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New Light Message from Shamaan

Feb 17, 2008
Yes, greetings. We are among you. We shall be brief. Many do wonder, indeed, about the outbreak of what you would say is extreme violence among the unsuspected. As given, many who have not chosen shall be driven over the edge, yet there are contributing factors, you see. Yes, this violence might be ameliorated if those who have the power to redirect your technology would but do so. Although you have found a degree of comfort and protection from the ambient frequencies known as wireless technology, many have not that protection, nor do the creatures of the air, the birds and others. As your spring and summer does return, so do problems with bee colonies return. For these frequencies do weaken that which is the immune system of all living creatures, from the smallest to the largest. And so you shall see continuing apace many strange and unpredicted illnesses that will cause increased concern. This does include mental/emotional breakdown which does result in random violence.

Will there be a turning away from that which causes such great suffering? Will compassion cease to flow because the senses are overwhelmed?
There is an increase in microscopic lifeforms that do penetrate your atmosphere. This is made possible by the disintegration of your protective shield, that known as your ozone. Know this: Your medical science is unprepared to deal with those lifeforms, or those that are created as a result of a mistaken approach to viral influx. It is LIGHT that shall be your medicine! For this reason you have been given to allow the rays of early dawn and early twilight to enter your eyes, your skin, for it will bring stabilization of your hormonal flow, you see, and that known as melatonin shall be extremely helpful in supporting your immune functions. Yes, for viral lifeforms do not enjoy those particular rays of light, and so you may impede their development. The prevalence of certain electrical light frequencies do aid in allowing mutation rates to explode as well, you see. [a reference to fluorescent lighting.]
Many factors do contribute, for as the degradation of your environment does accelerate, so does the multiplication of mutations of microorganisms accelerate. It is not an easy equation, and yet you have been given much with which to deal with this circumstance.
At this time we shall give you other information that would do well for you to institute: Two periods of repose during your daylight hours, yes, no less than 7 minutes, better 12. We do say, repose Ė thus you must be prone, you see, to allow regeneration of resistance (immune system) to occur. Yes, the first period of repose to take place before noon, the second to take place before 5:00 pm, as you do say.
You will find helpful Hou Shou Wu (aka Fo Ti), yes, and indeed two plants that do work so well together, known in your world as Codonopsis and Astragalus, you see. They (these three herbs) are quite harmonious together. Yes, you must also continue with Elderberry, you see (as anti-viral).
We do inquire: Why is it that you do not manipulate one anotherís feet upon retirement? We are indeed puzzled.
Yet know this: You are strengthened by your continued bouts with what you call ďthe bug.Ē For with each encounter, you adapt; as the virus does adapt, so do you. And in the months to come you will find that ability to adapt of great value. For a great many shall succumb to the illnesses that will plague this planet.
Maintain your course. There shall come a time when the opportunity to grow your own food shall indeed save your life, and it will not be simply to prevent starvation. For that which is grown in massive amounts will not be food (a reference to genetically modified organisms?).
When you do retire, do hold in your hand that stone that is bloodstone, yes. You may breathe with its frequency; you shall find it (its frequency), do not doubt. Use often in this time in your pocket, you see, not upon you, but within pocket. Bloodstone Ė for it does activate the first and second chakras more readily than do other stones, and you will need this to continue adaptation.
Yes, do allow Her Grace to pour into you. Lift now your hearts; do not succumb to complaints. It is not easy, yet your circumstance does provide greater comfort, protection and Grace than you do know. We do leave you now with this blessing: That you come to realize the bounty, the great bounty that is contained within the sacred cup for you to partake; it does replenish, it does heal, and it does restore your Divine Light. May you drink from this cup of Grace now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
Celery root. Iím also hearing spinach. Spinach and red pepper; what a delightful dish. Itís almost as though youíve been given a wish, ah together. They come together to make you strong. Strengthens, this combination strengthens.
Mushrooms. Yes, yes, that which grows in the dark, yes, can help you fight the dark. Yes, it makes the light stronger, you see, because all things go to the opposite.
Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes. Eat more tomatoes.
Many things can help you through. Just pay attention, Iíll be talking to you! Okay, Roundhead.
Yes, too many people have strayed from the sunny side of the street and let olí man gloom get to you. You gotta sing and dance the olí soft shoe; if you canít dance hard and fast, dance a little slow so you can last. Soft shoe a little, that will do.

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