" "The Illuminati
The Philadelphia Experiment,
Wormholes in Time and Zordak"
"Part 5"

Available in January 2005, "The Celest Chronicles"

Issue XXXV
11-11-2004 to 1-11-05

"The Illuminati-The Philadelphia Experiment,
Wormholes in Time and Zordak"

Greetings, once again we meet to further discuss the nefarious machinations that have been created by the Illuminati and their brethren and catered to by the public. One of the best kept secrets of the United States government, has been the truth behind the Philadelphia experiment. This is indeed without doubt, one of the most sordid examples of how to cause mass delusions and hysteria while surreptitiously causing what we know as, "the distortions of worm holes in time." Now, the earth star planet is the orb which is centrally located to specific satellite bases governed by the Illuminati. As such, this planet receives massive doses of a TYPE of radiation known as "fusion matter." This is but a shortened term of a much longer scientific one that denotes the radioactive path taken by a propulsion stream of highly synthesized atatomical particles which cause massive mutative responses in all other forms of organic and non-organic particles which it encounters. Radiation simply stated, is to "encompass and expand through the act of assimilation and alteration of all matter, to birth a new genesis of life forms."
Not necessarily for the good of all.

The purpose of the infusion of this volatile, invasive matter is to continue to erode the earth star's atmospheric conditions, effectively causing dramatic changes in density while slowly altering dimensional changes as well. There is indeed a vast difference between "density" and “dimension." This process is a necessity for the Illuminati to be able to continue with not only the landing of their allies’ air ships here, but the further exploration, the further mining of the earth star's now depleted minerals and energy sources. They have continued sending their "allies," those from other galaxies here, in the airships I spoke about. They also continue to send clones of themselves. This is to further ensure that they themselves will not die a physical death here, though the clones of themselves may well be destroyed. For at least 4 millennia that we are aware of, before the "activation process" of the earth star planet's creation took place, the Illuminati were already devising a game plan for the eventual takeover of this planet. You see, all of what you deem as "the future," has already been written long before the events take place, this is what you call "fact," whether you like it or not. So it was that this planet, as well as all of the other planets in ALL solar systems, were carefully scrutinized in regards to "the future of the Illuminati." The physical location of this sphere, as well as it's geometric designs and encoded patterns, were the exact ideals which the Illuminati had in mind for the continuity of their race.

The Philadelphia debacle was carefully scripted while early Neanderthal man walked the earth. All of the many, many generations of humans, and those who were not, who would spend a lifetime, or many lifetimes here, was known to the Illuminati and their kin. This is no different than writing scenes for a movie. They had your cast of characters, the interrelationships of each to the other, all of the interspecies relationships that would be ongoing, all the power mongers which they themselves, would carefully place here at a given time, for a given reason, and so forth. Now, during the cave man period, as these ones studied the soon-to-be evolving human race, they found it to be quite fortuitous that mankind could so easily be controlled through the power of humanity's own minds. By observing the birth of what is known by us and them as well, as "the fear factor," it was ascertained that through generations of breeding and the inbreeding of humans, that all emphasis MUST be placed on fear and fear based issues. This was to be considered "fear on demand," it is a type of code denoting, “fodder,” and was THE priority that had to be securely established among early humans. It was the requirement needed, the catalyst, in order to accomplish several of their far-reaching plans. This would also assure them of the gathering of their cohorts which would not only invite complicity in their ill-works, but to secure, once and for all, the habitation of this planet and the subjugation of the human race. This is the background to the establishment of The Great Experiment.

Now, the Illuminati have indeed succeeded in allaying mankind's suspicions of their existence, through the applied force of the fear of dementia. What began as the colossal experiment of all TIMES, The Philadelphia Experiment, has culminated in a grand division of mind thought, just as they had intended. Yes, we were indeed aware of their covert plans. They were aware that WE were aware. It was to them, a cosmic game; a rubic's cube of enormous proportions. We also knew of the enormous potential for the earth star planet 's inhabitants to succumb to the lies and misinformation which would become rampant, as a minority of humanity, struggled to regain then retain, supremacy of their planet. You need to understand the plan behind the plan; their life species is dependant on their not failing; your life species is dependant on your not failing. So it was that the blueprint for the first REVEALED tears in the dimensional fabric were created. If there are those among you ones who have been following this saga of the Illuminati for the last year, then you KNOW of the long term schedules to which they adamantly adhere in order to be successful in their conquest of the human race. They needed a specific linear time period, when all the characters they had to rely upon where not only present here, but had assumed specific stations and professions in life, relative to the Philadelphia epoch. And of course, they had what they needed. They always have. The central figures in this assassination of "free expression," were the very governmental figures, human and otherwise, who had the power to induce a plot of brilliance that would convince all those military and scientific think tanks, of the necessity of undertaking this cause before "someone else did."

Again and again and again, through the subtle usage of fear, as well as downright coercion, the Illuminati implemented their grandiose plan of ALL their previous plans. You see, they knew that just by being successful with this contrivance, all other advancing plots would be simple. However, the vast numbers of people required for this project was a tad mind boggling, even to them. It proved to be virtually impossible to subdue all the men and women involved in such a gigantic undertaking. The Illuminati tested this by simply implanting false information, purportedly "classified,” within many human minds. By observing the incredibly short span of time that it took for people to tell others of "what they knew," the original plans were scrapped. It was finally decreed that only the top echelon would be bought. And bought they were indeed. Ergo, the years of careful grooming of the insatiable "skulls and bones," as well as their female societal counterpart, of which no one speaks of, were brought to an abrupt maturation. Yet, there was more to be done, civil unrest had to be accelerated, so the Illuminati stirred the cauldron even more. They were well aware of the war between the sexes on this planet, after all, they engineered it. Even there, they added more hostility to an already bad situation. So it came to pass that while humans were busy destroying one another, no one took the time to look over the government's shoulder. A government should always be predicated upon justice. Justice must always possess integrity. When the integrity of justice is compromised, there IS no justice. There is NO justice. Do not be so ignorant as to believe that only the American government was involved in this experiment. Naiveté has its place, but not in this spectacle of the worst kind. It was the time of convincing allies and contrived allies, of the great discoveries that America possessed. This was accomplished in a type of "subtle threat."

It also further established an entrenchment of the "fear factor," if an ally was in fact working with this government, then that ally had no cause for concern of possible repercussions. It is the American way. As it is with all the other unevolved countries' ways. Now, the focal point of their upcoming project was the alteration of liner time. Many, many have secretly experimented on changing linear timelines before. BUT this scheme had to serve an even greater purpose. This purpose was to cause dimensional tears while transporting people to other previous and future times. At the same time carefully monitoring the human brain and seeing within the mind of each participant. Of course it was also necessary to monitor all aspects of the physical body in order to determine the stress factor in conjunction with the individual's "loss of identity." So many people who have heard of this experiment, have quietly wondered, how this could happen without everyone knowing about it beforehand. This was the easy part ……….many scientists were recruited to work on finding a solution to protect american warships from the german mines and to somehow invoke a protective cover, or screen, which would render the american ships invisible to the enemy. The biggest problem at that time, was the magnification properties which all warships possessed, so it was that when encountering enemy mines in the ocean, there appeared to be no way to neutralize the ships from the mines magnetic qualities. They were purportedly seeking the degaussing of the magnets.

What was not commonly known at that period was that the Americans had been working diligently with alien intruders, to exchange information the Americans needed for the alteration of polarity with the mines, while continuing to offer humans to the intruders as a type of bartering tool. There was no “accidental” finding of the process of rendering objects invisible, contrary to what the American scientists had stated. The rumors they deliberately began were most unfortunately, accepted as dogma by the ignorant lesser minds. We, on the behalf of the planets inhabitants, were permitted to begin our own “truth factor,” we carefully planted the true information in those minds that would be the least suspect. In this manner we did not endanger them, nor did we harm them, these were the ones who did not fully subscribe to the American propaganda. Alas, they were indeed the minority. Slowly, and mayhaps with more diligence than we had anticipated, these un-suspecting allies of ours, began to quietly question the credibility of the newly “discovered” process. They wondered first aloud amongst themselves, then to others in different fields of scientific exploration, how it was that this unheard of technology suddenly came to be.

They knew perfectly well that this expertise would have required tremendous amounts of time to perfect; it meant that far more scientists would have had to be involved in the project than they knew were actually involved. Their qualms grew steadily as they began to understand the dire consequences of not only maintaining this process but CONTROLLING IT. Where was the technology to do so? What would happen if there was none? Now, this was when all hell broke loose. “Someone” talked….and talked and talked and talked. The experimentation that finally led up to the Philly debacle really began in the latter part of the 1800’s. It was then that SOME ELITE scientists became alerted to the possibilities of extending and magnifying the electrical impulses which govern the human brain. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the CIA and an allied country became intrigued with the possibilities this could create. So it came to pass in the ‘50’s and later into the ‘60’s, that experimentation commenced upon unsuspecting humans. The CIA and the Canadian government, working together in a cooperative venture implanted electrical monitoring devices within patients’ brains in psych wards. For over 20 some years, this treatment was performed covertly, in order to start the command central directive for manipulating the human brain without the knowledge or consent of the victim. This brings us back to the implementation of the great experiment. Now, the man who talked so much, did so because as he stated to others, there was too much going on too fast and strange visitors dressed in long dark coats, presumably male, wearing slouch hats and sunglass were showing up at the labs.

The orders had come down to the labs via the military, to begin building new, strange looking devices that could be implanted in a person’s brain. The problem was they had to be made very, very tiny. A horde of new technicians were hired, all were compelled to sign a secrecy act document that was purportedly issued under the classified, top secret file. The covert purpose for this endeavor was to not only experiment further with time travel, but to use the humans as “recorders.” In this manner it was believed that all which was witnessed by the humans would imprint within the implant, this would enable the leaders of this project to not only see into the future, but to radically alter histories of the world. They believed it would be to their great advantage to change time and events. People were “recruited” to take part in the Philadelphia Experiment under the guise of testing out the ship’s reaction to allegedly newly installed “reverse magnetic polarity” equipment, which would cause the ship to travel undetected and unharmed through enemy mines. A few other “stories” were also given to these ones. Although most of those who did indeed “sign on,” for this momentous journey, believed themselves to be randomly recruited, in fact much time was spent on locating specific people who would be the human guinea pigs. Specific profiles were needed of the individual’s health, mental state and above all, DNA. Curiously, humans were not supposed to know much about DNA studies at that time. So, where did the information come from? Take a guess! Now, as each one did indeed commit himself to this venture, unbeknownst to them, they each received implants both in the brain and in the chest area. This was easy to manage. High level doses of a vaporless, tasteless drug were given to them. This rendered them unconscious for brief periods.

Some received the drug while in their own beds sleeping; others during rather extensive required medical checkups. The implants themselves were injected beneath the skin on the body and through the back of the ear, and then pulled slowly with the use of an advanced type of magnet, into the brain. All DNA samples were to be used to help monitor the person’s movements. You see, the belief was that a DNA trace left in any one place, would remain there, but eventually “someone” could track the DNA sample and research it for radical changes caused by atmosphere, density, etc. Now, even though so much technology had been given to these scientists and doctors, they still lacked the knowledge and the experience necessary to safely and effectively handle the problems of the mutating genes, for example. Also, there was a major problem with the human vehicle’s inability to assimilate the new electrical currents which the implants were sending within the body and brain. The professional people were at a loss to control the symptomatic pains and fluctuations of the neuro system. The sailors suffered from many ailments; none of the least were excruciating headaches; dream disorders, sleep deprivation and so forth. This caused an acceleration of the timing for the launching of the ship. It was considered to be problematical that these men would suffer strange symptoms; but it was no cause for concern to the puppet masters.

There never was any plan to allow any of them to return. Part of the DNA within their bodies had been contaminated with a mutant strain of the malevolent alien DNA. This was accomplished by an Illuminati drone who posed as a technician there. This breed of Star Keeper race had ulterior motives which they wisely kept hidden from the government. They themselves were keen on depositing their mutant genealogy for the “future races in the future times.” They were also interested in altering some past events through the mutant strain. A specific radioactive isotope dye had also been placed in the body which would, when the conditions were correct, alter the molecular structure of the person and render the person to be “magnetically” drawn, without any way to stop it, to the locations of certain “wormholes” that the aliens had revealed. So, all systems were a “go,” the people aboard ship never knew the truth until it was too late. The government truly believed that by passing an object through wormholes that the invisibility factor could not only be manipulated, but contained by them. You see, there had been studies prior to this time known as “the time space continuum.” The ability to cause objects to appear and disappear at will became hypnotizing to the government. The usage of electrical impulses to govern this technique however, was really inadequate. Princeton University was the “dupe,” for this endeavor. They did indeed give their knowledge of the experiments they had culled to the military. The military, then aided by the aliens, took it a massive and diabolical step further. Where animals had been used at Princeton, humans were now the desired objects of choice. More emphasis was also placed on the expedient launch of the ship than was at all wise.

It was actually in October, 1943, that the ship left port, contrary to what the military has stated. Now, for all the knowledge that the scientists via the military, had received from the alien horde, the aliens did indeed trick them…yet again. You may liken this to deliberately leaving out important ingredients in a recipe; without ALL the information there will surely be problems. Yet again I bring you back to the still misunderstood and unknown factors of electric currents at that time. Now, they seriously miscalculated the primal FACT that all light travels in an arc; it is impossible to send electrical currents though an abyss of any type; it is impossible to send objects through time warps and worms holes without the arc! This is the pattern, the nature of electricity. They also did not know of the complex mechanics involved within the human circuitry which are composed of electricity. Now, the military had been primed to target specific coordinate points which do indeed exist in the stratosphere; it is at CERTAIN timelines that portals, wormholes open allowing energy waves pulsating as a type of “vortexel mass,” which can and do travel to this earth, as well as out of it.
So, at a predetermined timeline, charted to 3 specific geographic locations, the “unthinkable” occurred.
I shall simply say, the switch was thrown, and the ship and crew disappeared. What is also not well known is that the use of ultrasonic rays was also involved. What occurred then was not a result of the so-called Unified Field Theory. It is indeed quite easy to alter matter through the process of disassembling molecules and rearranging units of energy. In this manner, a “cloaking” process takes place. This is what “invisible” really means. By altering the molecules of energy one can walk through walls that are not really there either. This can be a bit tricky if all of the systems have not been preset properly; it is in this same manner that we can appear “invisible” in our airships.

So it was that an unknown FACT, one that had been deliberately withheld from the human race, that in truth, all time exists in simultaneous motion, caused the unfortunate victims on the ship as well as the ship itself, to “travel” into other dimensions, spatial timelines. Now, the “wormholes in time,” are the size of pinpricks; however they have the capability of enlarging to allow objects to pass through them and then resume their normal shape again. They at specific times receive massive doses of magnetic energy from discharges from other planets. They are in a sense, mini vortexes of plasma. They exist throughout your universe, yet can open only when supercharged electrical units pass through them. They are not static; they exist in a wavering, fluid motion. They are necessary to not only permit units of energy admission to this planet, but to function as a catalyst, to allow dissipation of excessive energy which arises from within the earth. They assist in stabilizing the earth’s grid as well. As an object enters through a wormhole, the object is immediately subjected to an incredible velocity of motion, accompanied by usually loud, droning and whirling sounds, yet at the same time, all is quiet. The objects now in contact with the wormholes AT THAT MOMENT, then are magnetically aligned with the substance of the wormhole and are absorbed into the wormhole’s matrix. The instant that molecular energy rearranges itself, or in this particular case history, is “manipulated rearrangement,” then all molecules of energy separate and “splinter,” thus the “invisibility factor,” implodes within said object. I am breaking this progression down into the simplest method possible for your understanding.

As the ship and crew entered into the designated stratosphere, their anatomical structures dispersed into all levels of “events,” which you call ”timelines.” You see, from our vantage point, far above the earth star planet and her atmospheric problems, we can and DO observe all present, past and future events which are destined to transpire. However we are not trapped within the morass of plasma which these men were. Nor are we whirling through space in a disassociated state experiencing something that we have never even heard of, as were they..and a few still are. The horrors which they endured are too graphic to speak of. Some things are best left unsaid. Now, both ship and men were entrapped in a non-time expression of motion. Yet the humans were conscious of their bizarre surroundings, it was their state of physical flux and the same state which they observed their comrades in, which caused their terror threshold to accelerate. To them, it did indeed seem as though they were there forever, yet in a further testing of their sanity, they were able to observe certain time warps occurring beyond the wormholes back in the earth’s density. They were also able to watch people, places and things whirling past them, yet those objects were all occurring third-dimensionally, and they themselves were not. If you liken this situation to standing behind a 2 way mirror, it would be easier for you to understand that part of their predicament. Those they watched were not able to see them. During times when they encountered others who were in different timeline events, those who were “clairvoyant,” those gifted ones felt something akin to a “specter,” passing by them. They were perceived as apparitions to some, yet to themselves, they were still human.

In truth it was but a few hours of linear time that passed while they were “away,” the ship itself underwent the same juxtaposition as did they. Some moments a piece of the ship would be visible, other moments a side of the ship and so on. The men primarily felt an eerie cold engulf them; some of this was the further complications caused by their implants. Their brains were not designated receptacles, either for containing the overabundance of electrical waves nor were the implants a “natural” portion of the brain. So it was that the brain begin to deteriorate. The cerebral cortex itself was damaged in all the men. In part it was the response to the mental and emotional torment they experienced, and in part to the implants. A sudden vacuum of pressure soon engulfed the ship and the some of the men. At that point they were cast back through the wormhole and appeared, as if by magic, to the confounded witnesses. This was actually no different than a sudden gust of wind that has the strength to push an object on earth. Now, I suggest you pay close attention: I have stated in the most simplistic terms that I can, how and why the Experiment took place. Now, I shall ask you to observe how the reverse magnetism works.
“For every action there is an equal reaction;” this is part of the Universal Code of Law and part of the Creation Code.

As the ship and people were hurled through the “doorway,” the earth’s polarity and it’s gravity non-invasively encompassed these ones, causing their atatomical structures to once again co-join resulting in PHYSICAL FORM. Now, their descent back into the third-dimension was so rapid that some people inadvertently made physical contact with parts of the ship. Their MOLECUES merged.
It was then as the physicality was taking rapid form, that some men simply integrated with the ship…physically!

The matter,(energy) of the people and the matter (energy) of the ship were too physically close together. There existed “no time,” no “space,” for their molecules of energy to coalesce to only the right object. They were all “form energy.” So it happened that with the MATERIALIZATION, (the coming again into the physical,) that human figures merged with the ship which only a short span of time before, had been perceived as “an animate object rather than inanimate.” What scientists here have long denied came to pass.
Now, some humans aged exceedingly rapidly when they were thrust into future epochs; some could not return at all. These ones were unable to due to the vast distance that existed between themselves and the wormhole. Others were much closer to it. A few humans are still entrapped between dimensions, some have died there, yet their molecules remain there still.

There do indeed remain some who still appear here periodically, very, very briefly, because they are “bleedthroughs.” This means they are in close proximity to a coordinate point governing a dimensional doorway and can for a nano moment appear here, because they bled through the dimension. It is that simple. They cannot remain here though. A few intrepid Souls who have still retained a semblance of sanity, choose to appear to issue warnings to the earth. They have, for the most part, come to terms with their predicament.

They knew some of which we ourselves know…
2005 will be the year of “The Great Deceiver.”

They are warning you, as do we. Now, the Philadelphia Event placed a permanent tarnish upon the integrity of the united states government, as a whole. A couple of the survivors who are still today attempting to set the record straight regarding the duplicity involved, have been treated very shamefully by a government without shame. Al Bielek is one of them. In this entity’s case, he had at one time, an almost rarified engram situation. Basically what this means is that his reactive mind was triggered by this event with extraordinary persistence. This resulted in an actualized change in the neural tissues which are indeed relevant for the persistence of memories. This man became his own walking conundrum; this baffled “the powers that be,” yet because they were actually afraid to have him assassinated, they and the Illuminati mentors, arrived at a devious plan.

Long before the CIA came into being as a designated organization, the secret shadow government was working with the men who would soon become the founders of the original CIA. A primary rule was established by these ones which governs the feasibility for the proper removal of those perceived as threats, dangers to the establishment and whistleblowers. Although there are 2 rules they are meant as but 1. To dispose of a human intruder; one who is the antipathy to shadow government rules and prognostication, follow the director’s orders.

Rule #1-if you cannot kill it for fear of public reprisals and unending questions,
then, revert to rule #2.

Rule#2-render the person(s ) incapable of physically or mentally speaking out in public by the use of brainwashing techniques, aided by planting individuals to speak demeaningly of said subject. Cause massive displays of verbal outrage against said person and deny, deny, deny.

Now, in fact it was his nature to adhere to issues in which he believed and further to denounce those he did not. So began his sojourn of “aloneness.” Although he did in fact lose all family and friends, he himself did not lose sight of his own personal mission. He was indeed brainwashed, mindwiped, to prevent his collective remembrances from continuing to surface, it did not then, nor will it now, stop him. However they did succeed in planting some illusions and delusions in his mind. He has though enough of true memory to continue his battle against injustice. Although he has succeeded to a great degree in his quest to reveal the truth behind the shadow government and the reality of the Philadelphia Experiment horrors, he shall never completely be successful. So it came to pass after a hurried and rather unsuccessful cover up, that the ship itself was sent to a different location, that is to say..in the “normal” manner. Yet today, in a far off land the ship which has been renamed, to protect the guilty, still holds the residue of the agony of the men and the scatterings of the DNA. All energy is matter, remember? So it is that matter retains all previous matter to either a lesser or greater degree. It is the INTENSITY of the energy of the matter, and to a lesser degree the AMOUNT, which is the deciding factor in how much of a residue deposit can remain.

In this case the ship itself was saturated with the men’s’ altered energy patterns, as well as with the mutated DNA. Far better if the ship had been destroyed! The specter of each human still LIVES within the ship. Now, as for the plot to time travel into the past and future timelines to alter events….will never happen! We are aware that there is a common belief among those who have dealt with the CIA and other such groups, that the Philadelphia Experiment did in fact change time.
They are wrong.
There are those, such as an obnoxious female living in a western state, who are still convinced of this untruth. She unfortunately uses which she perceives as the wrongdoing projected at her by the CIA as a “validation,” that she is on the right track. It is in this manner that she has convinced others of the great lie. In so doing, she has blinded not only herself, but them as well, to the great truth. Now, nowhere do people speak of the scientists and technicians who committed suicide because of their parts in the terrible deaths they were responsible for on the ship. Who speaks for them? NO ONE! Nor does anyone speak of the “missing” scientists and doctors. Who speaks for them? NO ONE! What of the people, the crew, who suffered so horribly and so unnecessarily and were seen as mere numbers? Who speaks for them? WE DO! As for “changing the past and the future,” you see, there are indeed things, issues, events that you CAN change,

Now, as any government official can tell you, a leader, whether a good one or not, must always have a right hand man. This is true in our worlds as well as in ALL worlds. Just as the Great Divine Force has at His Right Hand a very special entity to enact The Great Laws, to peruse other forms of expression that the Creation Force may use for further Creation, so does the opposite of the Grand Creation also have his. He who is known by many, many names, he who is The Grand Illusion, long, long ago birthed a creature of distorted energies; one who carries the incubus of spirit; The Great Deceiver. It is this one that blinds humans on this planet to the realities existing far, far beyond which they logically know. He has been a part of this planet for as long as this planet has been. Although he has changed his name many times, a mere 4 millennia ago, he betook the name “Zordak.” This name which he bears is a type of anagram; it basically means “the one who eats the sword.” Although he bears the name proudly, he has insidiously used the name to hypnotize humans; he does this by implanting the name within their minds to be associated with foolish pursuits such as seemingly innocent “gladiator games.” He tantalizes people with the need to be associated with his name, in order to be successful in their quests for victorious glory in what they believe, at first, are imaginary games.
Foolish, foolish humans!

Zordak is well aware that to conquer a person all that is required is to confound their mind and disarm their principles. Zordak is the “scout” for The Beast. His assignments are to simply cause a disassociate state within the human’s mind, then it is EASY to implant delusions and false imagery. You see, this is so simple for him because humans have made it so. Now, although it is a truism that he is a ferocious opponent when encountering one of our brethren, either off world or on, his greatest weakness is that he has become the greatest egocentric. This is a bit of a double edged sword; it is indeed because humans have made it so easy for him to cause them to succumb to his vile ways, that he has matured into the being that he is. His perception of himself, is that he is unstoppable; his perception of humans is that “earth people are easy.” Zordak and his master rely heavily on the human race’s need to “fit in,” with others. They utilize that weakness by sordidly sending thought projections to you ones of “not having enough, not being good enough for others.” Now, in this fashion, if a male or female wants to be accepted by their peers, then it stands to reason that they will comply with others desires of what is fun and what is not. This was how the infamous “Dungeons and Dragons” true life “games” entered into existence. The concept they advocate is to make all things of this nature APPEAR to be but a game….not to let the humans know that this is actually REAL LIFE. You see, what is not understood by you ones, is that what you think of as imaginary, you are actually creating in a different dimension.

Who did you think was the responsible party for “war games?” As long as men and women played war games, then even if they were “shot,” they could not die. There exists a vast gulf between the reality of the reality and the make believe reality. Now, Zordak as a scout knows well his mission. In order for the beast and it’s Illuminati kin to be successful, they must have all weaknesses, all malaise of Spirit ferreted out for them. By appealing to the child within the adult, as well as those still in their teen years, they can and do, correctly ascertain the best and most corrosive means to ATTACH themselves to you. You see, humanity as a whole, just as all other life forms, are encoded with the will to survive; the need to propagate the species. This is not a secret to Zordak of course; he relishes the prospect of overtaking your will. In this very real sense, he uses that need for survival against you ones, through the seemingly innocent forms of games. They also know that if humans were beating the bushes looking for hidden attackers, the only place they would not look is at their own survival instincts. Humans tend to boast about how well they could take care of themselves if the need arose. These ones soon discover, much too late, they have created a woes garden for themselves.

Now, it is a common and sad sight on this planet to observe adults of all ages, gathered around the television sets, betting on games, playing the illegal numbers etc. It is the result of the implanting of the addiction. Those who can not take of themselves, who do not understand the need for caution there, are the first wave…then the second wave…then comes the third wave, etc., these are the ones that become fodder for the beast. What is so vitally important for you ones to have an understanding of, is that evil does not enter blaring horns and writing “Evil is Here,” on billboards. The dark ones long, long ago correctly surmised that the easiest, the best, the least compromising manner to gain control of the human race is ..
gather them one at a time… always approach them in quiet fashion……gain their confidence…offer them what they do not have….earn their trust.
So, they continue with their tried and true method of conquering you ones. Now, even they are on a timeline though, this is the good news. If you ones believe this in nothing more than the fabled “bogyman” story, then I say to you…”you should be so lucky.” So it is that the timeline Zordak under which he must operate, is growing close to what we call “crunch time.” Zordak re-entered this dimension under strict and dire orders, to perform extraordinary extrapolation techniques for the purpose of “instantaneous” subjugation of the weakest of the human races immediately. That was on January 1, 2000. Now, the crunch time of which I spoke is necessitated due to the tremendous influx of Warrior Souls to this planet. These ones are of the Christed Light of All Lights; they entered here with the same mind thought as did he; let no one detain you, interrupt you from completing your mission. This particular wave of Souls entered as the same moment as did he. Under the auspices of Universal Code, they are not permitted to destroy him, although they have the means to do so. They have arrived joyfully and with grand determination, with humor at the sometimes, preposterous situations they will find themselves in. They are the ones who upon descending into this dimension, were heard to yell in unison, “Beam us down Scotty!”

Now, the battle to save humans from themselves is in full gear. The Warrior Ones shall continue to destroy those lesser entities that plague you ones. Because the human race as a whole must have “free expression,” they will not intrude upon your space, they shall continue to serve and protect only those whose life demeanor and Spiritual destiny are in jeopardy. It does not please me to say that those ones are in the minority, however, it is what it is. You see, Zordak has counted coup with the human race for as long as the human race has been. He leaves an indelible mark upon all those he has won over. The issue then is that those who have proven to be so fallible in past times, must now relinquish those weaknesses or die. Before March of 2005, so much shall have occurred on this planet to challenge the wits and the Spirit of the human race as a whole. The Great Deceiver shall make his presence on this planet known, while Zordak will continue to eat the minds of those weaker beings. There shall be no battle for those ones; they are giving up without a fight. However, all things being equal, Zordaks’s ancient nemesis also entered this planet 4 years ago. This one epitomizes The Sword of Truth. He shall nurture those among the human race who are destined to follow in his footsteps. It will be but awhile before these 2 titans “square off,” in the great Game of LIFE. They have met again and again, and now they shall meet for one last, great, long, battle.

As we now finish the Trail of the Illuminati series, we hope that you ones realize our desire and intent to re-educate you on the realities of the Illuminati.

Knowledge is power, use yours WISELY!

Now, all of our Watchers are in place, the stands are filled with our season ticket holders, the games that mortals play have begun in earnest. We would enjoy seeing the human race exercising their free expression without interference. However, that cannot be until this time period leading up to 2012 has passed. Until then we shall continue to do what we are permitted, when we are permitted. Nothing more, nothing less. As for the humans among you, and those who are not, who have time after time proven themselves to be the Spiritually infallible ones, they shall continue to stand alone, rejoicing quietly, without any fanfare in their personal and Spiritual triumphs, living lives of gracious certainty of the correctness of their paths.

You see, they know 2 very, very important secrets…..
they cannot, they will not fail themselves and……
its lonely at the top.

Salude….Blue Star The Pleiadian

"There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, all shall be as one...
I shall meet you there."
....Blue Star......


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