Candace Frieze News Letter


The Khazars/Zionists
Posted on: 2/11/2005 6:31:00 PM


By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel

When we started this session, on Feb. 9th, I was reading more of the material by Pat Robertson, and since I was reading silently, Sananda (Jesus) read what I was reading in my mind. He wanted to comment, and his comments are reflective of what I was reading. His comments as usual are in bold to distinguish them from mine.

I come unto the whole world. Many Christians see a time in when I come unto Israel and run off the Gentiles and Israel recognizes and accepts me. Many believe that Israel needed to come into existence to cause my Second Coming. Some think that the Holocaust was punishment unto the Jews for not accepting me. Some think Armageddon must be intentionally produced to provide what they interpret as necessary to get me to come back and they support war and pestilence and desire the earthquakes and other changes to get me to come back.  Nothing could be further from the truth. (Pat was discussing the end times and believes they are here. These are the end times, but what is going on is not what is being taught in the religious institutions.)

For starters, the term Armageddon is an old Greek term meaning the change over from the End times into the New times. This event was foreseen, as I have already discussed by the coming into the photon belt. A planet, when in the photon belt will either be destroyed or renewed. If renewal occurs the planet will ascend higher into the holy realms. In the case of earth, she has never before completed the ascension. All has gone down the tubes to various degrees. (The photon belt has been previously discussed.)

Because of other galactic and universal issues, and your prayers that have been heard, it was decided to not allow the destruction in these times that would normally occur and instead give you Divine Grace and intercede in your behalf.  This process started, the plans began to be formed even before the last time you were in the photon belt. Destruction happened that time.

The Divine Grace mentioned above means that all Karma would either be satisfied in this life or forgiven. There are many wonderful folk who have made great progress in their learning on this planet and richly deserve this grace and the opportunity to ascend into the higher realms. The entire planet is being ascended into heavenly status.

Your bible saying that God would never again destroy the world is true and is happening at this time. But understand, God, this imaginary entity that earth has created, does not ever destroy. The workings of the photon belt are natural. It is man that determines the destruction and brings it upon himself by his behavior as a group.

The reason this destruction will not occur this time is because of our help. Earth will undergo earthquakes and similar activity, but we will control it as much as possible and make it an easier experience. The difference this time is that the earthquakes will rebuild the earth rather than destroy.

I notice you are reading from Pat Robertson again this morning. Quote him please here. Pat here is stating that this statement was made by Jesus in Luke. I quote: "Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled. To reverse that statement we might say, when Jerusalem is no longer under Gentile domination, then the end of Gentile domination has ended."  Here he is reversing a Bible statement to support his point of view. He seems to me anyway to desire that Israel not be under Gentile domination. I assume by this he means, that Israel should be under Jewish domination.  

Pat then states we are in the generation at the end of the "times of the Gentiles. " He goes on to describe that the preaching of God to the Gentiles has been continuous by evangelism since the Cross.  He is against Palestine being so close to Israel. He is angry that we are empowering a non-Jewish nation. He believes the Lord is coming to defend Israel, in these end times. He uses the existence of Israel as necessary to bring about the Second Coming.

Now the point I wish to make on the above is that Pat Robertson is Khazar Jewish, hiding behind Christianity and using it as a tool. These Khazar Jews are not God's people; they are the opposition of God. They are the beings that desire to retain hold on this planet. These are the ones we are expelling from this earth, so it can ascend back into Heaven.

I need to add some clarification here. The Khazar's are the current Zionists. There was a group of people long ago, called Khazar's that lived in Eastern Europe and Western Russia, who needed a religion to control people with. After checking out Christianity and Islam and Judaism, they chose Judaism. They continued to dominate in that area up to modern times.

They planned to dominate the world. They have come pretty close. They incarnate in every religion and into many different societies and draw the people wherever they are into their current plan of the New World Order. They have been in one guise or another on earth since ancient times. They are the fallen angels and the minions of the off world controllers. They are the Illuminati.

All you Christians, who are in support of Israel, are in support of the lesser gods who took control of the planet so long ago and keep you in a condition of slavery. Israel is your enemy. These Zionist Jews still detest the Gentiles, and they detest the real Semites of long ago. (The Adamites, those on the planet that were developed in the normal Universe overseen evolution and thus "God's people."  

Well, a bit more explaining here. The Adamites are the descendants of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve had better genetics than had been evolved on earth. When a planet has reached its maximum evolution potential, its DNA gets upgraded, allowing much greater spiritual growth. The fallen angels intentionally made a mess of this process, which is behind the biblical story of Eve eating from the tree of knowledge.

That story has been degraded also.  The whole point of this DNA is to enable knowledge and thinking. THIS IS A GOOD THING. The mess that was created resulted in the gift of this DNA being greatly reduced.  Thus there are 2 basic DNA patterns earth, Adamite and non-Adamite. Those with some Adamite DNA are a bit better off. Hopefully this brief explanation will aid in the understanding of Sananda's next comments. I need also point out, that these two types of DNA are spread about the planet in all races, and have nothing to do with race.

These Khazars created communism in Russia and caused the great loss in human life in Russia during WWII. This Russian loss greatly superseded the Jewish Holocaust in life lost. What happened in the Jewish Holocaust was not that God was angry with the Jews for not accepting me, but that these usurpers of the Jewish faith wanted both the Gentiles and the Semites removed from Earth.

The Arabs are quite God's people. God's people are all who either evolved on this earth or were placed here as the result of the loss of their planets or other reasons of placement. These Khazars use the lower bloodlines. Those of you reincarnating in the higher light use the Adamite DNA bodies. The Khazars have to use the non-Adamite bodies.

911 was caused by the Khazars, (Zionists) many within your government, to cause you to hate Islam, go after the oil they need (but you don't need as we have other means of energy to give you). Islam hates the Khazars and for good reason. It was the Khazars who were behind the Catholic Churches attempt to stop Islam, known as the Crusades.

Understand that Khazars took over Islam and made its problems that exist today. Even the people around Mohammed took charge of him. When Mohammed believed he had been taken up into Heaven, he was in fact picked up by a shuttlecraft and taken aboard a Khazar ship and his mission in effect ended at that time.

This is what is behind the warring in Islam. Mohammed intended Islam, which was his journey, to be in peaceful knowledge of God, not militant in the way it has been used. The Khazars interrupted Mohammed's mission, just as they did mine. They have messed a bit with Buddhism also, but not to the degree that has been done to manipulate the big 3 for Israel.

God did not intend that Israel come back into being at all. You are doing it yourselves and quite outside of God's plan. I have written previously in the Journals (The Phoenix Journals, found at Four Winds) that Mohammed would come in about 600 years, and he would be a false prophet. I did not mean that he was a bad person. I meant his mission would be hijacked and a false teaching created by the Khazars.  Islam was a sincere attempt by Mohammed to correct what they had done to my teachings. He was unsuccessful.

There is no correct major religion on the face of the earth. All are contaminated and used to bring on Armageddon in a most negative way.  

The purpose of the Holocausts, both the Jewish and Russian ones, was in great part to remove the Adamite bloodline from Earth. That was what Hitler was LEAD to do. He did NOT intend this. His thing against the Jews was against the Khazars, but these very same Khazars got to him too and his mission was also corrupted.

He had the mission of taking Germany and the areas around it out of Khazar control, and not through genocide. But "Satan" as you like to call it, took over in his body, by a process called "overshadowing" and manipulated him to get rid of the Semitic and Adamite bloodline.

There are in fact some space ships out there in space that are full of the Nephilim, the "fallen angels." They will in all likelihood never be readmitted to the heavenly realms. There are some 36 million of them. They are tired of living in space and want the planet also. They can't incarnate into Adamite body, so they were behind these great world wars also.

Much has gone on behind the scenes that you are unaware off, by the intention of people like Pat Robertson. He is a "fallen angel’’ and using Christianity for his purposes. You must not hate the Jewish people in general, as most are just like you.

It is the Khazars behind Judaism, Christianity, and Islam that are the problem, not the common folk. The common folk are intentionally led to believe their religion is the only right one, not matter which one it is. The Khazars desire to keep the world in warfare for their own nefarious needs.

I will mention here, that the Khazars created the bubonic plague of Europe hundreds of years ago. They created AIDS and gave it to Africa through the small pox vaccine in the early 1970’s. They created the Spanish flu of the First World War era. They are messing with the bird flu viruses now. They were behind SARS, which we helped eliminate. They are using disease to control population and they work especially at developing viruses that affect the Adamite DNA.

They were the ones long ago in the Tower of Babel story that separated the DNA strands of humans so they could not communicate with the higher realms and ended telepathy so they could not communicate with each other, thus taking away the power, so they could own the planet.

This goes back to "two or more in my name" which in reality means two or more, that perceive the higher dimensions, can find the truth and use this truth to make great change. Those unable to perceive the higher dimensions (those that can are called "multidimensional") are thus led to believe in the "bull shit" (yes, Candace, use this word) they are fed. They have difficulty perceiving other possibilities.

My comments here. As part of the Second Coming process, Earth's DNA will be restored to its full glory, that of 12 strands of DNA, not just the two currently in use. This DNA is in many folks already, it is just disconnected. The DNA restoration already started some time ago. We will be writing up more on this in a coming article on the Ascension process.

Conditions on this earth are so bad that the people are looking to a sky god to help them; they do not understand this perception of God that comes within. But I guess you could say the sky God has heard, since we are in your skies in great numbers, working to keep the planet alive and healthy, so we don't have to evacuate you all and take you to other planets.

Note that the Khazars, know about the photon belt times, and knew long ago that God of Light, that is the Universal Forces of Light, would be here in these important end times, and they purposely, as Pat does in the above quotes, deliberately changed the interpretation of the gospels to suit their needs.

This was his last statement of our conversation that day. The folks in our skies are from the Galactic Federation of Light. This Federation includes folks from all over our Universe and the Milky Way Galaxy. This Second Coming is a huge project almost beyond description. I find it so very sad when I talk to people awaiting the Rapture.

Many are depressed about these times we are in and want to be raptured off the planet. I can't blame them. I haven't been a particularly happy camper at times either. But the knowledge of what this Second Coming is has been withheld by intent, as the BBB & G's know they are about to be relieved of their hold on Earth. BBB & G's means Big Bad Boys and Girls. This term is my creation, but Sananda likes it. I made it up, as I went through a period of being pretty angry about 911, and I made up the term so somehow make light of the situation I guess and create one term to describe them all.

The Rapture is not about going up into the sky heaven. It is about elevating earth back into heavenly status. There were a couple situations that occurred that might have made it imperative to evacuate the planet. One was the possibility of not being able to keep the planet in orbit, the other that of nuclear war.

This is one reason there are so many millions of ships in our solar system at this time. It is quite possible to evacuate the planet in 15-30 minutes!  How's that for "salvation."  This is probably where the raptured off the planet idea came from. The star ships can beam you up, as in "beam us up Scotty." Our BBB & G's knew of this possibly, and created a fairy tale around it.

But the sad part of the fairy tale is that many people stop living and doing and fixing things because why bother, if after all you are leaving anyway. But we aren't leaving. The battle for the planet, this final battle between good and evil has been won. This is why Sananda knows his Second Coming will be in this year.

Please feel free to send emails with questions and comments. I will read them to Sananda. All I have to do is read them silently in my mind, and he will hear. That is the beauty of mental telepathy, and we will all have it one day. It is the normal way to be.