February. Kundalini & Mer-ka-ba spontaneous activations

By: Ian, Rayel, "IMP" and T.E.A.M. - 2008-02-05

Dearly beloved family, I apologize that this months message is somewhat later than usual. I had hoped to be able to present the first ever live meditation on film to you in this message. Last night I Okayed the final version, but it will take another week or so to get it live online for you all. I promise you all that as soon as it does go live, you my dear family will be the first to get it...Now on to this months message that revolves around relationships again....Enjoy...
Kundalini flow and Mer-ka-ba spontaneous activations.
During the last days of January we were noticing changes taking place on many levels in humanity.
The unawakened.

When we look around us at those who are not yet awakened, we are seeing chaos, confusion, restlessness, etc. This as we know is because of the amount of Divine Unity energy flowing into our universe right now. Because they have no clue as to what is happening, they are clinging tightly to the old ways. The result of which we can see all around us. We even dare go so far as to say that we bet that you have at least one friend that is going through the ending of a relationship.
Those of you have been with me/us for a while will perhaps remember that I wrote about this last year. The T.E.A.M. had shown me how our vibrations were working and that all of what we were seeing happening around us is in divine perfection. When within relationships one of the partners is living in the past and cannot let go of any pain or grievances the relationship is doomed. Ditto if there is imbalance within the relationship, for instance if the male is still choosing to play the hunter gatherer role, or the dominant partner.
What we are seeing more increasingly that one partner is awakening and the other is lagging behind, the vibrations of the partners are therefore no longer matching. When the team first showed me this I remember thinking "how cold and clinical" it seemed, though having now had so many people come to me with these very experiences I do now see the perfection of what is happening. I have observed how they separated and of course saw the pain and grief it caused, I have also been able to observe how quite rapidly both partners have found someone new that vibrates at a similar rate, has similar interests, similar past experiences etc...
What I am also seeing is that because of the understanding, compassion etc there is a new kind of LOVE being birthed. These new relationships are communicating, sharing experiences and are very much being guided whether they are aware of it or not. The underlying theme is compassion and if you remember what comes after compassion? (LOVE) Then we have to admit the perfection of our evolution at this juncture in our humanness. Because they are not willing mostly to jump right into a new relationship and go through similar experiences of the past it is as if they are holding the boat off so to speak.
The team has shown me how the vibrations are at work in these situations. These NEW relationships are very compassionate. Through this compassion there is an energy of kindred spirit, they have after all experienced similar circumstances, so there is a huge understanding of where the new partner is coming from. This is creating trust as they open up more to each other. This tr ust is opening them to even more communication as their higher-selves are nudging them to understand what had happened in the old ways/relationships. They are seeing what it was and what they don't want in a new relationship. This too is in absolute perfection, because what we are seeing is that these new relationships is more about balance, i.e. equals within the new relationships. Sacred truth and sacred trust is very important to these new relationships.
When you look at all of this you see the perfection of all of the Magdalen energies, the Christ consciousness energies that have been filtering through. As this is happening on an ever increasing scale we clearly see the perfection of it all. It is demanding of us that we merge the divine feminine with the divine masculine, understanding the roles each plays within this realm of duality. As more and more people are working on this kind of relationship people around them are feeling the Unified consciousness of the two. Of course for many of the unawakened it is being translated in the old energy of love. The point is that it is awakening or stirring feelings within them, though not fully understood they too are longing for this type of relationship.
If your reading this and you are currently in a relationship and the words have triggered something within you, the choice is now yours. You can leave the relationship you are in or you can work together to communicate what is happening. Call on your guides, they will place the necessary thoughts and questions within you so that you can find the balance that is being demanded of us now.
Awakened (to a certain extent).
What we mean by this is, those who have not fully aligned the lower chakras with the higher, merged the brain with the heart or balanced the energies of divine feminine and divine masculine. They to a certain extent are understanding what is going on though they have not quite been able to merge it with the higher energies. The understanding is coming through the head or mind instead of the merged brain/heart. We are seeing how at this stage of their ascension plan that they are often translating the energies as being one of a sexual nature. This too is in perfection because generally when they have this happen around them, the person they feel are sending out sexual signals (Which in truth is the energy of divine love) will know what is going on, why they are feeling or responding the way they are and they will explain what it is. This is creating the proverbial snowball effect and the rate at which this is now happening all over the world offers a great deal of confidence that we are indeed already ascending. We are all going through levels of awakening and at this point I am always reminded of the wonderful explanation they gave us two or three years ago, namely the "Gods Pond" parable.
On all levels.
What we are also seeing happening more and more often is that people are starting to have spontaneous kundalini awakening. Those of you who understand this will know that it can be a very confusing time. For many it will feel like their world is suddenly being turned inside out, upside down and any which way other than the way they would like it. In a nut shell, and you must realize there is much more to it than what I am about o describe, a kundalini awakening is your higher self being merged with your lower self or your god self with the earth self. The confusion or imbalance is mostly being created because one is holding on to the old for dear life. We will offer tips at the end of this message which will greatly help you through the process.
Many somewhat more advanced individuals are now experiencing spontaneous mer-ka-ba activations.
Those around us that we are seeing this happening too, it is extremely confusing unless they have been well prepared for it. Symptoms are heightened awareness in all the 5 senses, which can be very uncomfortable if one does not understand what is happening and how to deal with it. Heightened senses or activation of what is known as the sixth sense. Extreme nausea, dizziness, which can be dangerous to your well being if you have to function outside, driving etc... People are also very much feeling that they no longer want to be a part of this grand 3D experiment and hugely desire to return to spirit. These are but a few of the symptoms.
We know that this will become more visible in many more of us and for that reason we are recommending a multiple steps expansion plan that will greatly assist in a much smoother transition through the old into the new.
1. That you focus first of all on balancing the divine feminine with the divine masculine within.
2. Align your chakras. Uniting the lower with the higher. You can do this with your intent, but if you are not versed in this, we strongly recommend you work with a friend and do this as often as you can.
3. Pay attention to the inner child that is screaming for your attention. It will provide you with insights that are tremendously valuable for your ascension, offering you different eyes with which to see, different ears with which to hear and a new heart with which to feel.
4. Once you feel that this is sufficiently achieved we recommend you work with the rainbow bridge Kundalini awakening recording on our CD.
5. Allow source to flow into you, (your higher-self) it will provide you with instructions on how to work with the mer-ka-ba. If you are not receiving this from your guides we can assist you if you so desire. We have done this often for many of our friends.
Those of you who have been following our messages for some time will know that during the past year or two we have been describing what is happening with humanity on a monthly basis. Just recently we received a message from another beautiful light-worker and it was worded so wonderfully perfect that we felt we had to share it with you. Enjoy...
One of my own personal statements or desires if you will of recent times is to LOVE all beings who enter my life path as intensely as I do my beloved Twin Flame, after reading the message from Michelle Eloff, you will understand more why I am continually making this statement and allowing the changes to take place as hey represent themselves.
Finally, what we are also seeing with those that have found the inner balance, it is indeed manifesting its self on the outside. When this balance is present with two individuals there is magic taking place. I love to call this the magic of Alchemy. Not too long ago I guided a group of people through a special alchemy activation. The results and feedback were absolutely awesome. It has changed their lives forever. First of all a misinterpretation was that this alchemy activation had to be done through sexuality. This group proved that it can be achieved without any sexual contact what so ever. Having said that, the feelings and exp eriences that arise because of the activation of long forgotten glands can and does feel sexual in the beginning. As we traveled through the whole of the guided meditation the group eventually experienced what can be described as a cosmic or full body orgasm. Another popular misinterpretation of Sacred Alchemy is the old tale of changing lead into gold. Well, just like many of those old myths, they do contain an element of truth in so far as it is a change to the inner self. Lead representing the old you, and the gold representing the higher aspect of you. It basically means you are alchemically transforming yourself into the higher realms. Mother Father God Creator willing, I will be bringing this meditation/activation out on film/DVD sometime this year if there is sufficient interest.
The month of February is a month of LOVE and especially because of Valentines day. My question to you is how would you like to experience the valentines day feelings every day of your life? You would? Well, I humbly suggest you follow the steps above and it will take you there in a natural progression. Leave all old fears behind you, be the curious child and explore. Whenever you feel old paradigm thoughts surfacing? Use the Violet Flame and ask for them to be transformed. Perhaps one of the best explanations of the Violet flame can be found here: http://thevioletflame.tripod.com/ We wish you a wonderful and blissful month of February dear hearts.
Much Love and many blessings ALWAYS in all ways.
Ian, Rayel, "IMP" and T.E.A.M.
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