Message from Archangel Ariel - May 2007

“Greetings, Ariel here. We come forth at this time in your Now to be present with you. In the immediacy of this moment, even as you read these words on a screen or page, we are encouraging you to shed your skins. What are your ‘skins?’ Your skins are any definition or belief that veils who you are and creates aliases and identities, what you now refer to as your multi-dimensional self. Being multi-dimensional is useful if you desire to understand the full import of your participation in the little stories and big stories that have been what you call your ‘life experience.’ However, it is crippling to your spiritual and metaphysical well-being to become too closely identified with calling yourself a ‘multi-dimensional master’, or any other label that you seek to know yourself through. As far as this now goes, Consciousness is permeating the substance of your Being so profoundly as to make it increasingly difficult to maintain any stories, identities, aliases, or cosmic plots. You are having an identity crisis! Congratulations.

If you cling to the past or the future, you will feel the discomfort even more exquisitely. The quicker you dispense with the baggage you are carrying, the quicker you will feel the ecstasy of unity. Indeed, the majority of that baggage is the weight of rules which are the result of eons of conditioning through fear, trauma and indoctrination. Every belief added to the previous one is a bar added to an invisible prison called your mind and the senses. After awhile most entities slide into a sort of comfortably numb state that accepts the limitations, the laws, the parameters and paradigms as real and necessary. Indeed this is the programming that this illusory tyranny of fear dictates.

When a spirit in form awakens, there is an initial questioning of one’s circumstances and associations, and then determined action takes the person with the new awareness into an expansion of their perceptions in which they now behold themselves and all that is manifest as all part of a greater Whole. Old forms and restrictions give way, but soon a new orthodoxy is embraced and then called ‘freedom.’ This can take the form of another, grander story that is galactic or cosmic in nature, but is still tied to forms and identities. Further on, there is a sense of the new thing feeling like the old thing, and the questioning begins anew, the dissatisfaction grows and the ‘longing’ again dominates your heart. None of this has to be this way, and the path to enlightenment was never intended to be a maze that leads you back to yet another starting point. Enlightenment is the completion of all stories, all identities, and all past and all future…it ends in the eternal now and it is called Oneness.

In order that you may find your Self, it will be necessary to shift your focus, your perception. In fact, it will require the breaking of rules…many, many rules. These ‘rules’ of the conscious and subconscious mind are insidious and pervasive. You may liken them to the programming that goes into a computer. Unless a new piece of software is installed, the computer (brain) will continue executing the old software, even if it has become infected with ‘viruses’, which are the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that a mind in conflict generates. The difference between you and the computer is that the computer doesn’t have sentient consciousness and an ego that will label thoughts and experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, or believe in its own stories and limitations. However, your mind does those things, and although the computer isn’t self-conscious, it does emulate your mind. It is not just a matter of uninstalling old software and installing new that will do it however.

We caution you here about something that is essential. Be careful that you don’t fall into the substitution game, and think that if you delete all the ‘negative limiting beliefs’ and replace them with ‘positive expansive beliefs’, that the game is then over and you’re free. What is required is an absence of programming OF ANY KIND! You aren’t a computer, are you? Your brain is the computer your mind uses, and you are NOT your mind either! You are Spirit, period. You are the ‘I Am’, the One, the Eternal, and the source of infinite possibilities. And, you are innocent too boot! When you focus on just reprogramming the computer (mind-brain ego consciousness) you will habitually cleave to positive/negative scenarios and desires. Nothing wrong with choosing loving, creative and life-affirming thoughts, goals and actions, unless they are imbued with a sense of having the power , instead of perceiving that it is the Power behind them that gives them life. That Power is your Consciousness. When you are unawares of the secrets of your inner rules that run you from the unconscious, then you get experiences that seem contrary to your choice. Don’t get upset here, just relax into beginners mind.

Your challenge then is what remains unconscious within you. This is the producer of your experience, until you have uncovered all of your secrets and transmuted them back into the Big You. There is no greater ‘secret’ to discover than you’re real Self. So, what does all of this have to do with rules? It is your unconscious mind which has adopted the rules, which are either appropriated or learned from other people, institutions, cultures and societies, or other influences. Some of these other influences are hidden in your DNA coding, such as extraterrestrial and other-dimensional lifetimes, genetic manipulation, and anomalies caused by planetary or system-level events. As you experience your ‘journey’ back toward wholeness, you will encounter each ‘orphaned’ part of yourself that has fallen into crystallized patterns based on rules of survival. As each piece of ‘you’ is reclaimed and transformed, you become who you always were…Infinite Consciousness.

There are two kinds of rules- ego rules and spiritual rules. Ego rules govern temporal survival issues. Spiritual rules govern cosmic survival issues. There are three prime rules which operate in each level. These are:

1) There is not enough love.

2) There is not enough abundance.

3) I am not good enough.

These rules are founded within the original guilt- fear of separation from Source, and a belief that you can be annihilated or cease to be. Every rule, no matter how sensible it may appear to be, is based on some fear reaction. Rules are not immutable. Laws are not immutable. You and Spirit are the only ‘things’ that are immutable. Laws and rules exist only in manifested forms, never in the Unmanifest. What would the Unmanifest need with rules and laws? The question answers itself.

Where all these rules came from (and the external laws that reinforce them) need not be the subject of your inquiry. What really matters is whether the rules you aren’t aware of are causing suffering in your experiences. If they are, would you not want to remove the underlying cause of the discomfort? So, experiment here with us. Think back over the last day or so, and see where you made a judgment about someone or something, or felt a strong negative reaction to someone or something that made you squirm or wriggle. You don’t have to go back to events of twenty years ago for material, because if you haven’t healed those events, they are still alive and appearing in your current reality. What happened in that moment of reaction? How did it make you feel? Was the thought or reaction justified? Remember, from ego’s point of view, it is always justified. Now, was your belief that formed the basis of the reaction really yours, and even if it was, does it make sense? Did it create peace, or irritation? Well, if you didn’t feel peaceful, then a ‘rule’ got activated and projected onto the person/situation. This kind of scenario is a perfect opportunity to become more conscious. It is also a perfect time to forgive your little self deeply. Remember, don’t make your self/Self ‘wrong’ and the evil one, just notice what doesn’t work anymore and accept that a change is in order.

Another way the rules work is to keep you in line. How many times have you felt a strong feeling to be or act in a way that you feel would be a natural expression for you, and then you didn’t because you were afraid others would not approve? If you are honest, you have had many times when you’ve felt this conflict within. If there is conflict, it is two sides of the ego having a tussle over a rule. One ego side argues to really go for it, while the other urges caution and is fearful. You, in the middle, are no longer peaceful. You’ve become trapped in a game of possible outcomes, and it begins to be something you obsess about. Ooops!! Caution ahead, rules are being enforced! What breaks the impasse is asking what the rule is about…in that moment. If it a fear of disapproval, or a fear of success, then acceptance of what it is so is necessary before it can be changed. After the tension has subsided, you can allow the appropriate action to arise out of the still-point of your heart.

We always recommend deleting rules that are spotted quickly. Once something becomes obvious to you, then you are empowered to remove another layer of the self-programming. The simple tool would be:

“I am now complete with the thought, emotion or belief of: expecting others to always know what I need. I hereby release it, complete it, and delete it.” When you take responsibility for your thoughts in this way, then you will stop projecting toxic thoughts and expectations out into duality where they can manifest. What you don’t know usually will manifest, and this is how every entity comes to know the difference between the artificial self and the Being Self. There is only one kind of mastery, and that is the mastery over the ego-created mind identity. As long as you’re mind-oriented, you are positioned within duality. When you are finally your Self again, the mind becomes the servant, instead of the tyrant.

Breaking the rules is not to be seen as act of irresponsibility, but an act of complete responsibility. On the larger stage of activity of your Planetary adventure, there are many conformists and very few self-actualized Beings. Those that refuse to remain unconscious and controlled will always seem to be on the ‘outs’ with external authorities and the collective insanity of unconsciousness. The insanity of corporate and governmental control via an obsession with rules is appearing in many societies and cultures as a last ditch attempt to subvert the incursion of Spirit into the World System. They are blinded by the fear-ridden ego, which always resists and seeks to maintain the rules and laws as a guarantee of order and security. This mentality always fails, as it is subject to the dualism which gave it birth. Only Oneness is Real. Everything else, and we mean everything else, is separation.

Once you know that there is no thing that can truly annihilate You, and that there is no question of your survivability, then you begin to actually live. Spirit is always seeking to express Itself through those who are available to be a channel of truth, joy and love. To be such a channel, to be enfolded in the Presence that is beyond description, requires that you shed your skins, break the rules, deprogram yourself, and to be who you are.

Start now by making a list of your rules. Begin where you are. This is the moment. There is no more perfect time than this time.

Happy System Busting!! We are complete.

End Message

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