Soul Levels and Stages of Progression
Bluestar, Issue #XLVIII, 04-25-2007 to 06-25-2007

Greetings chelas; I bring you old/new news all about you and “how” YOU became you. I do so because Now is the Time to expand your awareness of the Soul Substance you truly are. I had decided during the year of 2006, that the particular year you are now experiencing should focus on all that is relevant not only to each of you as individuals, but to tie together all the loose threads that you ones have so valiantly been struggling to form into one WHOLE and HEALTHY MATRIX. The fact that humanity had caused the “threads to become unraveled and wild,” is but a moot point. Now, this “fantabulous” year of 2007, will continue to be a rollercoaster ride for many; we have seen the hands, the hearts and the inspirations of your own true Spiritual nature undulating with determination to have your cup filled, and requesting more knowledge and less of the “gloom and doom” propaganda espoused by teachers of a lesser god.

Were it not for this wondrous outpouring of yours collectively, I and not only my brethren from the Pleiades, Arcturus and the rest of our combined “Star Peace Nations,” but also all those magnificent Souls of the Spirit World, would have had to continue to speak with individuals, one Soul at a time. We commend you each for the magnificence you clearly display, in seeking the truth and not succumbing to the false prophets and the doomsday talkers.

They have an agenda that even they themselves are not always consciously aware of! As you learn more about you as Soul, it is my greatest hope that the information you ones assimilate will be taught by each of you to others who are “open and receptive” to truth. Also, my wish is that by relearning what you shall from me, it will enable you to SEE CLEARLY AND DISCERN TRUTH FROM PREMEDITATED LIES!

NEVER, NEVER do I want you to feel that we are “imposing” our teachings, our “knowing” upon you! That would be a violation of all Universal Laws and an action that we personally deplore! Now, I shall give you some statistics. Of all who read this transmission, 82.1% will understand some of it. 65.2% shall understand most of it. The small percentage of those who understand ALL of it shall find that this information will prove to be invaluable in this lifetime. Those who understand some of it will reread this again and again until such time they have a better grasp on the material. Those who understand most of it will see more clearly the ongoing circumstances and the impact of such on their present life and past experiences IN this life. Those who understand none of it…shall do so when they pass over from physical life.

I and my “off-world” brethren live in physical universes; we are living. breathing beings just as are you. We live, we love, we die physical deaths, we reincarnate and live yet again. We extol virtue and render benevolence in our teachings upon all those we love as the central part of our own “heritagal” teachings. We are vastly more evolved than are you it is true; BUT we have never forgotten our own early beginnings as a race of interplanetary beings. We do not forget the early wars on so many of our home planets. We do not forget WHY we had to win. We do not EVER forget that you are our Earth cousins! You see, it is for these reasons and many more, that we do indeed feel the frustrations and the tears created by the horrendous conditions humanity has lived with for so very, very long. We do understand your consummate desire now to LIVE and BE as ONE with The One.

Those wondrous Beings of the Spirit World “speak” differently to you than do we. Those who reside in the Angelic Realms do as well. The dimensions of the Spirit have many “overlays,” they have great missions to accomplish as a matter of their own individual evolvement, and they can and DO nurture and tutor “the many” here on Earth who they so dearly love. When all is said and done, we are each speaking the same truths to you ones, we simply use different manners of “speaking” and teachings, yet “our combined goals and totality of effort remains the same.” Tis a sad commentary about the evolvement level of the masses that it is easier to believe in the World of Spirit than it is to believe in the worlds and wonders of we who are Star Keepers from other planets.

In times of extreme duress many of you ones will reach out “in desperation” to attempt to connect with the Angelic Beings. It is only the individuals among the human race who understand our Soul Connection as well as our Soul Connection with the Spirit World, who are the most balanced among you ones. We are alldedicated to each God of each universe, to the Creator and to the Creation. Now, I felt it was imperative to express to you ones this truth. Lest you forget that you and I ARE ONE. This having all been stated, we shall now progress to the “nitty gritty.”

“The Overview”

The birth of each Soul is EQUALLY important in the Eyes of the God of each universe. A Soul is IMMACULATE in Its CONCEPTION. A Soul, meaning each and all Souls, is a tangible Aspect of the Creative Forces. I will do my best to keep this LONG explanation of Souls and Progression as simple as I can. It does not mean that I shall succeed but I shall try. Soul is Infinite in Its gestation period; it is a miraculous combination of the God Forces and all of Creation. Each Soul is a MATRIX unto ItSelf in this manner. Soul is a DIRECT reflection of ALL THAT IS. YET, simultaneously Soul is Its Own Entity, miraculous in Its splendor, and possesses an unending desire to achieve a TYPE of immortality that can be best earned through life experiences. Each Soul is birthed into perfection, yet not each Soul is perfect.

Now, because of the Infinite awareness of the God of each universe, certain “plateaus” and “expansion levels” are gifted to each Soul to better accomplish the mission of “defining and BEING in equality with God.” Now, Soul ItSelf is a splendiferous massing of the cumulative energies of not only each God of each universe, but of the Creator and the entirety of the Creation as well. Soul is a luminescent “vortex;” It is a mutable shape that can expand by degrees or in some rare cases, achieve a quantum leap in Its size. However it is not the actual size of a Soul that is important, it is the quality of the Infinite Matter that is important. Within each Soul is a “womb;” within the womb lies a veritable chamber of condensed concentric development mass.

Each circle that lies within is a stage/state of evolution, either ones that have already been experienced (Old Soul,) or ones that have yet to be the sum total of learning or teachings components (Young Soul.) As each new “upcoming” challenge/opportunity is observed by Soul, the circle of THAT particular new event begins to vibrate and gather unto ItSelf the human vehicle which will best suit Soul AT THAT TIME, in walking the Earth Star planet and amassing the experience(s) necessary to fill the circle to completion. Now, it is in this manner that Soul as an Independent Entity performs to the best of Its ability the sequential traveling modality through each circle of ItSelf, until such time that all of the vortex is filled and completed to the satisfaction of Soul! Soul will not be whole and complete until each experience, each event deemed necessary BY ITSELF has been tested and overcome. This is one reason why each individual Soul emits variant levels of incandescent matter. Soul must rely to a certain degree on the personality and degree of intellectual levels of the physical vehicle It inhabits. Tis why at times an individual experiences much consternation when making changes in life choices here on this plane.

Should the individual become “wishy washy” or worse “confrontational” when faced with the complexities of altering life choices, then Soul Voice becomes muted; the Voice cannot be heard let alone acknowledged by the individual, because of all the discordant noise and thoughts. You MUST understand: YOU are not separate from your Soul! YOU ARE ONE, to the best or worst of your ability, “you” as the physical vehicle chosen by YOURSELF shall either exemplify your Soul Essence through the convoluted means of living diverse experiences, OR you shall succumb TO VARIOUS DEGREES of a less positive nature. The ambiance of Soul is such that It shall wait as long as necessary, even if this means repeating certain life circumstances, until It has experienced personal triumph. I am speaking here only of life lived on the Earth Star planet. There are many other alternate planetary experiences that Souls have…but that is another story.

“The Equality modality/The Justice Factor”

“Equality” in this sense simply means that unless a Soul has challenged ItSelf and surpassed all the challenges that were Self Created, then how can the Soul move forward in a progressive movement, thereby accelerating Its Own innate nature and achieve the distinction of “the Mirror Reflection of God,” unless It has had the obstacles to overcome in the first place? Static energy cannot exist as Soul. Soul must always be in constant motion, ever seeking, ever learning, ever trying to accomplish whatever “mission” It has formulated for Its own good. Each Soul possesses Its own personal harmonics, each cord and musical scale is part of what the individual Soul has amassed at any given time. Each Soul bursts forth with the entirety of the Harmonics of the universe as Its “birthing song.” However at that point, Soul must then “Create” the new harmonics relative to the individual Soul and predicated upon the INTENT of the Soul.

“The Progression System”

Now, there are 7 main categories of a Soul. These can be rightfully called “the Evolutions of the Soul.” These “evolutions” can be described as “progressive levels.” 5 of these evolutions can best manifest on the physical plane. They can denote the “ages” of a Soul. There are 7 levels within each category. Each exemplifies the Souls’ perceptions and functions. Now, there are also 7 major roles in essence; these are 7 goals, 3 in pairs and one neutral. There are 7 modes, 3 pairs and 1 neutral. There are 7 attitudes, 3 pairs and 1 neutral. There are 7 centers which affect the personality; there are 7 chief features; 3 pairs and 1 neutral. The chief feature normally doesn’t become prominent until the Soul in human form reaches the age of around 20 years old. Now, what this means is that a Soul possesses :

#1-a chosen role in essence #2-a “changing” age #3-a chosen level to learn from #4-a mode of learning #5-a chosen goal #6-attitude reflecting the personality #7-a chosen “center” for physical life #8-a chief feature.

Now, there are 7 important, considered primary, evolutions of a Soul. No, this has nothing to do with how many times an individual has reincarnated here. These reasons are but one instance why Earth has been the “housing unit” for Souls to relearn all which they once knew. It is one part of “just cause” that Earth is called “the schoolhouse planet.” Now, these important evolutions are: Infant, Baby, Young Soul, Mature Soul, Old Soul, Transcendental Soul/Tranascender, and Infinite Soul. A Soul’s journey always commences in the above order; in other words, no one is permitted to “leap frog” over an evolutionary period to avoid experiencing it. So far as I know, no one has expressed the desire to do so. Its a good thing too! You see, one monad in EACH cycle must be completed in one life experience or another, before It is permitted to evolve to the next category.


Here I shall give you both positive natures and the “less positive” natures of a Soul during this transitional stage. The “P” and the “LP” denote a type of polarity. I DO NOT and SHALL NOT use the term “negative“ when describing a Soul‘s descent into a “less positive“ phase. Never will a Soul be judged by myself for a lack of structure or a dissipating of Its Light because of the Earth walk It has chosen to experience!! Souls who continually TRY to overcome any constraints or limitations shall ALWAYS be a brighter Light in the Eternal Tapestry than those who do not. YET these “alternate realities” remain in the inner realm of each Soul. Each must form their own choices….sooner or later:

The Infant Soul Just as many other infant life forms, there are certain cause and results for Soul on Earth in Its Infancy stage. This is not about the chronological age factor. The “P” ( for positive) traits are “I don’t want to.” The LP (less positive) are “overriding desires to have one’s way.”

Baby Souls (P) “If we cannot do it right, we do not do it at all.” The (LP) “Over aggressiveness and me, me me.”

Young Souls (P)“They are perceived as the movers and shakers, they make many errors of judgment along the way but they do learn from themselves.” (LP) “They are limited by their own perceptions and/or want everything done THEIR way.”

Mature Souls (P) “They trust their perception of truth, many say..“do whatever you want to but not here.” (LP) “they are overly introspective and analyze too much.”

Old Souls (P) “you can do whatever you choose, I can do whatever I choose.” (They are profoundly Creative as well.) (LP) “They have difficulty breaking old patterns but eventually do so.”

Transcendental Soul, also known as “Tranascender Soul.” (P)”they can enter and displace a physical body at any time during a life cycle, with the other person’s permission that is. This is an aspect of the “Walk-In” phenomena” just 1 part of the entire phasing-in process. Those lower evolved entities can also walk-in but they can only enter into an individual who is on the same vibrational and Spiritual level as the darker entity. Their “trademarks” are always the same; they bastardize truth and use control and fear teachings to manipulate people. They must rely heavily upon the individual’s greed and inexperience with these matters to continue to control the person. Oftentimes when they see that an individual has great need to align with Spirit Voices, they will pose as Ascended Masters although they are not! (LP) NONE

Infinite Soul (P) “These Souls perceive the TRUE Tao in life.” (LP) NONE.

Now, Baby Souls like to congregate in mid-America towns and hamlets. Young Souls like the urban arenas best; Mature Souls seek tranquility and when deemed necessary, isolation. Old Souls live all over the planet; there are no Infant Soul Nations. Now, basically this means that Baby Souls may well choose to be born into more rural settings, they seek out America because that country is the great melting pot. Here in small towns they can touch base with the earth and most of them become experts at animal husbandry and/or the raising of crops. In many cases this love of the fertility of the Earth is passed down through many generations of their families. There is always a fraction of the Baby Souls who will attempt to move from the rural settings to “explore life.” In MOST cases, this does not work well for them and they resettle in towns similar to where they initially lived.

Young Souls gravitate to the urban areas because they have a need to investigate a more “lively“atmosphere, one populated with many others such as themselves. They then render judgment on many others’ life styles and tend to become a tad jaded by the realities they encounter. BUT eventually…they do decide what is best for them individually as a “life experience.” Mature Souls are the ones who “have been there and done that.” Peace of mind and peace in Soul are their logos. They are never fully comfortable “living in the fast lane.” Nor should they be! Old Souls are “here, there and everywhere.” You may liken them to planetary travelers. Most have a penchant for the arts, music and cinematic endeavors that explore a diverse range of cultures. They have an almost insatiable hunger to savor the relics of ancient worlds and are most desirous for the release of all “new” technology that can enhance the Earth. All the Souls in these categories explore religions, cults, conspiracy theories and Spirituality as they progress slowly to the next level. It is in this manner they as individual Souls learn and assimilate on the conscious and Super Conscious levels, all realities that either have been plaguing humanity or enhancing it. It is the manner in which Soul learns best.

We move to the Role Essence which is “Expression.“ Now, I refer to the Infinite Soul as “the Jesus Expression.” Briefly stated, this means that the culmination of individual Soul ESSENCE with the Jesus the Christ Consciousness is in fact merged into an intricate nucleus, one that is an aspect of the Sacred Matrix which withstands all lesser gods, all illusions and nonsensical realities. The Transcendental Soul is The “Essence Expression.” Here is where this Soul level achieves Its greatest Earth success expressing ItSelf through the roles of Sage: their oratory skills are wondrous to behold. They can easily combine that role with their other role of Artisan; they then use Creation and artifice to teach others of what they themselves not only KNOW but can IMAGE to others. The other Expressions are:

“Sage” or “Artisan”

The (P) of the Sage is expressing through Self of ancient truths and expounding on newly revealed truths, and Its unique oration abilities that touch the hearts and minds of the masses. The (LP) Preaching of hellfire and damnation theories, dispersing mis-information for control purposes. Example: A (P) Sage would be Martin Luther King. An (LP) Sage would be a Pat Robinson type and all other false prophets.

The (P) of the Artisan is the use of a purity “conduit” by using the Soul abilities to Create “something from nothing and then to everything.” The (LP) is one who uses and manipulates artifice for personal and professional self-gratification. Example: The (P) Artisan would be anyone who Creates through benevolent Inspiration of Expression. An (LP) type would be like the Rockefellers.

You need to understand that ALL which each of these Soul Categories learns of here on the Earth Star planet, is taught not only to others HERE, but many amongst these ones continue on to other planets…..when they have achieved the status allowing them to do so…and teach of all they learned/know/experienced, to other inhabitants who truly want to know of these experiences!

Now, I shall proceed to the illustrious goals these ones have set for themselves.

“Inspirations”-these are as: Priest or Slave.

“Priest” is a man or woman here who is filled with compassion and zeal. This is not a religious connation. It matters not if the woman who has chosen this type of stimulus is a housewife, a singer, a call girl or a stripper. It is all about her innate self; it is all about an EXPRESSION of her entire being which is longing to utilize the “priest” modality to best further herself as a God Being. This is true of men as well. The color of any individual’s skin does not matter. That too is an experience that was sought after for personal reasons.

“Slave” is a man or woman who has chosen service and bondage as a means of also learning “the other side of the coin.” There are many forms of “slaves,” some are in servitude to the masters of manipulation in the governments of this world. Others may belong to various religious groups that limit the amount of truth they will allow to be revealed to their congregations. Many though are enslaved and in bondage to their present unhappy lifestyles. Here they will remain until certain circumstances and opportunities are Created to allow those people to “escape” and begin life anew. The majority who do make their escapes however, simply attract the same original circumstances and people they were once in bondage to, and the life begins again as it was before. This continues until they have had enough of the experience.

Now, you should remember that the ones I am speaking of right now are the (P) individuals. Obviously if they were the (LP) people they would be enjoying their pain and would possess the opposite traits and characteristics of the (P) individuals. “Actions”-Either Preeminent Man or Warrior

The actions involved are not of any “royalty” persuasion. It means that one who has entered with the Preeminent Man Action will use either self-mastery of himself to better evolve personally and be in fairness to all life forms he comes in contact with, or conversely will use tyranny to control others and become filled internally with rage and spite. The Preeminent Man can be male or female; many females who have evolved to a certain degree can choose to enter the Earth plane wearing the guise of a male to fulfill their function as Preeminent Man. On the Earth Star planet, this is because of the mainly “dominant male” control which has plagued this planet for so long. These ones are sometimes referred to as “Monarchs, Presidents and Dictators.” Example: (P) John Kennedy or the (LP) modality- George bush, Jr. and Sr., Queen Elizabeth and Hitler.

Warrior- The actions incurred by male and female assuming the Warrior Action are not for every Soul to employ. A certain type of fortitude and “mission” is required by the Warrior modality in order for a person to be not only a successful Warrior, but a just and honorable one. Warrior actions are peaceful persuasion through evolved teachings, holding their ground and defending truth on the Spiritual front line and teaching “by example.” Warriors who “backslide” while they are on the Earth plane, regress rapidly and become coercive and corrosive personalities. Example-(P) Joan of Arc or the (LP), Attila the Hun.

“The Assimilation Factor“:

All Souls except the Transcendental Souls and the Infinite Souls are also Scholars.They simply traverse myriad levels and vibrational stages and learn all that is imperative for them to learn, BUT at each Soul’s own individual pace and NEED. Here again there is a modality present. The (P) Scholar immerses his or herself in “knowledge,” thereby raising their vibrational level through the “understanding” of the knowing and thusly attaining the “goldness” of wisdom. The (LP) Scholar revels in theory, texts of religious factions, medical brouhaha, psycho babble and political untruths.

Now, let us say your Soul life force actually begins as a “Sage,” That is to say your dominant quality is the presence of (P) a desire for Expression. It is the “sageness” (the Essence Role) that will be permanent from your first incarnation through your final incarnation. Only the quality alters. This is also true of all the other “Roles in Essence.” For example-a Priest with the “quality” altered is the “slave” exalted. The Priest (Essence of the Soul Role) will remain as a central aspect of the entirety of the Soul, but the Slave quality will be the dominant force. The “Preeminent Man” becomes the “Warrior” exalted; the Scholars’ Aspect of a Soul is “neutral.”

This Aspect of a Soul has a dominant trait that is “set.” The “neutral” component is a type of “observation point” for Soul. As an individual moves through physical life here, should he or she choose an experience that Soul does not gravitate to, then Soul retreats to the “neutral zone” Here Soul functions as the observer, awaiting such time when the personality and the intellectual components of the individual are at rest or asleep. Then Soul Voice can gently prod the individual to seek other actions. Except for those times, Soul cannot interfere or intervene in the individual’s pursuits.

So, each Soul has the opportunity to change the quality of each life experience. Some have a propensity to relive their previous “quality” numerous times until they arrive at a decision that they are ready for the next part of their evolution. Many, many other Souls simply cannot wait until they have outgrown their former qualities and move forward in stately progression. Some Souls can become “tainted” by certain lifestyles, certain “life experiences,” which can cause the slow diminishing of the individual Light possessed by the Soul.


The Goals manifest as basic concepts: The Expressions of Goals are:

Acceptance-(P) Agape and receptive or (LP) Ingratiation and kowtowing.

Rejection-(P) the right use of discrimination in each incarnation or (LP) extreme prejudice and jaundiced outlooks in life.

The Goals promote “Inspirations” for Souls to honor or misuse.(P) modality appears as Growth in a comprehensive venue. The (LP) is timeless confusion and addiction problems.

Then there is Retardation. The (P) nature is Atavism which occurs as Soul moves forward and reclaims any genetic features It has desired, and in a sense, reunites with an Aspect of Its former Self, while revitalizing that Aspect into a finer version. The (LP) is withdrawal, a conscious and subconscious retreat from the true realities while feeling a sense of “lost-ness.”

The Action Souls in human guise must experience are.

Dominance-this is the “true” test of leadership. (P) Great leaders must honor themselves and all others they encounter with compassion, understanding and wisdom, while ALWAYS standing in truth. Great leaders need to lose a battle, whether physical, political or Spiritual before they earn the laurel of “Great.” Unless they have endured the loss, they cannot truly know what “loss” is.

The (LP) is Dictatorship-When individuals demean their Soul Voice and all those who they encounter through gross acts of negligence, cruelty, bastardization of Greater Truths and subversive persecutions of Spiritual individuals, they have lost their innate ability to communicate with Voice; as a result most individuals of this ilk continue this lifestyle until they die physical deaths. Soul has not Created this smarmy morass, but must remain “neutral” until the end of the person’s physical life.

The other Action is “Submission.”

The (P) is Devotion without fanaticism; loyalty for “just cause,” and Infinite love for all beings.

The (LP) is Subservience. This is the current and past methods here on Earth of following others beliefs/theories without any discernment; an insatiable need to be noticed..usually by the wrong people, for the wrong reasons.

Now, we progress to the Assimilation Factor:

There are 2 significant Influences that are at work here: The main SPIRITUAL kenosis is Stagnation. The (P) is a Suspension of Divine Activities on the part of the individual(s) which may result in either a temporary or permanent “hiatus.” This voluntary interruption of the personal growth of the individual could be construed as the person’s own “neutral zone.” While this ensues the person does however, continue to hear and read of the doings of others which he or she then file away in their mind’s eye until they are ready to retrieve the information and use it again.

The (LP) is Inertia. This “learned” response creates the most malevolent, self-destructive inability to either act or react to circumstances and events surrounding the individual.

“Modes and their Factors

There are 2 Modes which Create the Expression Factor of the Modes:

These Expressions are #1-“Power” which the (P) individual(s) use as “authority;” in this manner they can exemplify the right use of power in all circumstances; in everyday practical life and on the Spiritual front line. The (LP) individuals on Earth use “authority” to oppress humiliate and restrain free peoples of this world.

The second Expression here is #2-”Caution” which the (P) people utilize as “deliberation;” simply stated, they pause, they sense, feel, and consider all implications of any situation before wisely acting or relinquishing their participation in the event.

The (LP) participants are heavily immersed in “phobias.” Their fears are baseless but in their reality, the fears are the impetus in their lives. They live IN fear; they ARE fear.

There are 2 primary “Inspirations” which always impact on the Modes.

One Inspiration is “Passion;” the (P) people use Passion as self-actualization. They use their innate Passion for life to not only live life to the fullest, but to encourage others to do the same.

The (LP) ones are the “identificater.” They seek out all those who they feel jealousy for, regardless if there are reasons or not; they attempt to “identify” with those who Follow their Passion. When they cannot do so, they seek to cause the downfall of those who are the opposite of they, themselves.

The other Inspiration at work here is-“Repression.”

The (P) individuals use “Restraint” in this Inspiration. They believe in freedom of thought, word and deed and instill their beliefs in others and encourage peoples to act and live as Peaceful Warriors, rather then become involved with the rabble rousers.

The (LP) peoples are caught in their own nets of ”Inhibitions.” They are fearful of making mistakes so they make few choices, in this manner they cannot be “wrong.” They have diminished responses to others who attempt to elicit their assistance in promoting good will or understanding amongst the masses. They stagnate.

The Activities governing the Modes are:

“Aggression“-The (P) follow a path of “Dynamism.” They staunchly follow the Spiritual and philosophical teachings explaining the multi-level universes and all other “phenomena.” The most gregarious and evolved among them are a force to be reckoned with.

The (LP) tread the path of “Belligerence.” They are not peace loving peoples; they are instigators behind all dis-organized chaos.

Then there is “Perseverance”

The (P) role is “Persistence.” These ones are not satisfied until they arrive at a thorough understanding of any given situation. They want answers to their queries that “makes sense to them.”

The (LP) is the “immutable” person. They personify the “old ways,” the “snow statues” that absolutely will not change unless a powerful directional force compels the change.

Another factor at work with the Modes is the “Assimilation.”

The sole impetus here is “Observation”- On the (P) scale, it is the “Clarity” they possess that is their keyword in much of their chosen life style. They are uniquely “sharp” individuals; their sentience is remarkable and they use all forms of clarity to enhance their lives.

The (LP) nature is “Surveillance.” These ones engage in covert activities ranging from neighborhood “peeping” to secret military and religious ordered “spying” on those people stigmatized as “potential troublemakers.”

Prevailing Attitudes: Here are the “Expressions of the Attitudes:

(P) Is the “Idealist” whose focus is on “Coalescence” with other people, places and things of like-mind. These ones continually strive to better a situation, to enhance the true beliefs and use fair play in the dealings with all others.

The (LP) is the epitome of “Abstraction.” They prefer to learn from others’ experiences rather than Create their own.

Of course there is the presence of the ever questioning “Skeptic.” The (P) Soul; strives to investigate all beliefs, all realities, all layers of illusion presented as truths and all layers of truths believed to be illusions. The (LP) Soul reeks of suspicion, cynicism, disillusion and finally believes in only what he or she can see in that chosen life experience.


The Inspirations of the Attitudes is #1- Spiritualist; the (P) Soul seeks verification of their beliefs. This is done primarily through acts of confirmation sent to them by their Spirit World families and by their Star Keeper families. Also, these Souls learn to listen to their own Voice and sense their own innate knowledge.

The (LP) live on faith. This means blind faith;they do not bother to seek the truth behind the texts, behind the religious dogma, they CHOOSE to accept what they are told as “truth,” rather than to Create the time and energy needed to INVESTIGATE the realities.

The #2 significant Inspiration is- the Stoic. The (P) factor is a Soul who brings into his or personal and private space “tranquility,” they feel great compassion and love for others but know how to practice “passionate detachment” and not become involved in other peoples’ dramas. They have great fortitude in fending off the madness of the masses where their own lives and beliefs are concerned.

The (LP) factor affects those who are “the resignation people.” These ones “resign” themselves to all the events affecting the planet and are sometimes referred to here as “sheep.” They are beyond mere impassiveness, they can be boring and need to be directed by their peers in order to achieve any successes.

The “Action.”

The “Realist”-This is 1 of 3 of the Action methods. The (P) Souls use “perception” in all they do and with those they encounter in that life experience. Their powers of observation and the results of their own innate senses steer them well through the shoals of mortal life. The (LP) Souls live a life of “supposition;” they err often in life because they accept broad theories and distorted facts. The have little Creative energy.

The #2 player is the “Cynic.” The (P) Souls may often contradict another’s beliefs, BUT they mentally file the remarks away until such time that it begins to make sense to them. Many despise others’ whose actions are to Self if those others are insincere to those they could be of assistance to. They have a dim view of life until they feel they have a reason not to.

The (LP) revels in “Denigration.” They willingly defame others without just cause; they are overly critical of all people as a means of feeling superior themselves.

The #3 player here is the “Pragmatist.”

The (P) model is a Soul who uses practicality in all aspects of their everyday and professional life. They would rather know the end results of projects and beliefs rather than who conceived the theories.

The (LP) is the” Dogmatist.” They EXPECT all their beliefs, thoughts and deeds to be accepted by all others without any need for explanations. They are also over-opinionated.

“The Centers”

There are 2 distinct modes here, 1 is “Expression.” The (P) role is the “Highly Intellectual Soul” who is a center for others to be drawn to, because the (P) believes strongly in “integration” and “telepathy.” These Souls KNOW that all peoples of this world are ONE. They do not see racial colors, they see Creative Forces; they learn over sometimes a period of years, to hone their telepathic abilities and to use them wisely.

The (LP) factor is the same Highly Intellectual Soul Center that is ill-used by people to “hypnotize” people into paying homage to the “One” who believes he or she has been cheated or overlooked in life. This is a superficial stance and lifestyle.

The #2 is “Intellectual“-this is a slightly different part of the Expression Factor. The (P) persons are thoughtful, courteous and giving Beings; They are intelligent, but prefer abstract thinking and reasoning while forgoing emotions as much as possible. The (LP) ones focus on the “reasoning” part of life to the exclusion of the Spiritual. They are at times perceived as “cold.”

“The Inspirations for the Centers.”

The “Highly Emotional” (P) Souls emit empathy for the people suffering grievously because of the injustices of the world. They see this as politically and religious motivated, thus constraining the Spirit of humanity. They detest the withholding of true knowledge.

The (LP) peoples will use their intuition sporadically at best. Also, should they confuse Voice with an intellectual response, they are prone to stop using their intuition.

The other aspect affecting the Centers is “Emotional Levels.”

The (P) to the emotional levels are those who epitomize “Sensibility.” These ones are emotionally responsive to the feelings of others and do what they can to support those in pain. They are “sensitive” and can feel others anguish if they do not take precautions.

The (LP) factor is “Sentimentality.” These Souls can indulge in nostalgia to the point that they never truly grow up; they do not live in “present time,“ they do not want to.

The Action affecting the Centers are #1-”Movement.”

The (P) to Movement is possessing endurance; being content to take one step at a time in life when sequential steps are required. No matter what challenges await them, they continue in forward motion.

The (LP) is “Energy.” These ones deplete their energy centers by focusing on useless things. They also want to take quantum leaps in life and fail to understand the “why” it did not work. The #2 influence is “Sexuality.” Now, I know this is a subject “near and dear to your hearts..and other parts of your anatomy,” but please try to focus on this explanation. The (P) Souls live a healthy sex life practicing “sensuality,” rather than “sexuality.” They are not amoral, they perceive “the God Factor of sex.

The (LP) people indulge themselves in “Eroticism;” they need self-gratification and “they want what they want when they want it.” The more they practice eroticism, the less able they are to perform. In time, these ones can become impotent.

The “Instinctive Factor” which affects the Centers are :< br>

#1-Atomic-The (P) factions see things happen without the necessity to analyze the causation; they KNOW that many things, events and circumstances cannot be “set” into a coherent structure. They understand the necessity and relativity of “free form energy” in this life and in different “off-world” physical universes.

The (LP) ones relate to #2- anatomic experience. They need to have the causation of occurrences and the inner and outer structural elements under analysis so that all fits into their “logical “category. They do not live without “a safety net.”

“Chief Features”

The “Expressions” of the Chief Features are:

#1-the (P) Souls express through “generosity.” They do so without any expectations of the returns of their gifts. They have no “ego genes” to control; they live harmonious lives for the most part. Although the circumstances of others can cause problems for these (P) Souls, they overcome them with grace and gentility and return to their Soul Stance regardless of the circumstances surrounding them.

The (LP) Souls integrate with greed, egotism and have a voracious need for titillating experiences.

The #2 Expression is Self-Destruction. The (P) Souls believe so deeply in assisting others through emotional and physically and Spiritual traumas, that they literally sacrifice a part of themselves to help others. Only those ones who KNOW when to release the one they have helped, can remain unscathed empathically as the other begins to make progress. The (P) Souls will remain “on-call” when needed, but allow the others to “stand” on their own feet as a necessary culmination of the traumas.

The (LP) Souls’ keyword is “immolation.” They see themselves “without ego,” however that is not truly the case. They will willingly sacrifice another person if it means that the (LP) person can make an important point; many of these (LP) people commit suicide as a means of “making a statement.”

The “Inspirations of the Chief Features are:

#1-“Aggressiveness“- The (P) Souls KNOW the importance of being aggressive through acts of positive assertiveness. They possess the determination, the energy and the initiative to “make a difference.”

The (LP) Souls indulge in harmful pursuits which affect other people; they can attack without provocation and enjoy the “vanity of themselves.”

The #2 Inspiration at work here is “Self-Deprecation;”

The (P) Soul believes in “Humility” in all phases and stages of life. This is not to say they “take it too far,” rather they retain an innocence, respectfulness for all life forms and true humbleness, regardless of what their “station” in life is.

The (LP) individuals use “Abasement” as their Inspiration of choice; they “get off” on demeaning others, even those they do not know. They ridicule all they do not understand.

The “Actions” chosen are #1- “Impatience,” which the (P) Souls express at times with great audacity. Their boldness is legendary when attacking “presumptions” and outmoded conventions. They will fight either passively or aggressively to rip the veils of illusions apart and reveal truths.

The (LP) roles are of “intolerance.” They do not tolerate beliefs, realities, and treatises etc., which do not conjunct with their own. They can be cruel people who seek those who are “different,” for the purpose of denigrating those Souls.

The #2 Action is -”Martyrdom;” The (P) persons will go to great lengths to make sacrifices, not BE sacrifices, and if necessary, endure great hardships for “just cause.” The (LP) faction relies on “mortification;” they believe that the harder they are on themselves, the greater their reward when they die. They inflict shame upon others who they perceive as “infidels.” They also unfortunately indulge in self-inflicted pain and self-mutilation.

And finally, The Assimilation choices of the Chief Features:

The #1 choice is “Stubbornness:” The (P) Souls epitomize “Determination” to a fault. They are staunch in their beliefs and allow nothing and no-thing to come between them and their God. If at times they become “carried away,” by their enthusiasm, they do eventually settle down to a more balanced level.

The (LP) Souls are the ones who live a life of “Obstinacy.” The difference between these 2 divergent groups is that the (P) do not blind themselves to truths; while the (LP) ones will not budge from their beliefs because “they have always believed this way.” It means that generations after generations of these Souls, have been brought up to believe in certain things, certain ways, and they choose to leave it this way.

Now, if your eyesight is still functioning….you may be able to better understand WHAT and WHO, YOU as SOUL ARE. You see, the Soul for all the simplicity of Its Immaculate Nature, is a complexity unto ItSelf. YET, it is the very complexity of Soul which allows It to maintain a forward momentum by making choices, Creating challenges, or being confronted by those lesser Souls experiencing the (LP) factor, which make the OVERALL Soul so strong! WHEN confronted by dark energies or dark Souls, the (P) Soul always uses all of Its innate knowledge and acquired experiences to overpower the dark agendas and surpass ItSelf as an Indomitable God Force YET AGAIN.

In everyday practical life, one can be a seamstress or a Shepard and grow by Infinite increments, simply by living an ordinary life “in a non-ordinary way.” Those who have particular PLANETARY missions to accomplish, can best do so through the acquisition of ALL experiences as (P) and (LP) while maintaining their Spiritual equilibrium. This is not always easy nor simple to accomplish. Here is but a brief example:

Robert Kennedy-he was a young monarch on the 3rd level using the passion mode with a goal of compassion, and a chief feature of sacrifice, with an attitude of idealist.

Now, I will say no more about him, you should be able to peruse all the above information and add to my sentence. Do you see? Please to remember the more experiences garnered by Soul the more Soul expands and enhances not only ItSelf, but all those in that One’s particular Soul Cluster. Each Soul and each Soul Cluster have their Seasons of the Soul, as I wrote about in a previous transmission.

Each Soul Cluster can and does exert plentiful amounts of luminescence upon each Soul member; YET each Soul Cluster is but part of ONE Infinite Soul Cluster. “They are ONE, yet They are MANY.” It is the necessity of “bridging all worlds, all realities” that is the causation for the desired result of the Intimate, Infinite Stage of Soul Perfection. The striving of Soul for absolute power is the “power of Self Absolution!” This Absolution is the ability and the understanding of each Soul to thank ItSelf for whatever the experiences of existing as a life force of the (P) or the (LP) modality brought TO THAT SOUL! There are no (N) Negatives here; without the direct personal awareness of people, places, events, the good and the not so good, how can Soul progress? How do you KNOW when something is good unless you KNOW when something is not good? Hearsay…won’t cut it!

Now, under the Auspices of Universal Law, the “end result” of any life experiences is not truly “the end,” until all myriad circumstances have been encountered and triumphed over to the best of the ability of a Soul on any level. This means that is not necessary to be “The ONE” on every level of highly acclaimed achievements; there are no contestants here, there is no great race, no one is watching ….except all the Gods and all the Universes…no pressure, right? A “level 3 Soul” who has accomplished all which It can and triumphed over smaller obstacles is regarded the same is One of a Higher level. It is all these layers of “SOULNESS” which contribute to the Greatness of each God in each universe.

Now, I see there is some speculation about “dark Souls.” I can tell you this: throughout the maturation of a Soul, when the Soul CHOOSES the modality of (LP) for any life experience, then YES that particular Soul CAN become tainted by and through the experience. What happens here is that many factors can assault the Souls while walking the Earth Star planet; the places they choose to live, the environment, the toxicity of neighbors and CHOSEN friends etc. Addiction whether sexual, drugs, alcohol or any other type, can contribute to that Soul’s “encounter problems.” Souls who repeatedly choose the (LP) modes can become entrapped in the less positive energies prevalent there. Should this occur, then it is the Light of that individual Soul which begins to diminish.

At that point, all is relevant to the “OVERVIEW” of that Soul; the (P) factors amassed through life experiences here for that particular Soul can easily outweigh the (LP) factors, IF the Soul retains enough of Its Light to overcome the situation. However, if the constant bombardment of regressive (LP) factors continue unabated, then that Soul will lose more amounts of Its Light. Light cannot exist alone within the dark night of the Soul Herein then lies another choice and another situation. Should that Soul continue a downward spiral, either because It cannot stop the acceleration of the diminishing of Its Light, or because It now CHOOSES to become part of the Dark Soul Mass, then certain conditions will apply. A “completed” Soul is indeed “indestructible.” Those still journeying onward and upward are not. Should a Soul not be able to cease the downward spiral but has the INTENT to do so, then all assistance is sent to that Soul on a SuperConscious level by Its Cluster and all of Its Spirit Family.

In this event Soul then has the opportunity to rest and “regroup” while remaining off the Earth plane until such time It senses and understands that It is ready once again to be a “Force unto ItSelf.” Now, those who have of their own accord made a choice to be a part of the dark energies will not receive a new understanding of what they have “lost.” Rather They are permitted to participate in that mass of “unconscious consciousness,” until such time they have not merely “had enough,” but have shown CLEARLY that They wish to return to Their previous Wholesome state. Some do. Some don’t. Over a period covering many experiences which steadily escalate the “falling” from Light; those Souls who are becoming “dark,” are eventually mired in the (LP) modality and steady regression. Consequently in time ALL LIGHT IS EXTINGUISHED.

Under these particular circumstances, Soul then is NOT indestructible; Soul has become so tainted that nothing of the Light of All Light remains. These Souls then are reabsorbed back into the Creative Forces. I would speak with you ones about “The Soul Tapestry,” however I know that Celestial and David will soon issue a writing on that subject. I will merely say that The Tapestry is all-inclusive of Soul Matter. Now, do not for a precious moment confuse chronological age with Soul Age. Chronological Age is but a venue through which the personality and Soul can travel here on the Earth plane. One can Be an “Old Soul” but pass over from physical life at the AGE of 2 years old. Tis all a matter of choice. If upon reading all this material, you “see” yourself in many different roles, categories, aspirations, actions etc., then you are well on your way to a more clarified understanding on WHO and WHAT you are.

If you are foolish enough to deny your “present” life experience as “far removed” from what I have shared with you…oh well! There are plenty of (LP) roles awaiting you. When you are looking in a mirror you THINK you see yourself; look again! You are seeing the persona you as SOUL have chosen for yourself for this present Earth walk. When you Create changes in your life-everything from your wardrobe to partnerships to beliefs and all else in between, what are you really doing? You are altering or lowering, a QUALITY or a LEVEL to a bit higher phase or lower phase, of development. In every incarnation these will always be present within you, there is NO separation between you and Soul. Like it or not, you’re stuck with yourself!

Now, several, perhaps 10 pages ago, I heard my Celestial daughter muttering something about “numb fingers,” so I can take the hint. I do believe it is once again time to take my leave. Either you will go ahead and without fear, face yourselves in this transmission, or you will not. If you do so asking, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, am I the least bit evolved at all,” then I shall probably lower my degree of respect for you. If you can look into the mirror and love yourself for who and what you are, then you are “half-way there.” If you cannot do so, then change what you choose to change. Do not bother to email me and ask questions about your stage, levels, degrees or categories or any such questions. I will not reply. I have given you ones the information. I shall NOT do your homework for you!

Salude and “Happy Evolvement“…Blue Star

"There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, all shall be as one...I shall meet you there."

....Blue Star......

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