IRSHA - Channelings from Ascended Masters and The Great White Brotherhood

IRSHA Ascended Masters Channeling July 2006
Elmarilla Bailey

Welcome to each of you. We are pleased to have you in our company and we are pleased to be in your company.

On this day which is called in your linear time July 2, 2006, is a day of great importance. Indeed on the day after thisóthe thirdóand on the day after thatóthe fourthóis a day that is of special significance to each of you because you dwell within the country called the United States of America.

The country that is called the United States of America was founded on July 4th, especially because it was the day on which the energies of the star system Sirius were beaming through your sun from the central sun and directly onto your planet. Those of you who would be sitting here would be among those who would have been seeded by the life forms or the life energy from that which is the star system of Sirius.

The DNA of the life forms in the star system of Sirius were original seeders of your planet. It is that DNA of those life formsónot yours but a life form neverthelessóthat is more like your DNA than that of any of the other star systems in your galaxy. It is also that which is the star system that is closest to your solar system and to your planet Earth and to the planets in your solar system.

It has a particular relationship to your solar system and to your planet of Earth. There are two times in each year when that which is the star system of Sirius is directly overhead and beams directly upon the planet. The Fourth of July, in your linear measuring of time, is one of those times.

Those who instituted, those who created your countryóthe founders of your country as you would sayówere those who knew this. They were what you would call Free Masons, or they were Rosicrucian. They knew that it would be that which would allow your country to have the potential to fulfill its potential and be a way-shower for the rest of the planet. This has gone somewhat astray in recent years and it is now time for the direction once more to be that which is appropriate and correct for your country. We say these things to you so that you know that a shift is taking place. A change is taking place on this day, on the next day and on the next day and each of the succeeding days after.

What we are beseeching each of you to do is be very open to the reception of these frequencies. You will feel them if you will allow yourselves to be noticing. You will feel them if you are paying attention. For some of you the sensations will be very subtle, for others the sensations will be very dramatic and impactful. So pay attention. It is for the highest good of all concerned on your planet at this time and especially so for those such as yourselves. It is that which will allow you to begin to experience yourselves truly as fourth and fifth dimensional life forms. So again we beseech you to pay attention. We beseech you to be noticing. We beseech you to take nothing for granted, and we beseech you to allow this to take place for each of you. It is not only for your benefit, but for the benefit for all of those that you love, for those in your country and indeed for all life forms on your planet as well. Be very noticing in these few days and that which shall follow.

We have described to you a number of times that you are now, and you have been since December 21 of 2001, experiencing yourselves as life forms within the dimensions of the frequencies of the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is a truth. There are prophecies that say that the shift will occur on 2012. The shift has already taken place, but because of the deeply imbedded energies which you perceive as negative energies on your planet, indeed even in your solar system, it has taken or will take from then until your prophesied year of 2012 for all the clearing to take place.

Having said this, we will say that 2012 is also a date that indicates or describes a level of consciousness. The date 2012 in the linear sense describes the date upon which it is possible for the collective of life, of humankind, all of life indeed, to transmute, to become fully consciously aware. But we say to you it is also a date that measures a level of consciousness. Many of you are already there in consciousness. If you are, then it is your responsibility to be it and not think that you must wait for the collective because you are a change agent to bring about the shift for the collective. That which are the energies, the radiation, the emissions of the star system of Sirius at this time is that which will boost you, shift your batteries into high gear perhaps would be a way to say it.

So from this point forward, after the Fourth of your July, it is for you each to be actively involved in the affairs of your country. We are not suggesting that you must go out and carry signs and be in protest marches; this is not what we are saying. What we are saying is that it is for you to be aware so that you can be a change agent in shifting the energies around to move in a different direction so this country will not fall but will fulfill its potential. Not just for the sake of those who live in this country but also for the sake of those who live on your Earth, on your globe. Do you understand what we are saying? It is no longer a time for you to be in hiding, to be uninvolved. It is for you to be involved energetically, with love.

The energies of the star system of Sirius (by the way there are four planets in the star system of Sirius that do not show to your astronomers, but these are the planets upon which life does exist) are the energies that you have in your language termed the energy of the Christ consciousness. It is that place to which you may be taken, perhaps you have been taken there in other life experiences. It is that place. It is that location that the one called Mary the Magdalene was taken for her initiation. It is that place from which the energy of the Christ consciousness emanates at this time and from which the one called Yeshua and other masters as well as Mary the Magdalene move back and forth. Because they are not constrained by what you term the constraints of time or distance, it is an instantaneous movement. We are saying this to you on this day so that you will know, so that you will acknowledge that which is your role, so that you will begin to allow this to be absorbed into your whole energy system, so that those of you who knew some of this already no longer use it as an intellectual entertainment, but that you allow this to be absorbed, absorbed fully into your whole energy system, into every cell of your physical, into every cell of your entire twelve-dimensional being.

You now have the opportunity to begin to know yourselves, know it, as fourth and fifth dimensional life forms. As we have said to you a number of times, the dimensional frequencies relate precisely to your chakra system, so the fourth dimensional frequencies relate precisely to your fourth chakra and the fifth dimensional frequencies relate precisely to your fifth chakra. Not just your physical chakras or what you perceive or call your physical chakras but your twelve dimensional chakra system. Your first chakra is twelve dimensional in its totality and so is your second and so is your third and so is your fourth and so is your fifth and so on. Now you have the opportunity to begin to experience yourselves in truth as fourth and fifth dimensional life forms.

There is no room any longer for that which would be envy or lust or any of the old paradigm perceived rights or wrongs in any part of you up to and including your fifth chakra which has to do with communication, with impeccable integrity, first with self and then all that does exist. That which is the expansion of your heart; a deeper, richer, fuller experiencing of what you would call compassion. A deeper, richer, fuller experience of what you would call love. A deeper, richer, fuller experiencing of what you call tolerance and understanding, first for self and then for all, all life, all of life because nothing is separate. There is nothing that can be separated from any other. The idea of separation belongs to the old paradigm, belongs to third dimensional life.

Now your first can become operational as a fifth dimensional chakra. Your second can become operational as a fifth dimensional chakra, and so on. That which are the beings that radiate from your star system of Sirius on this day, the third, the fourth and beyond, are exactly that which can facilitate, support, even force or cause this to be so for you and for you to be in noticing of it that it is so and to be aware of the shifts that occur within each of you. So be very, very open at this time.

Because you re sitting in this space, you have agreed (you would not be here if it were not so), you have agreed to be change agents during this window of time. So be it. So Be it. Some of the ways that you will know that you are moving out of the old paradigm is that your old buttons can no longer be pushed and evoke a particular reaction. Thatís one way. Another way may be disconcerting for some of you if you are beginning to notice this or to see what you have perceived as reality as what seems to be the illusion of reality. If you are beginning to experience when you are out in the mainstream, in a store with another group of people and it seems as if you are in two different places, as if they do not exist in the same dimension as you, this may be disconcerting to you when you first begin to notice this. Do not be concerned. This simply is you telling you that you are beginning to step through the veil or what you call the veil where the dimensional boundary is becoming transparent. As this is so, be in rejoicing because you are beginning to see, to know, to experience yourselves as having shifted. Allow this to begin to become part of your whole knowing, that you have moved.

Perhaps it is so that you have been in denial about certain characteristics in your energy system. Now you begin to notice that what you had been in denial about you no longer deny. Notice also that you no longer deny but you do not even judge yourself or feel guilty because of that which you discover as it is flushed to the surface of your consciousness. Be in rejoicing when you discover this. Be in rejoicing when you discover that it no longer bothers you to admit that you feel inadequate at certain times or in certain places, or that certain people have in your estimation caused you to feel inadequate at prior times and now you no longer feel inadequate. Or perhaps you still feel inadequate but it no longer bothers you. Ah, this makes me feel inadequate so therefore I acknowledge myself for my impeccable integrity in admitting that it is so. Then of course you can choose to release it. It is only that which remains hidden that controls you. So pay attention and notice these things. Pay attention and notice these things.

The thing that is apt to be most disconcerting to you, however, is that as you just begin to discover that the illusion that you have created within which you experience your lives is growing thin, it is beginning to dissipate, is beginning to dissolve. Please do not think that you are losing your sanity. You are becoming sane when this is your experience. So please pay attention and when you notice such, share it with those you love. Perhaps they have noticed this also and are in fear because it can be disconcerting that which has been your old paradigm no longer seems to be real. Then you can go about beginning to move through this transparency into the reality of the new and begin to create a new illusion to play out your next level of experiencing. Illusion is not a bad thing. Some illusion is necessary as a platform upon which to build, to create, to continue to experience. Let the old one go because the old one is full of right and wrong and shoulds and oughts and rules and regulations and traditions and on and on and on. That is the problem that faces your country as a whole and in fact faces your globe as a whole at this time; attempts to cling to that which is no more. So please do not be supportive of that.

In the fourth and fifth dimensions, in the world of four and five, there are no rights or wrongs. There is nothing that is right. There is nothing that is wrong. Everything just is. Everything just is, waiting for you to create the new illusion, which if you move into the realm of your heart, the realm of integrity, will be an illusion for harmony, beauty, love, tolerance, respect and so on. So again we say pay attention and notice as you are making these shifts. Let them be real. If you think you are imagining some of what we have attempted to convey to you, we say to you, "Where do you think your imagination comes from?" Your imagination expands, what you call your imagination expands, deepens, becomes richer, more profound. Let yourselves entertain the possibility, potentiality of anything that you can conceive. This is the time for that. You have everything going for you. Acknowledge your denials so that you can let them go. Be in integrity about your resistance so that you can move through it.

We beseech you to release your old notions about reality. They no longer exist. Clinging to them, attempting to cling to them is a waste of time and is a dishonor of yourselves and a dishonor of God and is continuing separation.

Do you understand what we mean when we say this to you, that if you feel that you are in a different dimension from others around you, you are. Please do not allow this to be frightening. You are not dying. You are simply letting go or dying to the old illusion. The new dimensional frequencies, the opening of your fourth and fifth chakras, expansion, deepening, and so forth is an immense blessing. The reason we are saying these things to you on this day is because up until about the middle of your month of June, last ditch clearing was taking place. You have been dredged out. Everything that has been dredging up has not yet come into your conscious awareness, but it has been dredged up. Is it not so that you have felt a certain unease, perhaps tears have been flowing, perhaps fear has been there for you? Perhaps uncertainties of many different kinds? Perhaps financial problems? Perhaps unexpected windfalls? All manner of events have been taking place to show you that the dredging up has completed. It will be some time, a different amount of time for each of you, before you are fully consciously aware that it is indeed over. Let me tell you that it is, so let it be so. As of the middle of your month of June, the energies are now moving forward again very rapidly and with ever increasing intensity. With these energies of the star system of Sirius beaming into your solar system and particularly onto your planet Earth, you now have everything you need to move forward quickly, rapidly, profoundly. Let it happen. We do beseech you to let it happen. We do beseech you to go, go with it. Donít try to make anything happen. You donít need to. If you try to make anything happen from what residue is still left over in your thought process, in your computer, you will only inhibit your process.

Q: What about children in the midst of this? I have two small children andÖ Weíve had several conversations over the years and the last five or six years have been real curious times for me in terms of where life was, where life is, and then this unknown way life is to be.

A: Yes.

Q: Itís clearly unfolding. How do we support our children in their understanding as these unfoldments occur? Most of them are in Ö

A: Let us say to you that they already know more than you do. (Laughter)

Q: That I am sure. How can I allow them to support me, perhaps that is the question?

A: That is a good question. That is the better questionóhow to support you. By not questioning some of the things they say, by not questioning some of the things they do. At this time and this time forward, your role is simply to keep them fed and clothed and sheltered and safe.

Q: And also to let them be your teacher.

A: But not to attempt to force them into any of the old paradigms about how they are supposed to be. Let them be exactly as they are, because each one that is born during this last window of time starting in the 90s and some before already know. They already know. And their confusion is that there still seems to be the way it was and their problem in understanding is, how is it that if that is no more and yet people attempt to cling to it. We understand that those of you who have children in this particular time who must function, who must grow and thrive within whatís the residue of the old. Itís confusion for them and they can become rebellious and so forth. So that which is the nurturing that is received in the home is of utmost necessity. So, yes, learn from them. They already know. They do. They do not know how to articulate it, but they know that which seems to be no longer exists. Does that help or do you want some more?

Q: You can talk as long as you like. (Laughter) It does. Yes, but if you want to expand on it, please do.

A: As our conversations with all of you continue, we will have more to say. We understand that you may be sitting there saying, ah, but if they are rowdy in a place where itís inappropriate to be rowdy, for example, it is not for you to sit them down and make them have time out. It is for you to perhaps take them for a short walk, or perhaps sit down and say, tell me a story and have them tell you a story. Or distract them in some way, but do not attempt to make them feel wrong because theyíre not. When they come home from what is called school and they report to you what has happened in school, and they are confused because that isnít real any more, it is then for you to understand and help them to know that everything is changing and that part of their job is to facilitate the change. They are small change agents. It is for you to role play with them and this is how they will teach you. Those are some suggestions. They are magical.

Q: They can also see different realms that seem like play times to us but are very real to them. You use the word "illusion" to describe this new frequency as well. Does that mean we are just going into a higher frequency?

A: It means that there is no illusion in the new frequency. Itís waiting for you to create it. Moving into the new frequency is disconcerting for all of you because it doesnít look as you think it might. It doesnít sound as you think it might or should. It doesnít feel like it. You are familiar with the tarot card of the fool standing at the edge of the precipice. Itís like that. Itís like leaping into the precipice. Here is nothing that is known and so it is for you simply to flow with it and observe and discover. Discover that as you move more and more fully into it, that which you create happens instantly. The new frequencies are waiting for each of you to create them into form. They donít look like anything right now. Itís unchartered territory. And yet in order for each of you to continue to evolve, you do need a platform from which to spring forth and so you will create that which is new and each of your creations will be your own.

You will have awareness of the creations of another because you will become more and more aware of your inter-connectedness to all life. All life is in relationship to itself. Each of you is God and each of you will create that point within yourselves and the God that you are. But please do not expect anything as you begin to walk with awareness in the new frequencies for them to look a certain way or sound a certain way, or feel a certain way. Remember that which is the old paradigm no longer exists except in the imagination of those who fear to leave it. Does that answer your question?

Q: Mostly.

A: We canít tell you what it will look like because you will know what it looks like as you create it. Please remember this, each of you, there is no such thing as right or wrong within the framework of these new frequencies. Everything just is.

Q: But you say there is no right or wrong and yet you say in the new frequencies we will become more tolerant. So would intolerance be wrong?

A: Intolerance will create separation which would be painful but not necessarily wrong. Maybe you need to experience the pain.

Q: What about the other things like love? Would we be increasing our tolerance for each other because we are all one and we would be increasing our love for everybody because we realize we are all one? But on the other hand, wouldnít hate and intolerance be wrong?

A: They would be painful and non-creative.

Q: Semantics.

A: Not semantics. Wrong implies judgment. In fact thatís how you know that judgment is at workóif something is made to be wrong. If another is wrong because of the behavior or an action or a word, they are judged. Thatís judgment. You have been told that judgment belongs only to the Source. But intolerance is not necessarily wrong; itís painful because you are not part of everything and so therefore you cannot love. You are separate. Itís impossible. Remember each of you is on a journey. You are on a collective journey; you are on an individual journey. Your collective journey is that which is part of all that does exist. Your individual journey is your attempt to become part of the collective.

Another questioner: Iíve heard you say before the word "impeccable integrity" and I get stuck in the same wayóright and wrong. To me Iím not sure what that means -impeccable integrity. If one has impeccable integrity, then that to me leads into these are right and these are wrong, whatever these things are. Iím stuck in the no right and no wrong. What does that mean, impeccable integrity?

A: Thank you. We do not find in this computer a perfect match for the word "impeccable" and so we will simply try to explain that word in this way. It means perfect integrity. Pure integrity. Without any deviation. Without any permutations. Without any perversion of integrity. But pure integrity. Honesty. Truth. And impeccable integrity with self is not to find that which is right or wrong in self, but to find that is in self. If there is some of the old illusion or the old paradigm still in self, itís to be in impeccable integrity in acknowledging that. It isnít to make you wrong. It isnít to make you right. Itís to find out who lives in there. Who lives there. What is. So that you can allow yourself to be in your impeccable truth. For example: You have an interaction with another human being that results in a button being pushed and the button may be around envy. We are not accusing you of being envious, we are attempting to find an example that would b e workable. So something happens to this person and in your interaction with that person you discover that thereís envy here. Itís always going to be a feeling because thatís where your power is, in your emotional component of your energy system. So the feeling is there. Instead of making yourself wrong about it, you are in integrity that itís there. Aha, I acknowledge that I am feeling envious. Aha, I was not aware that I had a tendency to be envious. Aha, I support myself and honor myself for my courage in making this discovery and owning it. So, you are not right; you are not wrong. You are simply finding out something about yourself that allows yourself to either release something or integrate something that is useful for you to integrate. Does that help?

Q: It does. Thank you.

A: Youíre welcome. Thanks for asking the question. Had you made yourself wrong because you discovered you were envious, then you would still be in the old paradigm where right and wrong prevail. But in dimensions four and five, right and wrong do not prevail. Growing, evolving, ascending in consciousness is that which you are all about.

Another attendee: Itís almost to me impeccability is like non-judgment. It comes from your higher self, deep within, whereas a judgment comes from your humanness, where you donít delve in deep. You make a snap judgment delving into your higher self to find out whatís causing you to have the reaction you are having. Impeccability is when you go withinóyou do not judge it. You simply own it because then you can let it go and release it.

A: Judgment always has an emotional charge to it. If you notice that another is behaving or making choices that are painful to that individual or painful to another and you just notice it but there is no particular right or wrong attached to it, you just notice it, that is not a judgment. But if you notice that someone else is behaving in a way that is painful to self or harmful to self or another and you make that wrong, you feel, aw, thatís wrong. Thatís a judgment and thatís how you tell the difference.

Q: The lady IRSHA has asked that I read questions that were asked on her web site. First of all, I would like to say thank you to the feminine energy, the priestess energy that you have given us in the last three gatherings. Itís almost like IRSHA is in the process of letting us give birth to a new being through sharing of the feminine energy at this time, and I would thank you for that.

A: You are welcome.

First question is: I am envisioning a healing center to be built that would bring all the right masters together, an internationally acclaimed spot where people come to be healed and enlightened at our farm, where water is magically pure and effective for all healing purposes. My question for channeling response is, how to go about creating and manifesting the work that is being assigned to me, or is it really being given to me to do?

A: The first thing that we will say in response to that question is this: the way in which the person articulated bringing together the right masters would indicate that there is not yet readiness for such an enterprise.

Q: Second question is: Hello. Can you tell me please why so many in recent years might have experienced rapid and seemingly inexplicable weight gain or weight loss? Iíve read explanations such that it helps us to ground more as we become evolved, that itís the inner childís attempt at self-protection in the midst of changing vibrations, that it is the translation of unintegrated emotions, etc., as physical weight burden. And to finish, prior to reading about it, I contemplated each of these possibilities as potential reasons for my own weight gain. In addition, I have wondered if it has had something to do with my eating more animal products in recent years. For a period I was vegan, so I wondered if by introducing more of these foods into my diet that my body was storing them as toxins in the fat because at a core level I donít agree with buying or eating abused animals, even though I was trying to hoodwink myself about these beliefs. The milk products and meats that I have been known to consume were quite often not from free-ranging animals. Is this one of the reasons? I hope my question wasnít too long. Thank you.

A: The way in which we will respond to that again has to do with right and wrong. Right and wrong belong to the old paradigm, and they have nothing to do with weight gain or weight loss. That which is to focus upon a recent weight gain or weight loss other than simply to be careless about the need of the physical form is to make certain notions that humans have about this is right, that is wrong, is to perpetuate those. So there is no such thing as right or wrong about your eating except to pay attention to your body and intake what it requires.

Q: The next question is: Because of the paradigm shift, are the children born recently more receptive to the higher energies of the fourth and fifth dimensions? I have heard of Indigo children and would love a deeper understanding of the new souls embodying at this time. Thank you.

A: the Indigo children came to be what you might call system busters. Many of them have been given false diagnosis such as attention deficient children and so forth. When it is understood that their behaviors are simply that which is to break down existing systems and to respond in such a manner as to look at systems such as educational systems, such as all systems, and to begin to allow those systems to evolve also. Then those children will no longer be assessed as having something wrong with them. Again, this is the old paradigm. These children are on your planet at this particular time to bring about change, to force change. The children that came after them are the ones who are termed in human languaging as Crystal children. These children follow the system busters and come in with full knowing. They do not yet know that they know. They know what they know, but they do not know that what they know is not what everyone knows. (Laughter) In other words, they do not know that what they know is not known by everyone else. So itís confusing to them to discover that, ah, I know this; surely everyone else must know this. But everyone else does not know this. They are teachers and they are the ones that will create the new systems.

Q: My personal question on this, before I ask the last question, is this is a unique time that we have children being born with these abilities, or did it happen in previous times to enhance the race?

A: It has happened; you have called it seeding before. It has happened at various times down through the millions of years of evolution.

Q: Is this a form of seeding or is it just that higher frequencies are creating different DNA?

A: Itís both. The seeding is bringing about higher forms of DNA. We beseech all of you and those who would be listening or reading this conversation to begin to let go of your old spiritual paradigm and to move into an expanded, deeper, richer spirituality. The way for you to know the difference is if it suggests separation, then it is not appropriate for your present time. If it supports or suggests integration, at-one-ment, then it is appropriate for the present time.

Q: I have a question on being in judgment again. For those who do not agree with the leaders of the country, would you say rather than saying judgment, you would say you have a preference? Was that the same thing as judgment?

A: Remember, judgment has an emotional charge attached to it. So if there is an emotional charge attached to a particular event, you notice something happening or has happened or practice or behavior or whatever, and you have a large emotional charge attached to it, thatís an opportunity for you or whomever to look within and say, aha, is that simply magnifying something that I need to look at? If it is, and likely it is, it may be minuscule in itself and yet at the same time again, if thereís an emotional charge, itís yours or whomever. Each time the emotional charge is acknowledged and owned because of whatever that judgment was about, then thereís an opportunity to release it in self and that contributes towards the releasement in the collective, or the characteristic, or behavior, whatever it may be.

Q: I realize itís the collective of the people in the country that have created this government as it isÖ

A: Correct. You are absolutely correct, and thatís why itís for all to acknowledge his or her part in this in order that it may shift. Thatís what these days right now are all about. Thatís what this energy beaming from the star system of Sirius is, is to foster, to facilitate. Thatís what the Fourth of July is really all about, is restoring the vision to the country. This is that which each of you have a part to play.

Q: I wasnít going to bring this up, but on that same realm, Iíve heard recently a speaker say that regardless of what your political realm is, that Hillary Clinton is the first of the divine feminine to come into our government leading the divine feminine because she has come the closest so far in our government and our history of our country to be considered a president. Is she under any type of guidance?

A: She is, yes.

Q: So thatís why she showed the country that forgiveness does work?

A: Is that a question?

Q: Yes.

A: Yes. Those who are scornful of having that particular forgiveness. It would be useful to look within to see where it is that you or whomever have not yet forgiven. Thank you.

Q: You are speaking of the old paradigms of religion, as I call it. Iíve been studying and trying to find my way. There are some verses in at least three of the Gospels that talk about the secrets to the kingdom and that seems to be what wasnít written down but had been carrying forth and I think itís been coming in, at least in my life, recently. The secrets of the kingdom. Jesus talked in parables to the common people but he talked about the secrets to the disciples, so itís almost like those secrets are becoming known to us if we are open to hear them.

A: Precisely.

Q: Can you speak to the transfiguration that occurred in Jesusí life? It wasnít very well described what happened at that time or how that affected his abilities after that.

A: Let us see how we can respond to this in words. The first thing we will say to you is that the notion that he was born as a divine being is not correct. Yea, you all are born as divine beings. Each of you is and so was he in that regard. But he was not born literally as a son of God. God did not insert a phallus into Mary the Mother and impregnate her. That is an exaggeration and a misinterpretation. It is a misinterpretation that occurred long after his birth. His birth was foretold astrologically, this is true, of the turn of events that would take place. He lived a normal life. He was wise. He was in truth a very wise one. He was special but his birth was in a natural way. It could not have been otherwise because that would have implied that none of you are divine beings. He said that which I do you shall do and more. He was telling you all that you are divine beings and that which was possible for him and that which he endured and that which he suffered and that which he enjoyed is exactly the same as that which is available to each of you.

Let us back up just a bit more. We have told each of you that you are twelve dimensional life forms. You are just beginning to discover yourselves as fourth and fifth dimensional life forms, so you still have a great deal as yet unrealized in the totality of your being, and so it was for him as well. He became advanced. He evolved more rapidly than many others and yet, when it was time for the transfiguration, it was as if he opened suddenly, magically into the totality of his being and beyond. Indeed, to the 33rd dimension of his potential. You can imagine that did indeed cause him to be perceived to be as truly divine because in a sense he was connected to the highest, or the highest that could possibly be known. Does that help? Does that explain with clarity to all of you? He was not intending to be worshiped. He was intending to tell each of you who you are.

Q: How does Mohammed and Buddha fit into that description that you have given, because a lot of people hear that and wouldnít believe in Jesus one way or the other?

A: Each of those are different ways for different understandings to reach for more of that which each one is. Is that clear?

Q: I understand that perfectly.

Q: What about a science fiction writer who founds a religion that attracts movie stars?

A: What about him?

Q: Does he fit in more with Mohammed than Jesus or Buddha?

A: Are you speaking of L. Ron Hubbard? That is the person we are familiar with.

Q: Heís dead, just like the rest of them.

A: There are others besides movie stars. Let us answer perhaps in this way. Each of you is a unique individual. In each life experience you are unique to every other life experience. Yet you are all part of the whole. As Iíve said to you before, one of you might be an eyelash in the body of God. One of you might be a big toe. One of you might be a fingernail in the whole body of God. Each of you is unique and exists for a particular purpose. Yet each of you is a necessary part of the whole, so thereís no separation. There are those who speak to this group, there are those who speak to this group and there are those who speak to this group. This one might be an eyelash, this one might be a finger, this one might be an eyeball. (Laughter)

Q: How do we strive for that balance in our personal lives? One side with the old paradigm and everything; the other side is different, yanked in two different directions?

A: Allow yourself to be yanked in the direction of greater, of more, of deeper, of richer. Begin to forget everything that you thought you knew so that that which is new can come into your conscious awareness. Thatís the truth of tithing. You have heard that 10% of your brain is used, but 90% of your brain is waiting to be filled. The master Jesus said, give unto Caesar that which is Caesarís and give unto me that which is mine. His is the 90%. The 10% is that which belongs to the old paradigm, Caesar. Allow yourself to entertain ideas that perhaps have never occurred to you before. You are one who would be beginning to experience the transparency of the old illusion. Is that not so?

Q: Youíve told the same story over and over again, I donít know what to do with it.

A: Please donít try to do anything with it. You still havenít given away the 10% that was for Caesar. The more you try, the more difficult it becomes. Just allow it. Pay attention when you notice the transparency. Pay attention when you are in your school and you are in a class and you suddenly have an awareness that you are in a different space than everyone else. It may be fleeting. It may be momentary. Thatís you beginning to notice, to discover. As that continues you will discover that your process is moving more and more rapidly. Does that help you?

Q: I guess all the answers are inside.

A: Yes, the answers are all inside you. One of the human characteristics is to make everything complicated because it must not be worthwhile unless itís complicated. Itís truly very simple. No expectations about how it will look, feel, sound. Begin to notice if you begin to hear this rhythm or the music of your own energy system. Every strand of energy (every ray is the word you use and you can still use it). Every strand of energy refracted from the whole stream of light has its own sound, its own color, its own mode, its own rate of frequency, movement, its own symbol and its own purpose. Each of you is wired in each life experience for the precisely correct rays for you to fulfill the purpose of that life. You may begin to hear your own symphony. If you do, know that itís yours and itís quite beautiful.

Q: How can you quiet yourself enough to hear that symphony when you are bombarded by family members who are constantly needing you?

A: Itís absolutely necessary that you get to yourself with some time that is yours along every day.

Q: In reality or is this in general? The people that family depends on them for mostly everything and you canít hear that centering point because of the bombardment of the negative energy that you are getting.

A: It is not loving of self to allow yourself to be submitted to such. It is loving of self to nurture self in such a manner as to be alone in solitude at some point in each day.

Q: Going back to Jesus again. You said that everybody comes in under a certain ray and he did, but was it his intention fully when he came in to do what he did? I mean, everybody has an intention when they are born and was that his intention to go through that process to lead the way?

A: Yes, but the mechanics were not outside the so-called norm. It would have been meaningless otherwise.

Q: But he did have a general blueprint?

A: Yes, as each of you does.

Q: One other thing. I had just finished reading a book and it keeps talking about original cause and that everyone has been affected by this by coming in and having the veil dropped and feeling abandonment by God and that we have to get through that and recognize who we really are again and as long as we feel abandoned we cannot claim who we are?

A: Yes, and the original abandonment is that of self. Separation from self, from your soul. Your soul just is. Without beginning; without end. Each life experience is a piece of your soul, a very precisely designed mathematical equation of energy from soul for a particular purpose. When you are born you forget who you are because youíve come in with a certain thing to do, to be, to achieve, to accomplish, to fulfill.

Q: Then everyone has that sadness of feeling of separation?

A: Yes. So no matter what the circumstances of your life, if someone physically abandoned you, that was an issue for you to work through because the original abandonment was that of self to self. When that is realized and you experience yourself as the whole being that each of you is, then you have moved through that separation.

Q: Your soul is never separated from you, it is only you or whomever who thinks so?

A: Yes.

(End of questions)

Would each of you take a deep breath at this time? Put your feel flat on the floor. Please breathe through your eighth chakra. The place where your eighth chakra connects to your physical form is at the back of your neck, at the top of your spine. Thatís the place of entry for your upper five chakras and eventually for the universal energies. Allow yourself to inhale through this place. Allow yourself to experience the sensations of connection.

Breathe deeply and allow the breath to move through your entire energy system, through the soles of your feet and into the earth. As you exhale, pull the energy of the Earth back through all your energy centers, balancing, restoring, activating. Then again. (Slowly) Deep, deep breath. Life-giving. Exhale and balance. One more time. Inhale and exhale and balance. In your internal imaging, in your internal landscape, allow your internal eyes, ears, heart and your chakras to activate.

See yourself in your truth. Each of you is a perfect, perfect divine energy system. All the parts of you, all the levels of you, all the dimensions of you, united. You are a perfect unified energy system. You are masters embodying God. Nothing is separate. Nothing is above you. You are king and queen of your own kingdom. Your kingdom is all the life experiences that you have ever had and still exist within you. Rule your kingdom with justice, mercy and compassion. Allow none other to invade your kingdom. Invade the kingdom of none other, yet know that you are connected to each kingdom and a greater kingdom. You are all that is. It is so now and forever and always has been.

So be it. So it is.

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