Cosmic Completion in the Iran Portal

By Michael - May 15th, 2007

Dear Friends,

I am leaving today for Iran (Tuesday, May 15th, 2007) to begin the journey. The spiritual preparation for this journey has been intense, and much has been revealed about the nature of what is unfolding in our world.

Many cycles are about to come to completion in the Middle East portals. Some of these go back hundreds of thousands of years and hold galactic levels of the memory, while other cycles are more recent and relate to the completion of modern religions.

In terms of the cyclical nature of time, we have reached this point in history before. The last time we reached this point the U.S. started a war with Iran, which triggered a downward spiral of global chaos. Only small groups of people in specific parts of the world were able to surrender to divine guidance and make the leap to the next dimension.

With the wisdom of these memories, those who made the leap came back with knowledge of the future and reentered the cycle, carrying the code of an infinite future where we chose a different path and collectively entered the upward spiral of evolution.

We have reached the deciding point again, and even though memories of the destruction that occurred in the other cycle are coming up to be released, I am here to tell you that we are on the timeline of collective ascension, and there is nothing to fear. It is time to "be about the Father's business" as the Master Jesus would say, because we are being assisted to make the leap and the potential is there for all of us.

The war with Iran that would have taken us into a downward spiral has already been prevented by Divine Intervention, and the courage of many humans playing out their divine roles in key places throughout the story. We are all part of this Divine Intervention, because it is happening through us as a group consciousness. Now that we are at the turning point, Spirit is sending me to Iran to help input the code of the new timeline of a Promised Age of Peace.

We have entered the time when all of the religions will be fulfilled, though not in an exclusive way. As the structure of linear time falls away, we will experience how all of the teachings of all the prophets are linked together into one path into the upward spiral of conscious evolution. Below is a message about the galactic level of the story that is coming to completion in the portal.

The Divine Union Prophesy

Throughout the galaxy, civilizations were seeded and emerged into a realm of polarity. The proton and electron, while being part of a unified field, gave us a framework psychologically to explore concepts and experiences of duality, setting the stage for each civilization to learn and remember that the underlying balance and unity of all energy is what makes creation possible. Ultimately all these worlds are incarnations of a single galactic being, and our destiny was always to evolve beyond the polarized construct of matter, and back into the transcendent pyramid of unity consciousness within and behind all things. All civilizations and all life are one through sacred geometry.

Much has been written about the reptilian ET race and their involvement with Earth, but what is not widely known is that this race has partnered with humanity in a grand initiation of divine union that is beginning to unfold now. The Graduation has begun that will propel both civilizations into the upward spiral of conscious evolution.

The polarization of masculine and feminine has been played out more intensely on Earth than on most other worlds. The reptilian world is one of the few that has shared this experience of extreme polarization with us, and it was the extension of their polarity into our world through the Iraq portal by a rogue group of male energies that triggered the polarity here.

Because both sides were on a journey to realize divine union, this was allowed to unfold for it served our path of evolution. From a higher level, we made a contract with this race to mirror each other. In this contract we agreed to be partners, taking on each other's characteristics. In the beginning this meant that we would take on their characteristics of polarity between masculine and feminine, but this agreement also meant that they would take on our characteristics. For a long time they have dominated our race, but as we eventually reached the point of graduating from this creation cycle and taking the initiation of divine union, this would offer a new and more powerful code of consciousness to the reptilians that they could begin to mirror.

As the unified field has begun to strengthen and grow, our energy bodies are beginning to expand again so that we are becoming aware of the living hologram of the Earth. We are reclaiming our roles as planetary guardians and remembering ourselves as keepers of the planetary portal system.

On the guardianship level of our multidimensional selves, many have been directly connected with what is happening in the portals of Iraq and Iran. Our planetary masculine has been locked in a battle with the group of rogue male reptilian energies in the Iraq portal, but now the story is shifting. Humanity's initiation into divine union is going to trigger a parallel initiation on the reptilian world! This is big news. This is galactic news! The process has already begun, and the completion of this will lead to a full withdraw of these rogue energies that have effected our world for 300,000 years. Not only that, but the flame of divine union being ignited on both worlds simultaneously will amplify the ascension of both worlds.

As our masculine returns home from the battle to unify with the feminine, this code will be sent into the portals of the reptilian world, and they will mirror this shift. On a galactic level, this is what will lead to an end to the war in Iraq; however on an earthly human level there are parallel events that will trigger completion with more recent stories of conflict in the region.

Please pray that the illuminated truth is revealed to all energies engaged in a struggle for power with these portals. Send forth the light, and call for the Angelic Kingdom to be with those who are stuck there.

I have posted an extension to this story on my blog about my personal experience of this galactic story, for those who are interested. This will undoubtedly be a life changing experience to witness all these cycles and stories coming to completion and shifting within my charkas while holding space in the feminine gateway in Iran. I will write more as this unfolds.

I recently heard that there was discussion on Art Bell's show about how the conflict with Iran had to do with the portals. Please write to him and suggest me as a guest on the show when I return from doing this portal work.

Love and Light,


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