Mass Mind Meditation Feb 22, 2008
Jordan W. Smith And Lenduce
Greetings to all! We are Lenduce and indeed we are filtered through the galactic realm. At this point in time, the scales need tipping so to speak and we have a very important announcement to make. We of the higher realms and spiritual hierarchy request that the lightworkers of the earth gather and meditate in unison and focus on spreading light, love, abundance, justice, prosperity, joy and victory throughout the planet. Lightworkers, earth and humanity needs your assistance. The United States is in need of an energetic push for change. The earth allies who work with the governments of the world also need your helping hand. With this monumental push we can give them the support they need to complete their missions. Once their missions are completed earth will be in a prime state for a new reality based of love, joy, victory and abundance.

This meditation can catalyze the changes that everyone has been waiting for. You are the ones you've been waiting for! We ask that when you meditate you first link up with Gaia, as she can assist you and guide you to the correct places of the consciousness grids surrounding the earth. Right now the grids are not in total harmony, mainly because the lightworkers who work on the grid, bypass Gaia. Once you have connected with Gaia, focus on re-calibrating the grids and injecting the mass consciousness with love and change.
You lightworkers of earth do no not fully understand the creative force that you behold! Rise up and reclaim your creative powers and envision a new earth one that is based on love! With enough souls participating in this meditation the scales can literally be tipped in the light’s favor and the reality that you envision will become manifest. We also suggest that when you meditate you call upon the Angel of VICTORY, he will lead this meditation to victory.
Heaven is so close on a vibratory scale, all that you as lightworkers need to do is create it! How? You know how! Envision, focus, know that you are creators and know that you deserve a reality that is based on love instead of fear, on abundance instead of lack. Ask for the help of the legions of angels and ascended masters to come and help humanity realize that love is the new reality. Fear and hate is now void! We can only help you when you ask us to. Otherwise we must obey your free will and wait for you to call on us.
February 22, 2008 from 2pm to 5pm eastern time is the set date for this mass mind meditation. This day is most "ripe" for change as there is a stargate that is open on the 22nd as well as a solar eclipse and a full moon, the energies are near perfect for manifestation without the frustration. We also ask that when you participate in the mass mind meditation you are grounded 100% in your energies.
The sacred portals of the himalayas will open on the 22nd. When people connect through the portals of the himalays they align themselves and all there bodies to ascend to and through; allowing every soul to potentially connect through the 13th stargate! The stargate will help stabalize the earth during this time as well as assist people in reaching the higher states of consciousness which help with manifestation.
We strongly suggest working specifically on the crystalline grid and any lightworkers who have crystals, please use them to assist you with this important meditation. Also this mass mind meditation very much needs to assist the animal kingdom and send them love and support as well for their own ascension and healing. We stress this very much because if they are healed they will help raise the overall consciousness and vibrations of the earth as well. They are never mentioned in most meditations and they need your love and support too. The intent of this meditation is for people to attune their will and vibration to the planet, for the manifestation of equalness in full co-creation!
Upon this day of February 22, the divine feminine will be able to fully come through and surround the planet with the sacred unconditional love energies that it embodies. This is to help lessen and vanish the oppression of women and the divine feminine energies. The divine masculine and divine feminine are not in equilibrium at this time, but with your help they can become balanced once again in harmony. Please ask that all karma of the planet to be cleared and lifted so that energetically, earth will not have to go through any more cycles of karma that may take many years to balance out. If and when you ask for this, the Karmic Boards have the power to completely void the karmic debts and unbalances that may still yet exist.
We wish to also point out that those lightworkers who know of thier homeworlds, connect to them and recieve the updates and transmissions for the new earth. Ask your homeplanets to align with all the other planets of this galaxy for a great energetic vortex to manifest upon this day. When the galaxy and universe are in alignment, there are many interesting things that potentially can happen, it just depends on what the focus is on at that point in time. When you lightworkers are meditating and focusing on change, victory, joy, and prosperity these are the creations that may instantly manifest with the help of the celestial bodies' alignments. Specifically, it is important that those sould who are of Pleiadian origin connect to your homeworlds and request that earth align with Alcyone the great central sun; these are very powerful energies that will also help this mass mind meditation.
With your powers you can create anything you want! So stand strong in your truth and in your light, and claim your destiny. We are Lenduce and we love you. We are very proud of you.
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