Blue Star Speaks:
Part of my duty here is to furnish needed information which may or may not be of benefit to you;

By: Celest, 2008-02-26,


2-25-08 to 4-25-08
Greetings Earthizens; Salude to all my Earth Star cousins living on Terra who are from other planets as well. On this day I have decided to address an issue which appears to be one of the most egregious faults that humans as a whole obsess over. I feel it is incumbent as part of my duty as one of the “off-world” overseers of this planet to “show and tell” whenever a topic or subject is swaying you ones into serious lacks of understanding that will ultimately harm you. Part of my duty here is to furnish needed information which may or may not be of benefit to you; whether it shall or not depends in great deal on your levels and stages of personal evolution and individual receptivity to truths rather than to fiction. This having been stated I will now progress to the topic I have chosen which many among you may not like. That is to say, those who would rather believe that dis-organized chaos in their lives is a “good thing,” would do well not to continue on to read what I have to say.

Now, back in the “worst of the worst old days,” an intangible energy streamer which is called today “regret,” was birthed by lower evolved Souls and their cunning mentors the Illuminati and their minion. You see, the lower evolved Souls had little to hope for or to look forward to in those days. So it was an easy “capture of the mind and Spirit” to ensnare these ones and trap them into filaments of energy streamers which although dusky to dark in hue, still were something to feed the appetites of these Souls by the Spiritually depraved. Please to not think that those occurrences were all a lack of discernment on the parts of the struggling Souls. That would be an unduly harsh thought to have about them considering the conditions which prevailed at those times. Most of these “tribes” of humans did not look forward to any secure tomorrows, most had nothing to look forward to at all in fact. So it was that instead of looking ahead, they were taught to look back. This was done much to the chagrin of myself and my fellow overseers from other planets. This was in the timeframe when the true battles for mind over Spirit began in a whole, dirty, new phase. Like the contagion it still is today, it insidiously obliterated in most cases, the balance needed for the mind to live in both the Spiritual world and the practical world. In other instances it severely hampered Souls who struggled to retain their true mind thoughts, thus they began to falter and fall.
I have intentionally brought these ancient facts to you not only so you could continue to “bear witness” to the “what was old is still here again” adage, but so you can see for yourselves and monitor for yourselves how much of a role you ones are playing in this nightmarish concoction that has been a “never ending story” on Earth. This by the way, is only continuing to be so because you have allowed it. Now, although the times have changed and progressions have been made as to SOME of the manner of thinking which most of you ones indulge in, may I remind you ones please this type of progress is not always a good thing. You see, until the past is confronted, dealt with in its entirety and then released, the past remains in the present and can most easily become “your future.” IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? IS THIS WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE HERE FOR? If your answer is “yes” to either of my questions then “get thee far away from me.” I cannot teach you what you are unwilling to learn. So be it!
Now, for those still willing to listen and learn, I shall continue. The human race overall which once began the process of “regret” soon became enamored with “regretting.” When I listen to the minds and hearts of the Earth’s peoples I continuously see a rabid game replaying that is devouring the participants in the game. Sadly enough, these ones do not even know what is really occurring. Let us think of an example for you ones to ponder: Let us say that a woman thinks back to a lover she has lost. From the moment she first begins to have that mind thought, she unconsciously plants a seed of remorse; the remorse may be tiny or large; in time illusions begin in her mind regarding the lost love as well as the actual FACTUAL chain of events leading to her perception of “loss.”
She unconsciously…. well, for the most part…begins a comparison to other lovers present in her life and fantasizes about future lovers that color her perceptions of what was real and what she thought was real. She can not really even reconcile herself to remembering what the lost love had said, the lover’s true feelings and emotions or anything else except her OWN perceptions. She is looking backwards out of a one-way window. Her regrets become more solid, they have solidified into a mass of non-productive, non-progressive energy. She cannot see any good learning lessons that occurred through this lost love because she would rather wallow in something long gone. Nor is she any longer capable of realizing that it may have simply been one of the many karmic cases of “unfinished business.” Throughout her mortality, irrespective of how many times the sun may shine upon her, she will always feel a blight on her emotions. So, tell me students, what has she done to herself? How much has she blocked herself from not only moving forward in life, but how has she been stunting her own personal evolution as well? She has cast her own shadow just as have millions of others since the dawn of “feelings.”
Now, I gave to you ones a simple pragmatic situation, one that I KNOW you can easily relate to. I did not say you had to like it, now did I? Yes, yes, I know, “everyone wants truth, they just want their own version of it.” Please to remember, “all truths are not equal.” Since you had a taste of an everyday situation, I shall move you on to another perspective of the turning back of time. Alright, you may not like this one either. However, as I have said before, neither my Celestial daughter nor I are here to win a popularity contest. Nor do we want to. Take a moment and be objective now about what I am going to tell you. EVERYTHING YOU DO, EVERYTHING YOU SAY, EVERY THOUGHT YOU HAVE IMPACTS ON EVERYTHING ELSE ON THIS PLANET, BE IT ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL. Because all life is energy in motion, all is interrelated in one manner or another. Nothing that is static could survive, it must have roots whether in land, water, air, or mind thoughts. Humans are of course a great part of that living energy. Yet it is what they do not understand that can cause a short-circuiting of the brain, a void within the heart, a stifling of individual and mass Spiritual Awareness; the physical vehicle responds to the stimulus of the mind, heart and Spirit. Therefore, all must flow in a coordinated effort within the individual. Severe physical impairments can begin when the person closes down or drastically slows down those important flow mechanisms.
Now you can see how the physical vehicle acts or overreacts to the voids within the Sacred orifices. All right, I shall take this to another level for you ones, one that is equally important and either vastly misunderstood by peoples or not known about at all. No one has the right to attempt to alter any situations in another person’s past. This would be a serious violation of Universal Laws. Now, the reasons that certain measures had to be set into place to prevent any human from doing so, are reasons that in part are predicated upon the stability of this world and all other worlds in this universe. Neither the God of this universe nor the Creator will allow any Soul to alter this rule! A Soul can be destroyed, this is known by all Souls from the moment of Their original birth. Yet, the foolishness that billions of humans indulge in while fantasying, as most of them think of it, of changing their pasts, of turning back time in order to live life in a better way is quite dangerous. Think carefully now chelas, do you ones yet realize the total pandemonium, the world of dis-organized chaos this planet would become if you were permitted to do such a thing?
Because everything impacts upon everything else, each person’s private world would be in total shambles, violated by the wrong actions of other people. Every person you have known, every good thought you have had, your families, children, pets, profession and so forth, would all be in a state of terrible flux. You would have learned nothing from the experiences you had, neither would a single person you came into contact with have learned anything from you, OR themselves. The smile you bestowed upon a stranger on the street would not happen; that person instead of feeling good, even just for the moment, would not have that experience. Nor would you have received the benefits of the giving of that smile to someone you would never meet again. You could not love freely again, for someone else would have altered your perceptions of love and the person(s) you were loving. Nothing that you experienced now would be the same. Humanity as a whole would lose their humanness; your mind thoughts would not be your own, you could truly become your own worst enemy rather than continuing to learn to be your own best friend.
Peoples here do not understand the true power of thought. This is indeed a very dangerous situation; for to think about turning back time in any given situation is to empower the same dark forces who originally conceptualized “regrets.” Regrets and happiness are the antithesis of one another. The most unhappy peoples I have HEARD on the Earth Star planet are the ones deeply in rapture with regrets. Most pass themselves off as “people practicing self-help.” Bull-puckey I say! There is no “self-help” needed for this demoralizing practice; it is not merely unnecessary it can be very detrimental to your well-being. “Obsessive-ness” is what can cause a person to believe they need “self-help.” Humans still fail to understand that it is the most simple manner of doing things that are the most effective. All right, so think of an issue or a situation or an event that you have thought would be grand if you could go back in time and change everything. Now, just look at that situation and see what you learned, was it what you consciously needed to learn, or was it an event that you as your Soul wanted you to learn from; perhaps to assist you in not recreating similar events, perhaps in closing old doors on people and/or places from previous incarnations. You will, if you are truthful with yourself, have no problem seeing the learning curve here.
If you still experience pain from viewing those events then stop feeling the pain. It cannot exist without your advocating the pain. Now, come to peace with the incontrovertible fact that once a situation, an issue, an event is over, ITS OVER! Love what has occurred in your past then release it, let it go and start living life in a progressive fashion. Abuses, jealousies, indoctrination, mis-communications, mis-direction, violence and madness are to name but a few situations that nearly all human beings have endured at one time or another. It is not “overcoming them that makes you strong,” it is understanding that if you are a well-balanced person then all that proceeded in your life IN THIS LIFETIME, up to this particular “now moment,” contributed to the man or woman you are today. Peoples who already had damaged psyches or were emotionally unwell who also endured these trials and tribulations, may never IN THIS LIFETIME be as strong as you or another who is similar to you, but in other future life experiences they may be stronger than you are today. You however, may not be.
Now, do not be so harsh and critical of others you may think poorly of. They, like you, cannot change what they cannot change. Yet, it is what you each can change about your individual selves that is changing this world. Emotions are powerful energy streamers, it is what you do with them that defines you. Allow yourself the freedom to live your life in the best way possible for you and allow others that same freedom. It does not mean that you have to like what others do, nor does it mean that what you yourself do will always seem right to others. Be compassionate in your dealings with YOU and feel compassion for others who are dealing with THEMSELVES. I expect no less from you ones! It is why I am among you; I am here because you are worth it.
Now, when I hear you ones muttering and complaining about your friends, co-workers, children and others who you have labeled as “dysfunctional,” my ire rises dramatically. Many of you ones who do this are amongst the very large contingent of Earth races who want to turn back time. Here is something for you ones to ponder; there are no dysfunctional people! Tell me, how is it that so many people, even intelligent people, have bought into this dangerous rhetoric? Who among you ones bothered to look closely into that term? Why is it that you accept at face value “labels” that are not only inaccurate but highly segregationist as well? There are NO dysfunctional families!! Am I being too subtle here?? Now, an aspect on so many minds about turning back time DOES INDEED include the fantasy of living in non-dysfunctional families; living with non-dysfunctional lovers, etc. How can you change something that does not truly exist? I must tell you ones that some of the peoples who believe this rubbish are evolved Light Workers and Light Bearers. Again and again and again, I have cautioned you all to use discernment when hearing certain terms, certain “labels,” and yet so many among you hear me not. Why? Search your minds and your hearts and at least attempt to discover the “why” to: “why do you believe such things?”
Now, I shall give you part of the answer, I refuse to give you all of the answer. Peoples have always found it easier to accept another’s definition of other races, cultures, cults and so forth rather than taking the time to see if such and such is true. It makes it easier to cope with by simply being in acceptance of terms that have now become “catch-all phrases.” How do you think those in the medical profession came up with this term “dysfunctional?” It is what they have been taught and they accepted it without question. AS HAVE YOU! Now, all individuals who are birthed here have their own unique abilities, their own special gifts, their own astounding attributes that can and will enhance their life experiences here UNLESS SOMEONE OR SOME-THING VIOLATES THAT PERSON PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY OR SPIRITUALLY. When this occurs it usually happens during very early childhood, although there are those who can experience a traumatic event later in life which shuts down their special-ness and replaces those wondrous traits with fear, which then births anger and unhappiness. Then of course there are the family issues; families do NOT like their children to act “out of accordance” with the regimented family units.
They want so much for their offspring to be like the parents, grandparents and other elders in the units, that they even want the offending child’s behavior to modify so that he or she can be just like one of the siblings, like either their own or their friends children. In other words, they want CLONES. Do I have your attention yet? Perhaps you think I am having a “dysfunctional day?” NOT! You see, an aspect of the segregation process at work here, which is also an alienation which has been spreading like an infectious disease, has caused brother to turn against brother, sister against sister, lover against lover and so forth and so on. This is a diabolically clever way to insure that misunderstanding and “judgment calls” continue to stir the cauldron. All right now, so WHO and WHAT was behind the scenes brewing up this malaise, this disenchantment with others, this dastardly acceptable belief which has been sweeping over this planet? When a child or an adult begins rebelling against the accepted order of things, preferring to use their own ideas and beliefs about all phases of life, it is a natural reaction to constraint imposed upon that individual or individuals by others. However, the more they rebel the more they are ostracized and punished.
If everyone went through life without disruptions, without challenges, without trying to experiment and see what is right and what is not right to and FOR the individual, then how would anyone know what to do and what NOT to do? Peoples act out when they are frustrated, agitated, unhappy, feeling alienation from those who say they love them and eventually the fail-safe mechanism within their minds closes these people off from the everyday hatreds and misunderstandings they are enduring. It is then that they seek a different reality, one that is much less painful than the one allegedly “ loving people” are heaping upon them. Dysfunctional? No, they are not, but then autism is misunderstood here too. If all those peoples, family units, races who are perceived as dysfunctional suddenly ceased to be, how many people do you think would be left on this planet? Would YOU be here? Alas, too many people here have too much time to think. They then act upon the thinking parts of themselves without using their sentience. Now, the turning back of time is seen quite differently by those who are wearing the huge labels you ones have placed upon them. They fantasize about “acceptance” by others; they dream a little dream of waking up in a different type of world where either they are just like everyone else, or everyone else is just like them.
The pain they endure for having these labels is quite intense, it can and does leave deep emotional scars in most cases, and thoughts of diffidence towards others’ feelings and desires eventually rise to the surface of the minds of these ones. You see, the vast majority of these unfortunate victims of sociological, religious, Spiritual and familial beliefs, are hurt because on a level of conscious knowing, they are aware that they are no different than are you. They will act out in rebellion and violence just the same as NORMAL people do. It would be a far better society of peoples all over this planet, if you ones could each see yourselves in others, each see yourselves through the eyes of others and stop saying “there but for the grace of God go I.” God has nothing to do with this. It is about pre-birth agreements and the volatility of the human race as a whole. Not to mention those who first promulgated the phrase “dysfunctional” and their hidden agenda.
Now, before I take my leave of you ones this day, I would remind you that this planet could not sustain any life if the timing factor was continuously being turned back…for whatever reason. Can you really imagine the consequences of those turning the clock back actions on a planetary scale? Can you even begin to imagine how life on other planets, not to mention the reincarnational theme, would be grossly affected? In the most pragmatic sense I urge you each to stop playing with something that is holding you back from yourself. As I said earlier, love those past or present experiences enough to let them go and then……get a life already. You ones cannot even begin see these issues through our eyes; we who watch you from both near and afar. A life lived well has everything in it that you could possibly need or want. Practice discernment and patience and stop dreaming the dreams that are but nightmares in disguise. If you do not like what your present life experience is, then by all means change it; change what you can and accept that you can only change so much of it. Live life with joy and love one another if only just because… can, and remember the cosmic clock in ticking…FORWARD.
Salude….Blue Star the Pleiadian
"There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side
and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation.
In time, all shall be as one...I shall meet you there."
....Blue Star......
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