New Earth Plasma Body
as the Science Map of Full Conscious Technology - Essence Love in More Diverse Genetics

The New Ascended Masters - through Maurene Watson

Your New Earth Plasma Body as the Science Map of Full Conscious Technology - Essence Love in More Diverse Genetics

The New Ascended Masters- through Maurene Watson

Many of you are still releasing body veils that have to do with the new Over Soul Body. This is because you had to let go of all the old emotions, the old parallel self bodies, the old twin flame bodies, old soul groups and relationships, the old universes, all the old addictive wounds, the old: brain, heart, sacral circuits and nerves, and reclaim the free will back in the body. You had to ready the body for full consciousness in order to assimilate and translate the new over soul guidance; new synaptic and neural hookups, systems that befit your new Earth soul and spirit groups.

This new guidance gives you new solutions in all areas to assist humanity in its community awakening: governing, free energy commerce ecology, and soul body sciences. During this process, you thought your bodies were through the quantum leap; that you would leave behind the mass hypnosis that always felt like a monkey on your back and in your head, driving you to do and feel what never seemed like your own!

Many of you had reported re-experiencing past event or lifetime memories like you were stuck in a holographic memory, stuck in a movie you couldnít stop feeling watching body after body: abuse, terror, wanting to die, beliefs of haunted enslavement. You just wanted them to stop as they went on for days or nights inside your very own body. Though part of you knew it was all an illusion and that your spirit was close, it seemed that nothing and no one could help you: that every addictive chemical instead of the tears of your spirit, was running through your veins and that no outside substance could help. But free will or allowing love wastes nothing and uses every emotion and belief to return you back to your core self!

For most of you, it was about the molecular memories in your physical bodies and those of your own twin flame body memories, and that explains why you recycled your human parents or families again; your mirror for your core human and soul spirit group memories. But here you were again doing a physical bio over soul merge with your twin flame again. You thought you had recycled this in your other bodies: spirit, mental, emotional, and now here again it comes for another core pattern life review in you bio molecular body. You did no know that becoming more body conscious might mean less need to sleep or dream as the veils of memory recede.

You did not foresee that the veils on the body would need to be lifted again and again. You did not expect that you would have to go back into the holographic movie of that memory and recreate it so that it could be felt at its final core seed exactly the way you created it; that at the very moment you felt it at its core, you would consciously change it and give the body its free will back, to truly feel core essence cell self and your own unique bio identity. This would recode the self hatred and self destruct underlying the loss of free will as an experience of control, judgment or extreme polarization to the light or dark in the body blueprint vaults of cosmic physics. Your body now knows, that where you put your focus and attention at any moment you are in is exactly where you live and what to get!

In fact, you would take it out of your soul spirit bubble; out of your electro-magnetic field, so your heart magnet would no longer draw it to you. Then, if another wound came again, it would bounce right back and mirror reflect to the one who sent it so they could take responsibility for it. You knew that you would never need to send that negative thought or feeling out into the world again. It might mean that no other body that you lived in, in any other dimension would need to create a mirror, reflecting or refracting that experienced light pattern. It might mean that no other body you have had might have to bend light around another one of you. But here you were, again shedding the memory of another parallel body of abuse, hurt, or judgment on the male or female. When there is no more bending of or refracting light, then maybe your body is getting ready to remember to absorb and resource light like the magnetic Presence you designed to be.

Letís explore a bit of embodiment history and this new transfiguration of your bodies!

In your past, you had veiled and hidden from yourselves the wonders of the full consciousness of your own body in order to utilize and understand polarity under a free will domain; in that your Creator/Creation would experience Itself as everything in a material universe, thereby becoming more. You emerged from: creation to involution, to evolution, to ascension, and into a new multi flexible DNA intelligence. You enjoyed these (em-bodies) in the spirit and soul worlds, which you had learned and experienced on other star systems and even tried to recreate in the Earthís mystery schools. You were forced to use dreams, memory veils, and repeated re-incarnation cycles to substitute for being fully conscious in a biological container. You risked spontaneous combustion of your very molecules, in your ancient pyramidal generators and in your galactic and solar wars, trying to remember and reproduce your own atomic blue prints; that you might again find youíre solar or sun system homes on a single thought wave transmission.

Who will you be when these final veils are down? Which body will be the real you? Will you finally get to just be you with no games or pretense; just simple caring, and loving, and living life from what has deep meaning to you and sharing that in creative communion with others.

In your New Earth year cycles, many of you will feel and name bodies with a multiple flexible DNA/RNA that you have never experienced before: soul spirit body, star gate body, over-soul body, walk-in body, a suspended animation body, gem body, photonic body, stasis body, host body, quanta liquid light body, holographic body, cosmic conscious body, exotic body, scalar wave body, a torsion field love body, an emotional biological genetic entity; all eventually culminating in a fully conscious plasma body. Are you not all creating a new diverse DNA anti-particle and RNA particle that can handle new multiple field diversities like a magnet?

Essentially, we are talking about your different density body qualities: solid state body, dense super fluid states, gaseous molecular motion, stellar (star) plasma, and fluid solar and cosmic plasma dynamics. So, how do you stuff hundreds or thousands of embodiment memories of experience folded into this body you are in?

All these new bodies function like subatomic wave patterns squeezing light. Light waves act like ripples in a pond, allowing the folding of molecular patterns. The exact same multiple applications that are natural in your biology are available for human technology: devices for medical and computer imaging, quanta information transmissions, the molecular re-fabrication and the creation of new materials, new foods, new species, healing of all diseases and viruses, including: gene targeting, gene splicing, as well as mutagenesis, synthetic blood, and opening new synaptic pathways in the brain. In truth, the consciousness, of your bodies is the fail safe system to allow only those technologies that the global consciousness of humanity was ready to handle to avoid self destruction, as they have in the past. You have allowed your cooperate global welfare system to use some of these technologies to enslave the masses in an attempt to parcel earth to a dying on and off planet elite. But as humanity quickly enlightens now, these intergalactic technologies shall again be apart of you and align in service to the soul and spirit of all mankind.

Your present bodies have already shown technology how to map biomass hydrogen fuel cells. Now, with 2 electrons and 2 protons and .0114 volts, a hydrogen fuel cell uses bacteria as food. Imagine using your entire planetís garbage, just as your body does, as fuel or even bacteria that can eat oil spills, or cure disease! Just as your body, all species and the planet re-generate, adapt, and recycle and the map for science returns love to energy efficiency.

Your science is discovering that inorganic and organic atoms and sub molecules constantly bond to repair, replicate, and even evolve new cell patterns in your bodies, as well as the body of your planet. Your evolutionary cell has progressed in its molecular codes from carbon to methane, to crystalline, to diamond, and finally to your subatomic plasma cell body. Your body operates using chemical, electrical, magnetic, atomic, and subatomic processes. The thought and emotional patterns recorded in your core DNA operate in your electro-magnetic field like a magnet to attract to you every single moment of your experience.

We have discussed how the carbonic polarity body will eventually die with the old Earth; how the crystalline soul body overcomes death, disease, and suffering; how the diamond body remembers the oneness of enlightenment, and how the multi-dimensional mastery body plays with newly named subatomic particles. Now, a few will begin to map the essence love for the technology of what your next evolved body will do/be. It is a fully conscious plasma body, that you will wear like a space suit, as you remember to live yourselves as the molecular consciousness of living angels and gods, who are mastering free will matter evolution for universes yet to come, having used the electro-magnetic cell in a base polarity model to explore time, space, form and singularity. What diversity can your cells live next?

Letís look at the most simple and conventional applications of plasma or base protein life; flexible chains of amino aids that act as nana-machines in the simplest forms of patterned life First there is your blood plasma; the clear yellowish fluid component of blood, lymph, or milk, excluding the suspended corpuscles and cells that rivers your very holy lifeís blood flow.

Second, is the plasmid; a small independent circle of DNA that replicates itself independently of chromosomal DNA, especially in the cells of bacteria. Plasmids often contain genes for drug resistance and are used in genetic engineering, since they can be transmitted between bacteria of the same and different species. Plasmids reassure us that the infinite unknown is always sourcing its own imaginative script. Third, is plasma as hot ionized gas, made up of ions and electrons that are found in the Sun, stars, and fusion reactors. Plasma is a good conductor of electricity and reacts to a magnetic field, but otherwise has properties similar to those of a gas. Perhaps your body is a plasma reactor and lives in a plasma antigravity vacuum field; a model that will replace nuclear reactors which destroy atoms, while plasma fusion energies can replicate/fuse and fold your subatomic cells.

The science of Plasmonics, shrinks light wave patterns of information or electromagnetic waves into structures. We can extrapolate that your body uses, plasmons, or these electron density waves, to ignite the macro circuitry, or the light emitting diodes in you brain through bio-chemical detectors which can alter the electro-magnetic field around your body; even to such a degree that you could appear invisible. This is possible if the bodies light refraction, excited by light radiation is equal to air, as the molecules are neither, bending or refracting light, but absorbing it in an index at the ratio of a vacuum at/or beyond the speed of light in your cells. In simple, this would be using higher electro-magnetic radiation voltages from the comic light spectrum, until the body is able to live and be fed by the light spectrum through the autonomic nervous system, rather than the limiting and addictive bio-chemical process of a cell that divides, rather than replicates its own health! Could one then live off light high performance foods? Many millions of your new children will be born with such a conscious DNA, where the body can heal/maintain itself at a level constant with its own growth.

We can apply these enhanced body applications to teleporters, replicators, and cloaking devices already used in your experimental military operations and space programs. These will soon become common place in transportation, holography, medicine, air ships, and in planetary and galactic carrier information. In other words, photonic devices and later plasma anti-graviton vacuum fields, will replace electronic circuits and computer chips, through interfacing light waves with conductive, (gold, silver, gems), and non conductive materials such as air, silicon, or crystals and sub/nano particles. Again, this process is natural to your own bodies.

This is the return of the technology you experienced in higher dimensional bodies prior to Earth but were unable to retain in the memory of your DNA cellular biology due to free will loss. Experience was limited to an expression of polarity of right/wrong, light/dark, self hatred/ love. Now the bodies are capable of taking this expression to another level that can synthesize this learning into new solutions that no longer destroy or wound humanity, but simply allow for change/growth when an experience is complete, where love experience goes out again to express.

To understand, consider your eyes and the pineal gland, your 3rd intuitive eye, as the lazars, scalar probes, and fiber optics of your brainís computer. Consider your own plasma anti-graviton vacuum field as your traveling light cocoon, space orb, or as a nano-shell around your body. And allow that your biology is teeming with precious metals and all manner of gemstones perfectly suited in your own cosmic chamber of macro creational growth for binding conductivity of both micro substances and information. Also allow that your pituitary gland acts as the decipherer and transmitter of your own unique channel of information, just as the head of the sphinx may have served in Egypt. Could it be that you hid the loving mind of God in your own global, solar, and cosmic brains, hearts, and bodies? And when science announces this body genius, will there still be need for religions, governments, banks, or taxes that control: energy creativity, information, your natural resources, or the spirit of your inner life?

Does not the universe inside your body grow and fluctuate in tandem with the outer universe; the plasmas of cosmic, solar, and bionic cell fusion where strong/weak nuclear sub quanta forces work along within gravity and magnetism to constantly absorb love in as a multi-organism? Is not your body wealthy with gold, precious metals, and gems and creative information and blueprints for whatever you desire?

All forms of light use the legos/logos of life in your living bionic computers: proteins, amino acids, enzymes, peptides, to carve, imprint, add aggregates, or bond, into new nanostructures and new cell bodies that can withstand and utilize higher electro magnetic radiation voltages from the comic light spectrum. As your body moves beyond the speed of light in the spectrum, it will no longer use the cell electron in the same way. The higher vibrating light spectrum photon will serve as an absorber and transmitter of information of light photons in magnetic resonance, limiting the electron to handle electrical-chemical activity in the cell. The electron, then, takes on a different function in the many fusion cell processes that will be allow you to feel that there are less and less veils, that limit your connection to explore, travel, and understand your cosmic cosmology, even as you re-colonize your moon.

Note that even Earth is doing the same as you in her body. She will be changing her electro-chemical activity over to the plasma core which is heating up deep in her spinal core, as she sheds her body veil through earth changes. Presently, the Van Allen photon belt around your planet keeps her poles stable as she shifts through the old electro-magnetic field, while your inner Earthís plasma core heats up into her plasma body. Gaia Earth is trying to detoxify her old polarity war body and stabilize her spine poles, and cranial tectonic plates, just as you are also. For, she will travel with you as the new midnight sun at the center of your universe.

Further more, your bodies are free energy sources that run off the energy of your cosmic, solar, and planetary suns, which feed light frequencies into the electromagnetic field directly around your body. And depending on the bodiesí frequency in the light spectrum: light language colors, sounds, and patterns, dictates how much biomass fuel, rather than light waves your body still needs! Remember, you once helped create these light patterns from the dark matter void of anti-matter, as you lowered you vibration in the original creation of this universe.

This light spectrum field is the core of your new eco love efficient energies. Using an advanced form of reverse field engineering, a plasma anti-graviton vacuum field traveling beyond the speed of light, simulating your divine intelligence, remembers how to re-create space travel air ships, photo voltaic and plasma magnetics; naturally occurring living processes in solar and cosmic reactions, which will be common energy sources in your next century.

As guardians of this humanity, these are the same principle energies that will reveal the spiritual body gifts and life carrier plans you have always carried inside the hormones and DNA codex prints in your biological bodies. Only now, you will be able to access and interpret your own information, due to the fact that the biochemical veils are being replaced by subatomic light wave functions.

Finally, hundreds of your children have had their innocent consciousness or core essence tampered with by the same off planet entities you gave your free will to eons ago. These youth have been drugged, cloned, and had their pineal gland and frontal lobes hooked up to computerized scalar wave weapon systems using satellites, for the purpose of physic espionage. Your young soldier teens have had their DNA inserted with animal genetics to produce super soldiers. You have experienced such traumas as well in your other bodies.

The awakening of humanity to its own natural genetic gifts and loving free will inside each body will put a quick end to these old security agendas, through the realization that a new universal genetic blend has already evolved, and that canít be manipulated by abusive technology. In effect, essence love is its own genetic regulator and cannot be cloned or destroyed, as it is the link that allows all life to evolve throughout all universes!

Basic science has yet to advance Plasmonics beyond a soft X-ray frequency, while many of you are already emanating this frequency and ready to map the gamma ray in a conscious biology.

How then, do we rise out of the old Earth into higher and higher frequencies of what your old religions misrepresented as the rapture, or what magicians call disappearing! Will you use a kind of plasma scalar wave body to interact in the cosmos? How then, does the solid state molecule move into a gaseous super fluid state, like gems and precious metals melting together in liquid light? Is your body a brand new love instrument? Can you hear the music of your own god triangulation point, where spin, angle and velocity meet into imaginative, desired, intended free will action; moving beyond fractured, refracted, or bended light love into creative spinning vortex vacuum cones, that simply absorb divine intelligent symphonies of instruction? Isnít that why children love ice cream cones?

So, how does this fully conscious orb/plasma body travel or disappear? The plasma body can travel through scalar wave torsion or spin fields. Torsion/spin fields are separate and distinct from classical electromagnetic and gravity fields. They are the base of your old world governmentsí exotic stellar weaponry. Not only had your old off/on planet elites parcel your planetary real estate and resources but they had also attempted to parcel cyberspace through old secret galactic alliances that are ending as your Earth joins her new galaxy. Letís travel to that new galaxy.

Imagine yourself driving in your spin-spin interaction orb being transmitted through space on magnetic waves which are not carrying any mass or energy, only information, and traveling at speeds 10 billion times the speed of light. Your own orb or magnetic spin field generates other fields, detects and communicates with other fields, and turns on and off to switch dimensionality. You may seem to flash, or appear and disappear, as the generators for the fields all around you are shielding you like a cloaking device against lower frequency electromagnetic fields, in that a vaster torsion field can still manifest itself through your shielding. You are interacting with all the highway fields around you. You encounter: laser beams, changing frequencies, acceleration in your biological processes. You encounter the melting and solidifying of varying materials and liquids, encounter crystallines; see sub-electronic components conducting information and stop at red gravity lights to check on traffic in feedback loops of event horizons, though all distances feel the same. You might feel as though memory ghost fields, in a mass less vacuum of on/off flickering sensations, were guiding you. How far will you go? Will you go into the black hole or dark matter in the center of this galaxy? What will you find: creation field chambers, new suns, new worlds, or universes; all new points where perceptions meet.

From a more technical view, you would experience this, because torsion fields evidence no reduction when spread random distances, and possess a 'memory' ghost field which exists in the mass less vacuum upon the annihilation of particle-antiparticle. They are carried by neutrinos, which have both mass and energy, and that do not interact with matter but, at the same time, can be generated and registered easily. A neutrino is a stable neutral elementary particle of the lepton group with a zero rest mass and no charge. There are three types of neutrinos, associated respectively with the electron, muon, and tau particle, and all have a spin of 1/2.

So, does this neutrino allow you a neutral moment, where in still point creation you make a choice, collapsing the old slow electrical field? Then you spiral or travel out on a scalar wave that allows exponentials of the speed of your loving intents, where the ghost fields of the lessons learned from the past no longer interfere with new manifesting choices. It happens in one new experience of free play; in one quanta plasma vacuum field after the next; the same way you felt when you came to this experiment in creator school! Love Is magnetic and always returns back to its Source so that it might choose to experience and know more of itself again! Right now, Source is experiencing love in all its cells and all its bodies simultaneously as one again.

Perhaps now, you understand how you can live and travel in an exotic scalar wave consciousness where imagination, thought, desire, free will, and action communicate the exact intent of where your next creative thought/moment will take you. Is not your brain really a torsion wave transmitter and receiver entering in/out of still points; magnetic full body moments where velocity, spin, and angle, (a kind of cosmic free will electron vector point), meet in anti graviton vacuum plasma fields? Are these not pure creative, magnetic love moments, capable of pure cosmic love or stem cell fusion? Are you not already having gamma ray, (solar flares), or cosmic creative ray bursts of ideas or realizations in your own brain, and is this not what stars do also? Do you think then that your body is remembering and learning to become its own new star seed again, or even one day its own new sun Source? Imagine That, life wave carriers!

Reference - Scientific American Vol. 17- 2007

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