With the Old and the New, into 2008
The Winter Solstice Sun Conjuncts The Sacred Tree in 2012 A.D.

By Crystallotus
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Crystallotus: With the Old and the New, into 2008

Recently I attended a meeting where we all talked about Astrology in the traditional way. For thousands of years we have wanted to know whether Saturn was retrograde, Jupiter was beneficial. We want know the position of the stars to know our destiny, whether the stars would assist us in our various endeavors. Arriving on earth without a chart meticulously designed to achieve those goals. Without an Chart one would have no clue where we're going to live, where our talents lie, or even what kinds of people we might want to make friends with or avoid. I must admit, out of sheer habit one wants to know about the everyday life. Whether it would be smooth without too many hiccups.

Free will allows me to choose the ease or the difficulty, the grace or the resentment, the passion or the laziness, the care or the neglect with which I would follow my destiny. Many view and have the impression that the chart eliminates options, negates free will, and suggests that some sort of inescapable fatalism is ruling our lives. There are plenty of options as we go along.

Our charts are not dictated to us by some great cosmic committee, that sits in judgment about our misdemeanors. I compose them, it is my choice to experience. Free will is an essential part of the process from the very beginning. In the same meeting the masters talked about their loss of power and the impetuous that egged them towards ascension. We make decisions about some crucial events of our lives. Understanding them can help understand that the forces and conflicts we are faced with are not random at all. Our time on earth won't be wasted, and that this tough school we are all attending will have the greatest possible impact on the eternal journey, of our soul. I'm sure that if you do an honest scan of your life figuring it out is really is quite worth it. It reassures me that I am not being victimized by some dark force, that struggling through that one subject I myself selected to be in this life time, is the hardest this time around.

My life, our lives are not just composed in theory and stored in the memories of my spirit or with my Guide. They are real and tangible, written and meticulously filed on The Other Side. At the best of times we do not remember any thing on the earthly plane then what and how can we know what our action plan could be in the larger picture of the Universe, our Earth, and our evolution as the human race. Indeed there is a larger picture.

Recently science discovered that from the largest black hole in our galaxy a streak of light was ejected that stretched across billions of light years. A new galaxy, a new universe that will take millions of years to form into small solar systems. Would it be primitive or a highly evolved with beings of Light? Would I be one of the beings? Would I have evolved into a wonderful Being of Light? Would I make my astrological charts for that period of time?

The Cosmic Maya had predicted the cycles of civilizations and the unfolding of modern day sciences with man ultimately becoming his Cosmic self. They predicted in this 13 Baktun cycles which spanned over from 3113 BC to 2012 AD.

They said: AD2013 onwards would be Galactic Synchronization and a New Harmonic Field beyond Duality.

The Sacred Sky

In ancient times, the sky was sacred; people were sure God lived there. This sense of the sky's holiness is a nearly universal element in early religions. The heavens still fill us with reverence and awe. The sun's apparent "orbit" around us never varies either. It travels from constellation to constellation in an endless, orderly progression. The path it follows has been mapped since antiquity. In modern times we call it the ecliptic

When I first started understanding Astrology, I took the word of the astrologer as final. He knew the mathematical correlation and the complex answers that were given to me. And yet I felt dissatisfied with the reading. I always came away feeling that there must be more to this then what was being said to me. In the ensuing years I comprehended that I was the author of my birthchart and infact the horoscope was indeed my own plan of learning the Earth lessons. But, What of galatic astrology? What happens on 21st December 2012?

Normally, energy in a galaxy is sent from the Galactic Central Sun, and the energy then downshifts to local suns to reach local planets. Instead, we have recently been receiving pulsations directly from our Galactic Central Sun. The Earth is ascending, not in the physical sense, but as a dimensional vibratory star known as the Earth Star. The Earth is reconnected now in a way that is totally overwhelming. Humans are aligned with the Earth and were not designed with these kinds of pulsations in mind. The upgrade occurred through sound activations. We all received this activation from whatever was being played and whatever we were guided to hear. The sounds have changed how our bodies deal with the new pulsations from the new Central Sun.

The Earth chakra energies bring receive on a very large scale. In a way that is similar to receiving energy from the Sun. But the chakra energy is from the Galactic Sun. We have to Expand ourselves to receive it, and that expansion takes place in our own chakras, auric field, and physical vibration. This can not be handled, without your expanssion to receive a finer, faster vibration.

December 21st, 2012 A.D.

A full view of the sky at noon on December 21st, 2012 A.D. The band of the Milky Way can be seen stretching from the lower right to the upper left. The more or less vertical dotted line indicates the Galactic Equator. The planets can be seen tracing a roughly horizontal path through the chart, indicating the ecliptic. The sun, quite strikingly, is dead center in the Sacred Tree.

A horizon-to-horizon view to a field of 30 degrees. Part of the constellation of Sagittarius can be seen in the lower left portion of the chart. The planet in the middle-to upper left portion of the chart is Pluto, which rarely travels directly along the ecliptic. The center square near the sun is placed on the Trifid Nebula (M20). This nebula is very close to the crossing point of Galactic Equator and ecliptic. However, a small star (4 Sgr) is even closer; it sits right on the Galactic Equator and its declination is only 00 .08' below the ecliptic.

The field is now reduced to a 5-degree span, within conjunction. The dot to the lower right of the sun is the star 4 Sgr. Amazingly, the Sun is right on target. December 21st, 2012 ( in the Long Count) therefore represents an extremely close conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the crossing point of Galactic Equator and the ecliptic, The Sacred Tree. The winter solstice sun rarely conjuncts the Sacred Tree.

The Winter Solstice Sun Conjuncts
The Sacred Tree in 2012 A.D.

Over a relatively short period of time, an awareness of precession was emerging. This date was seen to slowly approach winter solstice, a critical date in its own right in early Mayan cosmic conception. At this point, precession and the rate of precession was calculated. The Long Count was perfected , and the appropriate winter solstice date in 2012 A.D. was found via the Long Count .

Astrologically, how would this effect the "energy weather" on earth? This celestial convergence appears to parallel the accelerating pace of human civilization.The accuracy of the conjunction of 2012 is quite astounding, beyond anything deemed calculable by the ancient Mayans to represent the perfect mid-point of the process. As we see it now, the meridians are all changing now. Everything is shifting, and this shifting will become more intense during the next six to twelve months. The physical grids are all being tuned to a different level, and this makes living on the Earth an intense experience. The vibrations will change so much that many people will become sensitive to the tuning of their bodies in relationship to the Earth's body. Understand that everything is changing very quickly.

Galactic Synchronization


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