the “STRESSES” of the life experience.

This unbalanced condition is a signal to you so that you can stop to evaluate where you are heading and compare that to where your heart tells you that you should be heading. The heart knows the direction which will garner fulfillment. More accurately, it is the emotional (electromagnetic) energy center associated with the heart that is attuned to both your purpose from Creator Source and the impinging emotional currents of the ever-changing electromagnetic pulse-wave universe in which you exist. This heart energy center responds by instinctively offering that which will help you to discern your most satisfying path in life.

When you first start heading in a direction that is not fulfilling to the purpose for your being down there, you may or may not notice the subtle annoyance that you feel. But be assured that it is there. This causes slight distortions in the energy field of the body as you resist the natural flow of your experience. These distortions are what you ones refer to as “stress” and the corresponding worry and frustration is a by-product of the electromagnetic distortions in the non-physical part of the body. If these distortions are allowed to persist, they will cause physiological malfunctions within the body.

The physical body will respond to the out-of-balance (out-of-phase electrical impulses) condition of the electromagnetic energy field of the body. This will result in negative physiological changes within the body if the condition persists—such as colds, flu, cancers, and especially that #1 cause of death: HEART dis-ease. Please be aware that the direction of the individual always starts with a thought and a decision. When ones are considering choices of action is when ones should really make an effort to monitor the response of the heart or “gut” while evaluating their choices. Some do this automatically and may cause frustration in others because there will be times when the only reason they can offer for an action is: “I don’t know; it was ‘just’ a feeling.”

These perceptive ones have learned to recognize and utilize the “bio-feedback” that is being offered to them. When there is illness of any sort in the body, you can be assured that the one experiencing the illness was not paying attention to the signals offered through the heart energy center. There are choices and decisions associated with the condition that allowed for the stress to persist on and on until there is great unbalance within the physical, causing improper coordination between the various energy centers, and thus the body will not regulate itself properly.

When ones can isolate that which causes them “stress”, they will be looking for that which has a decision or choice associated with it and would be wise to perhaps re- evaluate or look for that which they are resisting. Usually those things that the heart desires by way of growth have responsibility associated with them, and ones know analytically that there are often “growing pains” associated with such responsibility— as the primitive, ego-based, reactionary mode of living is replaced with a freer, more personally responsible mode of living.

Many will go through many life experiences without ever recognizing the connection between the physical condition and the non- physical stress—only to cast blame upon another for their lack of physical balance. YOU each are creator of YOUR experience, either through deliberate action or passive reaction.

Your physical condition is no exception! Ponder upon these words, for they are offered in love and NOT with the intent to be offensive or hurtful. At this time many are crying out for assistance with the physical condition of the body. You will see that there is great value in finding within yourselves the TRUE cause(s) of any unbalanced situation. The subject matter discussed here is far from complete. It is offered as a general overview so that ones can come into awareness of self in a general, yet more balanced, manner. There shall be more coming forth on this subject of the physical body’s functioning. Please be patient and understanding. Thank you! I am Master Hilarion. I represent the Heart Center of God. In Light and Love, Salu!

The Spectrum Newspaper, March, 2000

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