Jews against Zionism
A list of websites opposed to Israel's policies

Contrary to the propaganda put out by Israel's supporters, Israel is NOT supported by the majority of the world's Jewish people. Ariel Sharon does not speak for all Jewish people. And being anti-Israel is not "anti-Semitic"
The posting of the above list of websites run by Jewish people opposed to Israel's policies prompted a strong reaction, indeed an over-reaction. Articles appeared on several pro-Zionist web sites denouncing this website for posting the list and denouncing any Jewish people who didn't support Ariel Sharon, dismissing them as a tiny minority of dissenters, kooks, "self hating Jews", and so forth.

So strong was the response that it called attention to itself. And it appears that popular support for Ariel Sharon may be as much of a manufactured media myth as are Bush's approval ratings.

It is easy to understand why Sharon's supporters are concerned. IDF up to the rank of General are refusing to attack civilians in Palestine. Israeli citizens are serving as human shields for Arafat. As the photos below prove, Jewish people of conscience are standing side by side with Arabs opposed to the Mideast wars and protesting in front of the Israeli embassy.

This is a critical problem for Sharon and his backers. They need the illusion that they have the support of 100% of the world's Jewish people so that they can deflect criticism by screaming "Jew hate" and "anti-Semite". Sharon and his supporters cannot justify or explain their actions against Arabs or their continued defiance of the United Nations, or their buildup of weapons of mass destruction. Their only defense is to be able to brand critics as "hate groups".

But those defenses all fall flat if Sharon's critics are themselves Jewish. The "self hating Jew" label has never worked to silence critics of Sharon's policies who are Jewish, and even Israeli. And the recent rampage of Sharon supporters engaging in hacking, threats, and obscene phone calls, is an admission that they know they have lost the argument on its merits. Only by blurring the line between criticism of Sharon's policies and racial hatred of Jews can Sharon and his supporters continue to evade the world's criticism for their war crimes. But as more and more Jewish people start to speak out against Sharon's policies, that device will simply cease to work. And that is why Sharon's supporters have reacted as strongly as they have to the suggestion that Jewish people are not in agreement with what is happening in Palestine.

20,000 Orthodox Jews protest outside Israel's Embassy, 2/12/2002

Jews burning Israeli flag @2003 London anti-war march

French Jews Call For Prosecuting 'Criminal' Sharon
The illusion that Sharon represents the world's Jewish people continues to collapse.


What Really Happened

Shalom and Welcome to the Jewish Peace Fellowship -

Founded by Rabbis in 1941. Supports conscientious objectors. Tikkun Magazine -

Pacifist voices of conscience and reason, edited by Rabbi Michael Lerner in San Francisco. Yesh Gvul -

The movement for soldiers of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories. Gush Shalom -

The website of the prominent Israeli peace movement features thought-provoking articles by its dissident director, Uri Avnery. PEACE NOW! -

Israeli pacifists for Palestinian self-determination within 1967 borders. Not In My Name: Taking Action for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine -

NIMN, based on their belief in Judaism, oppose "Israeli Government brutality against Palestinians". Junity - Jewish Unity for a Just Peace -

Jewish peace groups which agree on ending abuses of Palestinian human rights and Israel's self-destructive settlement policy. B'tselem -

The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, reports on Israeli abuses such as torture, shootings, home demolitions, and settler violence. Jewish Voice For Peace (SF Bay Area) -

This SF Bay Area grassroots organization is dedicated to the rights of Jews, Palestinians, and all peoples in the Middle East. They believe conflict won't end until Israel removes settlements. Site includes petition, listserver, resources, media. Why do they hate US? by Stephen Shalom -

Time-line of US interventions in the Middle East from 1948. Open Tent Middle East Coalition -

Arab and Jewish groups of mutual goodwill. California-based. The 94 Percent Solution: A Matrix of Control (Middle East Report) -

Jeff Halper, director of the Campaign Against House Demolitions, explains how the chicanery of apartheid chokes off Palestinian life in myriad ways. news headlines -

A small I/P resistance news-service publishes reports from Palestine under IDF occupation, with the motto "We are all Palestinian Refugees". Building Settlements, Killing Peace ( -

Ran HaCohen writes "The Settlements are the Occupation" and "The Fallacy Industry". Jews NOT Zionists - Torah-true Jews against Zionism -

"Any form of Zionism is heresy from the Torah viewpoint and the so-called 'State of Israel' is illegitimate". Menu includes links and quotes to Anti-Zionist Jewish organizations and statements, and the wisdom of Judaism on the Middle East Quandary. Australian

Jewish Democratic Society -
"Committed to Peace and Social Justice, Reconciliation between Nations and Peoples, and Nuclear Disarmament". Contents include

News, Mid East Conflict, Library, Peace Links, Readers' Forum, Newsletters, and Activities. Tom Segev's "One Palestine, Complete" Book Review -

Segev wrote in "One Palestine, Complete" how the British Mandate favored Zionism. In this interview he sees an evolution of Israeli willingness to accept responsibility for the Palestinian tragedy. Noam Chomsky Lecture at MIT on Mideast Crises, Dec 14, 2000 -

One of America's most brilliant intellectuals portrays two rogue states against the world - the US and Israel. "Israel Isn't David . . . It's Goliath" -

Matthew Rothschild of The Progressive magazine interviews Irena Klepfisz of The Jewish Women's Committee to End the Occupation Right livelihood awards -

Israeli scientist Mordechai Vanunu, kidnapped by Mossad abroad and life-sentenced to solitary confinement for revealing that Israel has nuclear warheads, is commemorated here for his courage and sacrifice. Matzpun = Hebrew for Conscience -
"The authors of this appeal are Jews whose families have been victims of racism and genocide, and who feel they cannot remain silent." They appeal to the world to boycott Israeli goods and leisure travel. Taayush -
Food convoys to the territories, articles. Neturei Karta -

Orthodox Jews who condemn Zionism and the brutal treatment of the Palestinians as a heresy and violation of the Torah. Zionism in the Age of the Dictators, by Lenni Brenner. -

Full-length, on-line history book with details of political infighting, including how and why Zionists fostered Hitler as a "godsend" to force the creation of the Jewish state, whatever the cost. Bibliography. Writings of Israel Shamir -

Apartheid dissolves in this brilliant journalist's lyric vitriol. His articles, bio and links to friends and adversaries are found on his page. Press Freedom Heroes: Amira Hass (Haaretz) -

This dissident Israeli journalist reports from the Gaza Strip and Ramallah, where she has taken up residence. SF Jewish Film Festival - Al-Nakba -

The Palestinian Catastrophe 1948, a documentary. Nathan Weinstock: Zionism - False Messiah -

This on-line book continues the analytical tradition of Karl Marx' anti-nationalist and anti-colonialist view of The Jewish Question. Closure and Apartheid: Seven Years of "Peace" through Separation, by Allegra Pacheco -

Allegra Pacheco, an Israeli human rights attorney, noted for prosecuting the first Israeli torture trial, describes how the closure of the West Bank and Gaza since 1993 is in violation of international law, and an extreme hardship for the people. MidEastFacts Select author index -

Articles by over 100 prominent anti-Zionist authors, of whom about one-third are Israeli. Securing Occupation: The Real Meaning of The Wye Memorandum -

Norman Finkelstein, author of "The Holocaust Industry", analyzes how Israel expels the indigenous population in defiance of the UN. Israel Shamir Archive -

Palestine is not a dead object, she is a living country. Palestinians are her soul. Jewish Opposition to Zionism -

Historical documents showing persistent Jewish support for pluralistic democracy rather than segregation. Rodfei Shalom - Jewish Peacemakers Delegation to Israel/Palestine -

"Olive Tree Summer 2001" was a delegation of Jews from North America and the world to Israel / Palestine to participate in nonviolent protest. Jewish Bulletin: Israeli who protects Palestinians from IDF's bullets speaks here (November 09, 2001) -

Liad Kantorowicz, 23-year-old Israeli-American activist, says Israelis feel victimized while they are the ones victimizing Palestinians, and works against apartheid to make Israel a better place to be from. Palestine: What Americans need to Know -- but probably won't be told -- to Understand Palestinian Rage -

Eduardo Cohen of KPFA sees the depth of Israeli racism and repression in Palestine, and of incomprehension and censorship on the subject when he returns. Felicia Langer - A portrait. Al Ahram Weekly -
Ostracised and repeatedly threatened with death at the hands of her own people, lawyer Felicia Langer has not flinched since she adopted the Palestinian cause. Build Palestinian Confidence in What? (IHT) -

Henry Siegman of the Foreign Relations Council, former executive of the American Jewish Congress, points out that Israel has not offered peace, but only continued occupation. A Spokesman For Justice: A Tribute to Rabbi Elmer Berger -
by Grace Halsell. Founder of American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism (AJAZ), believer in core values of Judaism and democracy which

Zionism tramples on. Jeff Halper: Simply look at the maps -
Israeli anthropology professor shows how Barak's "best offer" makes geographical shreds of Palestine. Like Father, Like Son: A Tribute to Moshe and Yehudi Menuhin, by Grace Halsell -

"Jews should be Jews, not Nazis" - Moshe Menuhin on Israeli oppression of Palestinians. The Jews Are Not A Race! -

Alfred Lilienthal debunks the Hebrew descent of European converts to Judaism. Benjamin Freedman - A Jewish Defector Warns America -

The famous 1961 speech by this New York businessman exposes "Zionist control of the US Government," including the plot to push the US into WWI in order to annex Palestine, thereby sowing seeds of Nazism and Communism. Palestine Media Watch -

List of Pro-Palestinian Rights Jewish Organizations. Gideon Levy: Like the old days in South Africa -

Raymond Louw, editor who fought apartheid in South Africa, finds Israel even worse, because it aims at expelling the indigenous oppressed. "The Second half of 48" - The Sharon-Ya'alon Plan (by Tanya Reinhart) -

How Alon became Ya'alon - Oslo as a tool to "finish the job" of liquidating the people of Palestine. Albert Einstein and Martin Buber Quotes -

Einstein: "I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish State." Buber: "our murderous sickness of causeless hatred is bound to bring complete ruin upon us. Only then will our land realize how great was our responsibility to those Arab refugees in whose towns we settled." Amy and the Jews -

Amy Pagnozzi, the Hartford Courant's spunky columnist, plunges into a media firefight. WRMEA: If All Rabbis Were Like Arik Ascherman, Middle East Peace Would Be Attainable -

Rabbi Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights actively protests the demolition of Palestinian homes, and admits the right of return of refugees to a secular democratic state. An Unconditional Withdrawal from the Territories is Urgently Needed (lemonde/zmag) -

Ami Ayalon, chief of Israeli security Shin Bet 1996-2000 , places blame for violence on Israel and calls for withdrawal and acceptance of a contiguous Palestinian state. Jews Speak Out Against the Occupation -
Pacifist, dissident Montreal organization's call on Jews to stand up and demand an end to war and apartheid, with list of signers. The

Bible Unearthed ( -

Larry Saltzman, a horticulturalist, actively opposed the occupation upon Israel's wanton destruction of orchards. He reports on a new archaelogical consensus that undermines Zionism: ancient Israel was Canaanite, not Hebrew. Muhammad's Killer -

Chatting with a stranger, activist Neta Golan discovers the young soldier who gunned down her young Arab friend in cold blood. In Memoriam, Israel Shahak. Obituary by Norton Mezvinsky (WRMEA) -
Eulogizes a man of courage and conviction, born in a Polish ghetto, died in Jerusalem, who blazed a scholarly trail with radical writings on the reactionary character of Zionism and Talmudic Judaism. Interviews in Occupied Territory. -

Mainly audio - video dialogue around demolished houses in Hebron. With Jews Like These... -
Denouncing Jews who are active in the peace movement, or who question Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, as self-hating enemies of the state. Siege of the Innocent by Rachelle Marshall -

A Jewish home in Palestine built upon bayonets and oppression is not worth having. Rabbi Judah Magnes, letter to Chaim Weizmann, 1929. Independent News: British Jews at odds after rabbi criticises Israel -

A prominent liberal, Rabbi Dr David Goldberg, provoked consternation by describing Israel as the "last colonial power in the world" and "a golden calf." South African Jews Polarized Over Israel ( -

Anti-Racism Leaders Equate Country's Treatment of Palestinians to Apartheid. Yahoo Groups : JewishPeaceNews -

This public news list on the Middle East Conflict and US intervention posts current news and comment pieces, moderated by pro-Palestine American Jews. Victor Ostrovsky [broken link] -

A former Mossad spy talks about Israel's behind the scenes influence on the U. S. On the Palestinian Right of Return -

This Essay by Marc Ellis is "A Jewish Meditation on History, Rights and Return". Yahoo! Groups : al-awda-unity -

Jewish activism for Middle East justice. Ariga: from the Intersection of Three Continents since 1995 -
Israeli e-zine linking to Human Rights Groups, Rabin's Last Speech, historic documents, Jewish-Arab Dialogue, Non-supremacist

Religious Zionism, News from Ha'aretz, Dukium - the Negev Coexistence Forum, Shalom/Salaam/Welcome Peace Links, Magazines Supporting Peace, Stop the 911 War. Jews against the Occupation - New York City -
Activism, events, resources, discussion board.

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It is a matter of firm historical fact that the current Jewish citizens of Israel have no ethnic or historical ties to Jerusalem. They are Ashkenazi Jews, (see Kahzars) which means their roots are Turkic/Mongolian and not Semitic. The Sephardim Jews, who are descendents of the original occupiers of the Holy Land, do not like their converted brothers and there are very few of them in Israel today.

It is the Ashkenazi who poured into Poland and Russia and then tried to infiltrate into Europe in the 1920s. It is the Ashkenazi who then flooded into Jerusalem, inflicting a wave of terror on the British military stationed there and on the Arabs who had lived there for two thousand years.

It is the Ashkenazi who have spied on and betrayed America, first to Soviet Russia, where they ran the country until recently, and then to Israel. This offshoot of Judaism is loyal only to itself and to the state of Israel and will do anything in her behalf, including treason and, in the case of 9/11, to support and encourage the Arab terrorists who blew up the WTC and the Pentagon.