Message from P'taah - 2007-06-06

"P'taah: It is a great joy to be with you once more. So, my dear ones, who has query?

Q: P'taah I was wondering about our dreams. The dreams that we have, are they relevant to our time here in third dimension and what's happening in our lives at the moment or are they sort of multi-dimensional and going backwards and forward between dimensions?

P'taah: All of that. As with most of your queries, there is not one answer. Sometimes the dreams are to do with whatever is occurring in your day-to-days, whatever may be upon your mind. Much of the time you are traveling inter-dimensionally.

You have your journeys and adventures on many levels at the same time, let us say in the same way as in your day-to-day lives. Not only are you existing in this reality but you are also existing in other realities. So the only difference between the waking time and the dream time is that you are not focused in this dimensional reality. In a way, having dropped the focus of this reality, you may then go off on your adventures.

Now, as we have spoken many times before, if it is your desire to come to some sense of what is occurring in your journeys and travels, then you may write down for a period of time that which you recall on waking.

Sometimes the actual story of the dream is not that which is the reality or that which is significant but rather, we would say, that which is the feeling generated by the story of the dream. Does that make sense to you? So, in other words, you may have reoccurring dreams with different scenarios, but the bottom line is that you perhaps would feel that you are lost or that you are compromising yourself in some way in a what you would call humiliating experiences in public places, etc., etc. You have all had these dreams, which is really the story of how you may feel about yourself in your world.

On the other hand, there can also be quite significant pointers to you about other dimensional realities, about how you are in your journeys in other places. So truly there is no hard and fast rule about what is occurring in your dreamtime, in the same way that there are multi-levels in your third dimensional consciousness.

And you can see how that is when you look at your day-to-day life and you see situations unfolding in your life and you say to yourself, "How on earth have I created this because truly I did not consciously desire this," or "This situation does not really make any sense to me insofar as I have not consciously created this." Does that make sense?

So then you know that you have created this whatever-the-situation-is from a part of the psyche which you have not taken too much notice of, ideas and beliefs that you prefer perhaps not to look at. Whatever is occurring in your day-to-day life is appointed to what it is you believe, whether or not you consciously know that you believe it.

Q: P'taah, in Africa at the moment there are millions and even tens of millions of people who are suffering severe, severe deprivation through drought conditions. Something like 30,000 children die each day because of malnutrition. Our lives, or basically the life that I'm living, is one of utter total peace and tranquility. In the third dimensional sense, I'm dealing with my life, but how do we relate to those other people?

P'taah: That which is occurring in Africa is no more or less than it always has been. And you may say that Africa is, in a way, the forgotten continent. The peoples of your time have called it the Dark Continent. And indeed, it is dark because the history of genocide, of violence, and indeed even that which is exemplified or created from that belief structure which creates great differences of climatic conditions because, of course, you create your climatic conditions.

It is also bringing the peoples to a time and place of choice. Now your whole world is coming to a choice point. And that which has been considered the polarities in these next years are to become more and more.

So, how does this affect you in your life? And compared with the rest of your world, each of you here lives a life of extraordinary abundance. Abundance of most of your physical luxuries called 'food on the table', called 'water', even although you may call it drought. You do not go cold or hungry, although there are people who do in your country. You have created a lifetime in this reality, in this life, of more and more choice. So, in a way, we congratulate you because in this lifetime you have chosen this exploration of the greater part of who you are and this is your reality.

However, it is also important that you do acknowledge that which is occurring as it comes to your attention, to have the compassion and indeed to put forth the hand of assistance where it is possible, without buying into the story of victimhood.

We know that this may seem very harsh to say that you create it all and we do not expect any of you to turn your back, to say, "Oh, bad luck, you have created it. This has nothing to do with me," because there is only one of you. One people, one people. You are not separate from anybody.

So, indeed, it is to give forth the thanks and blessings every day of your life for what you are creating day by day without ever losing sight that there are other peoples who live in anguish not knowing that they do have a choice, most driven by fear, most in the grief and the pain of losing their children, losing their beloved ones. It is a kind of walking that fine line of being in your now, being in the joy of the abundance of who you are and what you have, whilst not losing the compassion for those who do not know. Does it make sense to you?

So beloved ones, we thank you for this opportunity to share with you. Until our next Now together, with grandest love, we issue forth to each and every one of you,


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