" The Illuminati-Men In Black,
The KKK and the Shadow Warriors,
The Debauchery of the English Knights,
The Joshua and Excalibur Programs."
"Part 4"

8- 11 to 11- 11- 2004

Greetings again to all my earth children and to all my earth cousins. For those who do not know, I have elected to utilize the personality of my Celestial daughter with her complete and CONSCIOUS consent to transmit much needed knowledge to honor you on your quest for truth.

**We have a special announcement about this particular transmission. Blue Star, “Now, it is necessary that I explain an issue to you ones regarding the information you shall be reading. This issue shall prove to be truly provocative to those Souls who will understand my words. To these ones I say, kudos to you. There shall be many who shall despise this writing, to these I say, you probably should not be reading it anyway. Those who choose not to recognize truth when it is set before them should understand that it is no skin off my nose. Indeed I shall not pander to the Mary Poppins and Peter Pans on this planet. Never have, never will. It is now necessary for me to “get in your face,” with truth. This move on my part is due to specific circumstances and events now transpiring on the earth star planet. I would be failing my responsibility to assist the true seekers if I did any less. I shall not jeopardize my continuous evolution for anyone. All that you shall read is but the precursor of what next year shall bring. 2005 shall be forever indelibly etched in human minds, as “The Year of Startling Changes.” Humanity as a whole shall be divided into “islands.” It is the time of the grand separation of the wheat from the chaff. Those islands who shall endure will be the true survivors of this planet. No, this is not to induce fear, rather to give to you ones a reality check. This shall become more clearly delineated as you finish the transmission. A predestined timeline has arrived, no harm can come to those whose faith cannot be broken and whose integrity is impeccable. Enough said, we shall now commence with the writings.”

Now, the purpose of the present and future transmissions regarding those who are known as The Illuminati is to demythesize the illusion that they do not exist. You ones have been subjected to many lies regarding realities.

This is indeed the reason the infamous Men In Black, aka “MIBS,” have been able to roam free and unchallenged on this planet. The illusions projected to humans are that MIBS are cartoonish characters, bad movies portraying the triumph of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith over the elusive boogieman. It has provoked much laughter on your parts, an escape into fantasy land. This was well planned and very well executed indeed. Did not any of you ones question the validity of the MIBS existence? Did not any of you ones wonder who it was that conceived the plan for the movies and why? Is the sand over your heads sufficiently covering your desire to know truth? Will you see the speeding bullet coming before it strikes you down? Now, we have no wish to alarm you ones but it would be in your best interest to remember that truth is always stranger than any fiction. The MIBS not only do indeed exist, they are as real as are you. So having stated these facts, we shall now begin with the KKK.

The KKK are the descendents of a faction of the grays; THERE ARE FACTIONS WITHIN FACTIONS WITHIN MOST STAR KEEPER RACES. This is to set the record straight, for some among you believe that all star keepers are benevolent, indeed they are not. These descendents share a lineage with the some of the MIBS. The Illuminati and their brethren realized long, long ago, that many of them had need to be present on the earth in human form as well as in their natural state. The Illuminati are reptoid yet they had bred with other star nations by force and through deceit many millennia ago. The offspring who survived were bred with their siblings for the most part, the result of those infamous unions were the mutant races of star keepers; among them were a faction of the grays. Also, the Orion and some sirian races, to name but a few. This was long before the earth star abductions began. Now, the term “KKK” is symbolic to the Illuminati and reflects a numerical code which is recognized by all the children of the lesser light. It is “11 11 11.” It is “33.” It is “6,” it is also “3,” and “9.”What is not well known here on the earth star planet is the egotistical flair for melodrama that the Illuminati possess. They must always leave their mark; it is a type of “imprint,” or “brand,” in this manner they flaunt their powers, their abilities to “devour and conquer.”

These digits also depict a specific timing element and a coordinate point on the earth star planet. It designates where and when certain assassinations, coups, human abductions and terroristic attacks shall take place. It is of primary importance to them that all of their followers here on this planet, as well as those off grid, remain informed as to their works in progress. It is not realized by so many, many of you that many of those leaders, as well as those followers of the Klan Doctrine, are but humans who have always followed the path of terror. In the olden times they existed as the Inquisition, the fanatics of the Puritan beliefs, etc. They each possess an innate desire to vanquish then feed upon the selected victims. Their appetites are insatiable.

The KKK TOP leaders are answerable to the MIBS. The MIBS themselves are indeed a strange race of beings. Now, some of them are androids, some reptilian, and some humanoid. All are programmed to be the proverbial “speeding bullet,” to intimidate by their very presence and to kill when they deem it necessary. They will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. They as the rest of their brethren are considered expendable by the Illuminati leaders, for their numbers are vast. MIBS perform a valuable function for their Illuminati brethren. In a sense, they are the “scouts,” those who are sent out to scour this planet for the troublemakers, the whistle blowers, the former CIA men and women who are trying to right old wrongs. MIBS are the intrusive, secret weapon to stop those from witnessing UFO landings, from speaking freely and honestly; to put it bluntly, “they know where you live.” They deliberately appear dressed in black only because humanity as a whole, equates “black” with evil. In this sense they prey upon your mistaken beliefs and emerge victorious when using these beliefs against you. Because of the harsh atmosphere and the density of this planet, they wear a type of modified sunglasses which not only aids in protecting their sight, but also shields the lens covering they must wear over their eyes.

ALL MIBS, have been programmed to seed energetic, disharmonious, neural synapses of disorganized chaos amongst those who are even considering altering their present beliefs, those who are being encouraged to view a greater reality. They are programmed to break your Spirit or alternately, take your life. Whichever comes first. They audaciously attack the most highly evolved teachers and leaders who have been sent here to assist humanity. They are the masterminds of setting traps for those who are “light workers.” They are master shape shifters as well. They carry advanced monitoring systems which accurately portray the individual or individuals identity, locale, habits and most importantly, weaknesses. The term MIB is a bit of a bad joke on the Illuminati’s part. MIB=”3.” The Illuminati are quite fond of digits; although each digit they use possesses a lower vibration than the higher numerical forms, they also use double digits which are the antithesis of Spiritual master numbers for instance. The 33 is a master numerical code denoting one who has attained a high Spiritual level. However, they use that number to designate the opposite of a high Spiritual level, yet it is a master number to them, nonetheless. So it is that the term MIB serves more than one function.

Strictly translated it means, “Mother is Back.” There is indeed a Mother X and a Father X who are the appointed leaders of the MIB organization. They are gruesome and loathsome and these are their good points. The appointed Mother and Father use tyranny and provocation to maintain their authority. They consistently pit less stable MIBS who they determine are not functioning in the ordained manner, against those who are. MIBS possess an implant, one that is a miniscule “camera,” which permits them to scan not only humans but to observe all that is occurring in their own “lair.” So it is that they are each privy to the “discipline,” enacted by the Mother and Father against their recalcitrant underlings. It had long ago been decided to use these two figureheads as the ruling junta to preserve a specific type of militaristic rule, one that Hitler would have been in awe of.

All MIBS are accountable to these ones, those who fail at their intimidation of humans who “know too much,” are destroyed. The Mother and Father are working with the true founders of the KKK. You ones should remember, these ones all share a common lineage. The KKK remains blatantly visible on this planet and egotistically display themselves in public places to induce fear, hatred, coercion, while believing they are on a mission to become the self appointed leaders of this world. They have been mentally, emotionally and at times deemed necessary, physically abused to attain a specific vibration of hatred towards the minorities, the poor, the handicapped, the rich….in other words towards all except themselves. It is easy to indoctrinate these ones for they are simply RE-CREATING their patterns of their past lives. They are indeed dangerous yet it is quite possible to win against them. All KKK members are recruited at young ages; it is easy, as we have said, they already possess the necessary attributes of discontent and cruelty. It is because their lineage is so simple to trace that these members are surreptitiously brought into the fold. They have in a very real sense become “institutionalized.”

Their institution lies in a different dimension of mind and thought. It is delusionary. You ones believe that the KKK exist, yet do not believe that the MIBS exist. Congratulate yourselves please, you have succeeded in playing into the Illuminati’s nefarious hands. You see, without your beliefs, the Illuminati CANNOT WIN. Humans can be very perplexing to us at times. These are very salient points here, each of these entities, as do you, live your belief systems, regardless of whether it is in your greatest good or not. This year, 2004 of your linear earth time, has been and shall continue to be, the great testing of your moxy, unlike any experiences you have encountered before..Many of you have forgotten the entrance to the Great Matrix. I suggest most ardently that you chose to remember. We have observed the great acting out of ego by those who should know better. So indeed have the Illuminati. Many of you ones have been observed believing yourselves to be communicating with your Guides, your Star Keeper families, your angelic realms, yet the reality is that you have been espousing with holographic images foisted upon you by the Illuminati. You ones cannot hold those dark ones responsible for this; personal responsibility is called for here. You have been duped by your lack of discernment; exponentially the empowerment you provide for the beast must at all times, form an equal, opposite, vibratory level in order for you ones to survive.

Now, yet again there is a balancing of the scales within this debacle. Thousands upon thousands of Shadows Warriors have been descending to this plane en masse beginning in July of 1989. These ones are part of the Rainbow Warriors enclave; they are discarnate Beings of incredible light and wisdom. None are Avatars, yet Avatars themselves express unlimited gratitude for these Warriors’ existences. Shadow Warriors perform a valuable function; they also execute the essentials of the Divine Plan, they do NOT hide in the shadows rather they hide in the light, they hide in plain sight. They utilize wind which they speak through; they optimize prisms of light to open certain portals containing magnified particles of incandescent energy. This energy they then disburse amongst those here in human form as walk-ins, as well as those who are completely human and have destinies to achieve that will bring much harmony and enlightenment to this planet. Shadow Warriors are staunch of Spirit and pure of heart, they can and do engage in physical battle using ancient “weapons,” which you ones would consider to be advanced technology. They have no qualms about physically confronting the MIBS or any of the others of that ilk. These ones are also ADEPTS. They telepath much information to those they are protecting.

Shape shifting is a natural ability and these Shadow Warriors use it well. They stand between the predator and the prey only when it has been a part of the original birth covenant of the intended victim(s.) Their fierceness in these battles and their determination to protect and win the battle, or die, is legendary. Yes, they can be destroyed. The Grand Creation and the Creator planned well ahead of time to bring forth these male and female beings to this planet, at the time when the heavens began to shift. For those among you ones who are unaware, the heavens have been shifting slowly since 1989. At first it was so miniscule that only those most observant among you would have noticed. Today, this year, the moon has fallen out of time, you never know where or when she will come up or if she will at that. The sun is arcing at the wrong times, in the wrong places, at the wrong times of the year. All the stars and constellations are in different places and at different times. The ORBS are here en masse. You see, the poles have already begun their shift, slowly but inexorably. The fourth dimension is beginning to integrate with the third dimension. Are you having fun yet?

The Shadow Warriors continue to harness large amounts of energy which they are drawing from the sun here, as well as from suns in other galaxies. The intense oxygen depletion now becoming rampant in all countries on this planet is being alleviated to a certain degree, by the harnessing and dispersion of these energies. During the times when the ones they watch over are resting or sleeping, these warriors are particularly on guard. Those ones among you, who have the true ability to see, will catch quick glimpses of these Shadow Warriors out of the corners of your eyes. You will hear them speak to you in the wind, quite often the Warriors will touch your arm or hand, possibly your head, in an incredibly fast movement, gone before you can react. They love you without condition. They have their tasks to perform to ensure that you live to perform your own.

Now, many, many years ago the Illuminati established one of their staunchest bases in England. It was from there that these ones practiced the most depraved forms of debauchery. There they derived much pleasure from using ancient forms of torture on innocent people. They implemented a plan of horrendous mind wiping with the result that for many generations, the fear they instilled in people replaced the previous innocence of the masses. They were aided and abetted by certain factions of both the Spanish and Roman Illuminati. England became a cancer, a blight upon the face of the earth star mother. As rulers came and went a new brotherhood was formed based upon the previous tenure of the onslaught of the early Illuminati. This was the Brotherhood of the English Knights.

These Knights were recruited from the “best,” richest and most influential families in England. The Roman and Spanish contingent still had their treacherous hands in this plot. The Knights were touted as commanders of true nobility, there to protect the people and the rulers. In truth they were but pawns diligently used to enforce the ruler’s authority. The Romans and Spanish simply altered the plan slightly to bring the same types into visibility in their countries, but in such fashion that only the most astute could detect the similarities. Now, the English Knights were the prototype of today’s KKK. Only the circumstances of the times altered their actions. There was however a small minority of the Knights who we placed there to quietly observe the depraved indifference which governed the majority of this group. The ones of this minority incarnated specifically to do what they could to assist in the downfall of this organization.

The Knights Templar and others of that ilk originally were of the belief that they were there to protect the country from marauders and invasive actions from foreign hostiles. Within a short period of time, even the majority of these ones fell from grace. So many, many of those who caused such great death and suffering did indeed incarnate over the last several decades, to function now as the CIA, the miens of the Secret Government and their counterparts in other countries. It was the Illuminati who birthed the Black Plague for example, as a means of genocide. This was again accomplished in these modern times, as the Illuminati’s creation of AIDS. Now, the English Knights who crossed all lines to become the very thing they despised, unwittingly fell victim to a part of the Divine Plan. Without their conscious knowledge, all their heinous deeds, those acts of murder conducted in the most agonizing, despicable manner, of open incest with their families, of bestiality with their animals, of the genocide and the eradicating of all those people whose religious beliefs were different than the country’s, paved the way to the birthing of America.

It would indeed behoove you ones to understand the synchronicity at work here. “Synchronicity,” simply means, “when 2 or more events of similar vibration deliberately take place at the same time line to create a new event.” This is where the minority of the Knights proved to be so invaluable. They quietly counseled the common people to unite in small groups and plan an escape from the country. This was no small undertaking; many of these Knights were caught and killed. Many more were not. Some of these Knights were able to escape to the “new world.” There they assisted in setting up fair governments and postulated religious freedom. THIS WAS THEIR MISSION.

You see, there is a commonality present here in this brief history of the “ties that bind.” America herself was always a part of The Divine Plan. She was to be a “safe house,” for those who were to be the early pioneers, those whose mission was to install “freedom of expression.” Free Will does not exist earthlings. It is a manmade term designed by the Illuminati, the correct verbiage of the Divine Creator is “Free Expression.” There is a vast difference between the two! It was well known that many, many of these seeds of the scorpion, would also cajole their way to America. It was foreseen that the indigenous peoples of this great country would fall victim not only to the “white man,” but to their own warring ways, their own outright hostility to Indians of other nations. A cycle of life had been completed with the smiting of the American Indian race as a whole. This was a universal test for these ones, would they join together, forgetting past transgressions by the other native nations, or would they continue their internal wars. They have, for the most part, continued their internal wars.

Now, do not be too sad for those of the indigenous races who have passed over into Spirit Form. They have learned a better way, in a better time. Many have reincarnated here and are leading their peoples to once again remember “the old ways,” and to more clearly remember their Star Families from whence they came. It was here in this great country that a slow process of disorganized chaos transformed into organized chaos. This is a good thing. As I have stated before…chaos is the Mother of Creation. This of course references to “organized chaos.” So it came to pass that throughout so many, many generations, change came to the New World. Of course with the change arrived the challenges. The greatest battle for the supremacy of the human race began in earnest with the birthing of the New World. Those entities that followed the path of the scorpion were of course here from the very beginnings of the settlement of this country. They anthropomorphically progressed to be a part of the human race in every new settlement, every area that is now considered to be a “state.” Now, it was due to their ability to pass as human beings that they were, and are, able to “fit in,” and take active part as proponents of freedom and liberty while subtly undermining these very causes.

These ones stick to the human race like flies on “do-do,” so to speak. For hundreds and hundreds of years, for every one step that the human race took forward, the League of the Illuminati were able to cause humans to take 5 steps backwards. The dissention, misery, pain and the convoluted bastardizing of ALL bibles was achieved by this league. They permitted no peace to reign for long in this country or any others. Even those countries you consider peaceful today are fighting internally and most important Spiritually. It was only when I and others of my brethren arrived at the predestined spatial time line for our visible emergence to this plane that those others fostered and then implemented the pre-designed plans for, The New World Order. All that had occurred before was but a dress rehearsal. The more we achieved here on this planet in the name of The Omnipresent Divine Force, the more insidious the Illuminati’s plots became. Now, we shall take you to a very, very, important linear time occurrence which was indeed the acceleration of the planning for the New World Order:

Now, we have always existed as a part of this planet’s evolution, in ONE form or another we have always been. It is because of the current alignment of this planet in relationship to other solar bases that we are gathered together from all universes, all galaxies, most of these other spheres are still unknown to earthlings. We have been your universal caretakers since the inception of this planet. We shall continue to caretake until the final breath of the earth star mother. Much turbulence has come and gone as a result of our presence and our ongoing battles with the Illuminati forces.

Although we have lost many, many of our comrades, we are well aware that many more shall still pass over in this fray until such time as the last, great battle occurs. Those lesser children have been re-defining their onslaughts into your civilizations; they have great need to ferret out the unknown truths; those occurrences, events, circumstances of great importance which have been deliberately hidden from public knowledge. They have quite shrewdly been able to utilize the 1947 Roswell crash as an impetus to further manipulate all governments, all “secret societies.” Although a faction of the grays have been covertly wheeling and dealing with the rulers of the lands for many a year, your world leaders have ALWAYS been made aware of our presence. We have seen to that. In complex machinations, those of the reptoid lineage have successfully seized control of many of your governments; some by simple birthright, others through the cloning of the individual ruler. Just because it looks like a human, talks like a human and walks like a human…does not mean that it is. Although it is a fact that the Roswell incident was by no means the first or the only crash of an airship, we were able to launch a very successful campaign of eradicating the barriers of silence imposed by the American government. We convinced some of the technicians and a few of the military to “leak” information regarding the crash to the “right” media sources, but we adamantly insisted they relay this information as a government and military “secret.”

We did indeed correctly ascertain the best way to get news out that others do not want to be known, is to tell a human, “it’s a secret.” Works every time! Now, we were well aware of the grand hullabaloo it would cause and waited with bated breath as our counter plan developed. Also with a new American presidency about to be at stake, we were informed that we should set all our protections into place for the “shift was about to hit the fan.” Now, it was of course well known by us that Nelson Rockefeller would have his tainted hands in all that concerned all of the Star Keeper Forces. His lineage was at stake; he perceived us to be, quite rightly, a direct threat to his family, the Illuminati. For many a year Rockefeller attempted to thwart our endeavors in this “secret project.” However the new President of this country shortly assumed his place in history, but not the true history of his reign. It was then that all havoc broke loose. The great panic had commenced; the question was, “how to deal with the alien horde?” You should first understand that No American president is elected by the people. Eisenhower was chosen because of his political connections and his military stance. So it came to pass with his ascension to the throne of president, that Eisenhower and his “advisors,” concocted a strategy to subdue incoming aliens; benevolent or otherwise. He was well aware of the “Trilateral Insignia,” that which was and still is the alien flag of the invasive Star Keepers. He secretly, and at times verbally, decried the necessity of dealing with the grays for any reason. Yet it was the way it was. This is when the plot took form. The great plan for subduing all Star Keeper forces, was originally designed by two scientific minds in another country.

Although Ike did indeed sign a treaty in good faith with the alien invasive forces, it was sometime in late 1955 that even a blind man could have seen that the treaty had been broken repeatedly. It was towards the end of 1958, after much rigorous research and ambiguous ideas had been discussed, that the brainchild was located. Over time and because of theft, two separate instruments of destruction were heralded as “the force to subdue the alien forces.” These were proudly then presented to the American military, who presented it to Ike. Two weapon systems had been designed in Germany, unlike anything humans had seen before. The reason it was unknown forms of technology was because these advanced systems originated “off world.” However, then as now, the populations of the world remained in the dark, they were not informed of what all had truly occurred. Russia and other nations scrambled to align with the American president, out of fear, not out of any form of good will. Bargains were made “for the good of the worlds” people.” Actually many of the military, the advisors and government officials truly believed this party line.

So it came to pass that both the Joshua and Excalibur weaponry systems were developed. Now, Joshua was the weapon system which had at one time been seized from the Germans. The American scientists merely made modifications to the weapons system which enabled it to become the deadly instrument of destruction that it is. What the Germans had begun as an instrument of defeating their enemy, the Americans now were able to take a quantum step forward in unlimited experimentation and development. Joshua was already capable of shattering extremely thick armor plate through the emitting of sound waves. Scientists had finally begun to grasp the importance, the significance of frequency and vibration.

By the concentrated use of sound waves, it is indeed possible to shatter frequencies and alter the bioacoustics of all living matter; all matter is energy, therefore all matter is “living” and possesses resonance vibrations. By using either extremely low sound waves or extremely high pitched sound waves, not only can a space vehicle be rendered useless, but it can cause all aircraft to crash, for the navigation systems would be grossly affected. It is when this type of projectile is aimed at another country for instance, that the targeted country would suffer grievous tidal waves, earthquakes, gross electrical storms, etc. Are you paying attention here? It can also cause disruption to the major planets in this solar system. Although Joshua was placed on hold until late 1996, it is indeed being used in conjunction with HAARP. Now, in case you ever wondered about how a guinea pig feels……hint…hint.

Now, on the other hand Excalibur was designed to be launched by only one means. It was designated to function in total alignment and with perfect precision with a carrier missile only, not to be launched by any other object. It was originally programmed not to exceed any deviation of more than 50 meters from wherever the designated target was located. It had the capability of penetrating at least 1000 meters of hard packed tundra, such as the artic, land in Iran, Iraq, Texas, New Mexico, to name but a few examples. It also could carry a 1 megaton warhead for certain, possibly more. The “think tanks” believed that if Excalibur were aimed at any of the known underground bases inhabited by aliens, that it could easily emulsify them. They did not consider in those times, the incredible damage that would occur above ground and to the populations. Nor did they seem to be cognizant of the fact that it would have caused irreparable damage to the atmosphere. Although the development of Joshua actually finished without too much disruption, it is now, even as I speak, being kept under wraps as far as its use to repel non-human invaders. It is instead considered to be the prototype of a new, even deadlier model, now under construction. Joshua is also one reason for some of the depletion of air on this planet.

Now, 6.1 years ago, the Excalibur project took on new life. Frenetic energy which has been assailing the world leaders, has caused this American government to push, push, push this weaponry system. If the plans succeed, the next step will be to determine how to attach it to a satellite system above the earth, in such fashion that it can destroy anything that it is programmed to attack. The original concept of Joshua included this plan, however Joshua proved to be a tad unstable for outer space. Ironically, the Illuminati have yet again turned the tables against these government leaders. They have accomplished this by implanting the term “Excalibur” into the minds of the ones responsible for the execution of the final development phase of this weapon. The term “Excalibur,” was the Illuminati’s “reverse” term; it is a form of a depraved sense of humor. They have used a Sacred name and have now successfully illegitimatized it. The true Excalibur form is a phenomenal tool, a sword of incredible magnitude, one that cuts a wide swath through evil. To further distort the minds of the undiscerning masses, “Excalibur Military Training Schools,” are now set up all over America. They seek the young, immature men and women. These ones they hope to hone to Illuminati perfection, under the guise of “America.” Perhaps it is that the “made in America” label has just received a hole new meaning.

A part of the treachery of the mongers who have these weapons, is that they are no longer that much interested in dispersing the “monsters” from outer space. They can ridicule them now into non-belief among the populations. Rather, the current ingenious idea is to use these against other countries, if and when, the proponents of theses systems feel they must. Many, many tests have been held in remote desert areas, tests to determine the stability, the reliability and the usability of applying these against “hostiles.” If you have been paying attention, then indeed you should have no problem understanding what is really going on and why. If you ones would but remember, these are sequential steps here which we have shared with you, of the Illuminati’s influence upon your past and your present, their strengths and their weaknesses.

Now, it is incumbent upon us to speak with you of a current situation, one that has been ongoing since July 12, 2004. It was on that day that a specific and long awaited timeline occurred. This was one that was much heralded in ancient prophecies. The beginning of the beginning had taken place. On that propitious day, a specific vortex opened in the 5th. dimension. Within this vortex was a slowly spiraling free form energy. This energy was composed of minute electrical components of dross matter. It was the residue of all the past life forms of the dark brotherhood, the Illuminati who had lived in prior times but had not at the timeline, yet reincarnated. This matter was predestined to gradually coalesce into a type of silhouette form energy. However, it was and is, “fluid,” in it’s texture and yet “blob like.” It began to form and reform itself on a daily basis, ever gathering more particles of it’s former selves, each aspect of this silhouette becoming of stronger density as the electrical nature adhered to the milieu of the form.

Now, this energy’s assignment was to confound and segregate those who were and are the true torch bearers on this planet; to ensnare ordinary citizens enmeshed in ordinary routines, belief structures, and life styles. It was also to embellish the thought processes of those who live lurid, vicarious lifestyles by instilling in them a titillating desire to challenge danger and death. This has now become a most powerful force, one that is on a mission to form the greatest threat to humanity this planet has yet known. It is insidiously physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically separating the torch bearers from others of their own kind. You see, this form is a giant mass now, overtaking all in it’s path. Each who bears the torch of truth, take heed now: you, as individual beings, are each an island. As such, you must willingly, or unwillingly, allow yourselves to be led by the Great Spirit to havens of some isolation when necessary, where indeed you can live as both the forest and the trees. For a long, long time now, so many of you have wondered why you are separated into either extremely small groups of 1 mayhap 2 or 3, living long distances from those who are of like-mind. Spirit Forces are continuing to map out the best places for you to live which can and will, for MOST of you ones, allow you to remain in touch with the others of your Soul Clusters. In one sense, it will be more difficult to eradicate people when they are so spread out, yet in another sense, these ones do suffer and will continue to suffer, the pangs of alone-ness.

Yet indeed even with this situation there is a balance. Each of you shall “find” another such as yourself to commune with; the dross mass now operates with such tremendous force that it can cover much area; more so than can an individual island. Yet the islands who continue to come together in very, very small groups, possess even more power than does the dark mass. If you are wondering why or how this can be…please to remember, “When two or more are gathered in My Name”…. Yes, it will require more effort on your parts to not surrender to the meanderings of the masses that have no understanding of the true nature of the situation and don’t like you anyway. Yes you must be wary and not pander to the gross lies of the Ill-uminated. Creator God in His Infinite Wisdom did not tell you it would be easy, He said, “It will be worth your Soul.”

They, who dance the waltz of the macabre, cannot defeat those who choose not to be defeated. Indeed they will continue to test you mercilessly, yet you must remember they cannot win if you do not allow it. They see you ones as weak, mindless and spineless. We see you ones as strong in Spirit, whole in mind and body, regardless of how you see yourselves. Open you minds, your hearts and your Soul Selves to BE the vessel of the Almighty God that you truly are. We promise you, just as the Creator God has promised you, allow your own Omnipresent Light of all lights to shine through and

you shall not fail yourselves, nor shall we fail you.
Adieu and…

Salude…Blue Star

"There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, all shall be as one...
I shall meet you there."
....Blue Star......


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