" On the Trail of The Illuminati "
" The Illuminati-The Omnipotent
and The Impotent,
The Lie of The Water Babies, Reel Life "
"Part 3"

May 11 –August 11, 2004
On the Trail of The Illuminati
“The Illuminati-The Omnipotent and The Impotent,
The Lie of The Water Babies, Reel Life”

Greetings, I have elected to utilize the personality of my Celestial daughter with her complete and CONSCIOUS consent to transmit much needed knowledge to honor you on your quest for truth. Now, the purpose of the present and future transmissions regarding those who are known as The Illuminati, is to demythesize the illusion that they do not exist.

So it is that we meet here again “on the trail of the Illuminati.” Because I have much pertinent information to continue to share with you ones regarding the infamous Illuminati, it may well be that the next installment in August geared to be the final of this series, may indeed require yet one more segment. We shall see.
Now, in this issue I shall not be dealing with the political agendas or the governmental shenanigans which are afflicting the earth star and her inhabitants. Instead I feel it a necessity to show you ones how your meetings with them in your past lives is impacting upon you in this life experience.
Also to explain the methodology they use which is predicated upon those previous times, how the Illuminati and the other tribes, which are the offspring of theirs, are not only affecting you but the “why.” I would indeed be amiss if I did not explain these things to you.

Please to note that if you have been paying close attention to these Godumentaries, many events that have already transpired in your lives in the “past” time of your current life experience, should have begun to make sense to you now. The unexpected trials and tribulations that have temporarily blocked you in your personal or professional life should be more understandable to you ones.

Feelings and emotions that you know were “not like you,” should also be understood under the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. The same applies to those among you ones who have not only clearly understood what is now, or possibly still, occurring in your present day lives. This anomaly has taken place since you have adjusted your predilection for not wanting to know and are “discovering” truth of the reality of these Beings.
Part of the weighing of the Scales of Justice is that the more you KNOW, the more you UNDERSTAND, the more you understand, the more you want to know. The more knowledge you accrue, the more often it then transmutes into WISDOM, and the greater the threat you pose to these others. Thus it is and shall continue to be that the Legion of the Darkness shall test your mettle mightily. Why do they do this? Quite simply, because they can.

Now, there are Soul Clusters whose mission in this present life experience is to teach others all which they themselves have learned throughout their many lifetimes. This does not in any manner imply that they “know it all,.” because they do not.
These Clusters have accepted the challenge to descend into matter at the request of the Great Gestalt, to impart to others the necessary data that will ultimately enrich the personal lives of the earth star masses. Under Universal Law “as the masses of humanity react and interact with all other life forms, with all matter both gross and ethereal, they will each as individual facets of life impact upon the evolution of the planet as a whole. Cause and effect has decreed that this planet MUST not only survive but REFLECT mass consciousness, for the good of all.”

The Clusters who have accepted this awesome responsibility have been forewarned by their “family,” that the Illuminati will be expecting their arrival. They will know when, where and how the Clusters will materialize and manifest. This battle for the continuity of the human race, for the enhancement of the planetary acceleration of evolution will become A legend in its Own Time.
What many of you ones fail to understand is that all of what is currently occurring on this planet and all that shall occur has been foreseen in great detail. We shall discuss this part later in the saga. Now, the Illuminati know each of you ones very well indeed. Some as ancient adversaries, some as long ago allies who have chosen a different path. Members of the Cult choose specific entering individuals to pursue, torment, discredit, and if that individual falters in his/her mission, to kill. In a practical sense, they seek those with whom each member can align, evolutionarily speaking.

You see, the entity attacking and the entity under attack, must ALWAYS synergistically interact as beings who reflect one to the other, the same previous life experiences of knowledge, power, action and reaction, abilities to fight and win, fight and lose, surmount all obstacles or acquiesce to current situations. In other words, a “kindergarten” level Illuminati entity, is matched with a corresponding “kindergarten” level Soul Cluster entity.
A “postgraduate” Illuminati entity tracks a “postgraduate” level Cluster individual. It is in its own way, the finest of the balancing of the scales. Now, the lesser Illuminati, who are the drones of that society, have been taught by their masters to believe the illusion that they are the supreme rulers of this particular universe; to believe that they are invincible. In truth they are neither. The Illuminati masters, those who were once written about as “the fallen angels,” are quite devious indeed.
They must be satiated by power at all times in order to believe in their own existence. As a result, they need the lower caste beings to perform their own nefarious deeds. It was one of these lesser monsters who was responsible for the bastardization of the bible; it was one who surreptitiously omitted the true reality of the fallen angles who are the Illuminati. I do not care if you believe what I say or not. It is what it is.

Now, it is the drones who are sociopathic in nature; this cannot be stated enough. It is vitally important that this information is understood. It does indeed require this trait for them to succeed in their endeavors. It is why they have been deliberately bred for this purpose. They are expendable and their numbers are massive. They are also encoded with a need to vanquish and destroy; it is integrated to such degree within their cellular system that they themselves are unable to comprehend it. They are also parasitic, as such they move easily from host to host.
Now, the masters themselves are both male and female; they are the direct opposite of the Omnipotent male and Omnipresent female energy. These ones of which I speak are Spiritually and mentally impotent. This does not mean they are not intelligent. They are completely devoid of “light.” This brings up a subject concerning a method many earth star beings employ, which has caused great consternation on your planet. Many ones among you are of ancient origins and diverse cultures, it is these ones who have brought with them the “old way,” using “light and love” to subjugate enemies; to diffuse unhealthy situations; to expand consciousness for the good of all.

This is so ingrained as Soul Memory, that you ones have failed to realize that “you are not in Kansas anymore.” That part of memory has not awakened to this predicament. The result is that thousands upon thousands of you ones are running around the planet, sincerely and lovingly bestowing light and love towards your enemies who do not know what light and love is! Their experience and understanding is radically different than your own.
Your expectations are, that by engaging in this manner you are defeating the enemy, the Illuminati. Wake up! You are not. Your ignorance of the essence of light is lamentable. The Illuminati know a different reality of LIGHT. Therefore, their fury becomes an energetic form of complete insanity when light/love energy is directed towards them. It is for certain not the “light” that you think it is. Rather, you ones are really -issing them off.
We commend you each for your intent; for your wholesome desire to be of service; for your persistence, persistence….persistence…persistence.

How can you ones possibly expect an entity, any entity, to respond to an animated form of energy which is unrecognizable to it? It is when that fury overtakes these ones that they lose any semblance of caution, it is then that they immediately lash out at earthlings and others, temporarily forgetting to follow their carefully laid out plan of action. Many unwary people are suddenly attacked simply because they are there. Have you not noted the “coincidence” of when these occurrences, the bestowing of love and light, take place and the aftermath, which is a new, ferocious outbreak of mayhem and murder most foul?

To all our children, to my descendents, my earth cousins, to all those who live life with a zest for performing “good,” it would be far better for you ones to project love and light in ceremonies, in the gathering of the masses, in your writings, in your prayers. To focus on a single flower and send it love and light. That flower will in turn propagate in a healthier fashion; a more beautiful specimen of itself.
It KNOWS what love and light is; the flowers will touch the energies of the earth mother’s soil; will send energy to the trees which will send energy to the birds, etc. This is what Creation is. It is a response to an energetic force, all forms of matter whether visible or invisible, respond to the same level of magnetic current that it, itself, is composed of. This is a higher form of reality, not part of your dream state. It is true indeed that while in the dream state, much is Created for personal destiny. It simply means that plans which you initiated long ago before this incarnation become a part of the materialization or manifestation of your present life. Your dreams foretell this. However, do not become lost in your dreams. In other words, you have dreamed yourself into reality, now dream yourself awake.

Now, my Celestial daughter and I spoke intently of this subject of spreading love and light, in high council. We agreed that what we have just stated would not be accepted readily; would not be held in high esteem by many; rather that it would invoke outrage in some. But then we are not here to win a popularity contest, probably a good thing too.

Now, the Illuminati’s controlling factions must defeat those on this planet who “speak the word.” Herein lies the true battleground. The Illuminati has foisted so many outrageous lies upon the undiscerning humans among you. Who is bothering to look for the reason why? Behind each lie is the “why.”
Although my brethren and I have witnessed these lies in various guises and survived many earth star walks ourselves, it still amazes us how the duplicity of these ones is so easily believed by earthlings. One of the most notorious untruths imposed upon the human masses, is the lie of the water babies. You have been painstakingly led to believe that water itself as an element, is the key composition of the human body. Not true. This lie has been perpetuated by the medical societies, by the scientists and by the military, to name a few. Who has questioned this? Have you?

Now, although this is elementary knowledge to us, we shall present you with the truths you have not been told about. Life is composed of electricity. All life forms are composed of electrical energy; of electrical impulses; of electrical charges. The cellular system of the human body, the brain, the nerves, all organs, the mind and the Spirit is electrical in nature. Light is dependent on these impulses that exist in all galaxies, all universes, all forms of matter and non-matter.
Without electricity there can be no light, without light there can be no life forms. And that’s the way it is. Now that we are managing to antagonize more of the human population, we shall continue. Electricity is the required conduit for life. Using one person as an example, we shall show you cause and effect. The human body requires certain components including oxygen, in order to survive on this planet.
The body itself indeed responds to the electrical matter distributed throughout the physical vehicle, as a means for the coordination of the body to direct itself, IN RESPONSE, to electrical signals issued by the brain matter. This person walks and speaks as a direct result of the impulses, the signals sent through the body, nerves, muscular structure, brain etc. Without these signals corresponding to the gigantic computer called “brain,” the life form of this person, the body, mind and Spirit, would atrophy. You see? This is a simplistic explanation, yet one which should be understandable to you ones.

Now that we have shared a bit of the electrical knowledge with you ones, we shall discuss the “why,” this is not known. Need I remind you of the ubiquitous plan of the Illuminati to keep you ones in the dark, no pun intended. Had they not implanted misconceptions within the writings of biblical texts; had they not stationed members of their own as instructors to teach this untruth and victoriously detoured you away from the real truth, it would have had a deleterious effect upon the success which the Illuminati have thus far achieved. Take the time to pay close attention now please.
Do you not yet realize the implications of what I am sharing with you? Within each human form, the light factor, which functions on a direct parallel, a definitive arc of light rays, with the amount of electricity that is functioning correctly within the physical vehicle, slowly but inexorably accrues such large masses of “matter,” that it begins a slow and direct journey into the cellular system, unlike it’s original form of light. To make this information more palpable to many of you ones, think about the ocean as the tide changes or as major storms erupt, as it slowly reaches out to the land, effectively covering greater masses of land than it had previously.

As the individual human evolves to a higher level of innate understanding of the origins of the universe; as that individual(s) acclimates to his/her personal growth WITHOUT fear of what small minds will conclude about his/her activities in these matters; then and only then does the light spread its rays within that physical vehicle in such an expansive manner, that eventually all the cells “become light.” Now, it is at this conjunction of body and Spirit that the mind ceases its rebellion over the new thought process and accepts the noninvasive activity of the body.
Once this particular journey is begun, all hell breaks loose. That particular individual(s) realizes the secret of the Ancients. All life is predicated upon light, all light is electrical in form. The more that person continues to excel in their understanding of this nature of reality, the more of a danger they will pose to the Illuminati. Inevitably, he or she will encounter others who have forsaken the illusions of life and are searching for the truth. The illuminated ones share their “newly discovered” information most willingly, those who have received this data then journey on to inform others, and the Beast senses the threat.

Since the beginnings of the past two millenniums, in terms of linear time, this fact has been totally obscured by the actions of these malefactors. For the entire planet to be consciously aware of the Light brigade would thwart the plans for an easy victory over the human race. No, this was not always the case. When the Atlanteans, Lemurians, the Tobrians and other ancient civilizations were the main inhabitants of the earth star planet, the electrical and eclectic nature of the physical vehicle was known, was understood and was utilized to optimum perfection.
When the early Atlanteans were first deposited here a small group of extraordinary teachers accompanied them. These were the masters, the Avatars carefully selected from all galaxies to participate in the Atlantean experiment. The scientists and the mathematicians, the geocentric masters and the geometric masters. This was deemed necessary in our high council meetings as not only an integral part of the experiment, but to gauge the reactions of these civilians as they proceeded to engage in the process of stabilizing the light force they possessed, while simultaneously using electricity to create.
Now, the Illuminati were indeed present there as they have always been on this planet. They chose the weakest members of these civilizations to corrupt. Please to remember, “A group, an organization, a Soul Cluster is only as strong as its weakest link.”

As was expected the weakest fell first. Avarice and their own lack of ability to manifest and materialize creative order through the use of light rays, coupled with the continuous baiting of the Illuminati, gave rise to great insurrection. This was known of well in advance by the masters present. Their use of an advanced form of telepathy enabled them to make quick preparations for their own departure well before these continents sank beneath the seas. It also provided them the necessary time to choose those among the civilians to accompany them, using other ships of light as well as teleportation to transport all the chosen ones. All means available were utilized for their escape route, yet they themselves just barely left in time.

It was because of the failure of the experiment that an edict was issued. Earth star future citizens were to have the encoded knowledge of light veiled from them, until such time that the planet itself was in a time period when mass consciousness was prepared for the truth; when humanity had begun to tire of the Spiritual inferior; when the Illuminati masters were prepared to stop at nothing to conquer this world. NOW IS THE TIME.

Now, many old Souls who were of the Atlantean and Lemurian races, as well as several other races, are alive and well and living on the earth star planet. They have elicited permission from Creator Force to be present; to assist in removing the veil separating the nature of light from your present reality. Life cannot exist without the light; light can and should be used to construct your civilizations in a healthier environment; to advance your knowledge of the semantics of all universes. To synergistically use light to grow better foodstuffs; clean your polluted skies and waters and so forth. All sound too is electric of course; water is a conduit which fuses in a sense, with electricity, (light) when the levels of the elements match. The more pure the water, the faster the running rate of the electrical current.
Discordant decibels of frequency and of vibration cannot ever flow with higher levels of electricity, whether it is a light ray or a sound mote. This then too impacts upon the Sensuous Universe. Sexuality and sensuality are predicated upon specific charkas, which are of course electric, functioning as open channels of intense energy.

Thus it is that the art of love magnetizes sexual energy ecstasy and courses throughout the human vehicle, as a high electric charge which ultimately propels itself through the crown Chaka. Orgasms occur which specifically reflect the measured power of the electrical charge each individual possesses at that moment. As the person achieves yet still higher states of conscious awareness, the orgasms alter.

This acceleration reformats itself as a form of purer energy. This in turn produces full body orgasms of a type not experienced prior to that time. It is when two evolved Souls are joined in this sensual mode, that each unconsciously stimulates the other’s orgasmic orifice in such fashion, that the orgasms become yet stronger, more intense, reaching an incredible apex of high level energy/wattage, while simultaneously birthing a finer energetic stream of vibration. It is this process which then causes these ones who have so blessed themselves, to attain a far greater ethereal connection with Source than they had experienced prior to this occurrence.

They bear the mark of the fully developed GodForce of Creation within them, they carry the STIGMATA. They observe their bodies alter, their appetites change, their senses become finely tuned to the Beings that are discarnate. They easily traverse this world through a process known as “Time Walking.” Once they have attained this Sacred State, there is throughout their mortality a non-stop procession of continually achieving even higher levels of orgasmic levels which they will enjoy. As all this occurs, it attracts all those existing both on and off planet who radiate the same level of electrical energy. You see? There is much talk among earthlings and those who are not, of moving geographically to live “off grid.” That will only work if you can live without yourself. Remember this the next time you foolishly decide to stand outside during an electrical storm. You may attract to yourself that lighting bolt which corresponds to your “magnetic personality.” You can then tell others, “I was struck by a bolt of myself.”

Now, part of the misconceptions abounding on this planet, is the much heard question, ”how did the Illuminati manage to find me? When the “fall from grace” occurred, each individual who had been born and those who would soon be, were gifted with myriad choices of occupations, personal and professional challenges, geographic locales, parents to be born to, religious or Spiritual leanings and basic appearance. As each choice was made, a blueprint indigenous to that individual solely, was Created. Souls were assessed, so to speak, to determine degrees of flexibility, the ability to learn, the gifts of teaching, the role of leader or follower etc. As I have stated before, each Soul is born into perfection, yet not each Soul is perfect. Perfection itself can only be found from within; therefore it is the responsibility of each to seek the Oneness of Self, to delve into the unlimitedness of Spirit, to look to ones Self for solutions to the continuity of Creativity.

This is a necessary part of Soul evolution. It is a series of constant ascensions that is achieved by each entity throughout each life experience, while wearing a physical guise, irregardless of which planet one is inhabiting. When those who were the early Illuminati and their spawn, encountered beings who were the opposite of themselves, they then proceeded to register all they could glean about that entity. This was done quite simply through the process of passing the information which their ‘mind’s eye” beheld to one of their many record keepers. Even those who were far beneath the intelligence level of a beetle could still properly assess the basic fundamentals of the one or ones they were encountering.

This was not merely the decadent ones curiosity, it was an instinctual process based upon their survival needs, as a race. So it was that each incoming Soul would sooner or later meet even if briefly, one of these beings who were intent on categorizing all others as their masters had ordered. Now you must remember the Illuminati had an agenda, a long range plan. They had been instrumental in dividing the children of God, from the children of the lesser god. As soon as that division had been accomplished, the plans were set into motion, to overtake all those who were to inhabit this world and recruit those who they could, while destroying those they could not. Ideally they would have liked to have not have had any opposition. However, they had “forgotten,” universal law. The mandate was clear, all assistance would be offered to each incoming Soul who had “just cause” to be a participant in the earth star walk. So it was as it still now is, the required process of rebirth as an integral evolutionary factor which is responsible for the two forces, the two factions meeting again, and again and again. Now, many of you have forgotten your roots, yet you still struggle to understand what causes you to be attracted to certain situations; certain locales, specific professions, certain alchemical processes. It is all a part of THE MOVIE.

Each Soul Created possesses an alchemical “integrity,” it is a certain type of veracity which allows Soul to explore all possibilities available to attract to ItSelf. Also the one and sometimes more than one, activity that would enable Soul to express ItSelf in such fashion, that ultimately there would remain nothing more of the activity that had not been explored in totality; had not been experienced in a lesser fashion anymore; rather that all challenges had been met, all rewards accepted, the zenith had been finally achieved. Now, it is only when this has been accomplished that Soul is prepared for Its final return to Source. So it is that the thespians of today were the thespians of yesterday and will be the thespians of tomorrow. It is the same, yet it is not. The thespians of yesterday are not the same as the thespians of today, the thespians of today are not the thespians of tomorrow. This is indeed not a contradiction. You see, as Soul achieves a greater understanding if ItSelf and Its earthly walk, evolution is inevitable.

So as that one who wears the human guise arrives at a state of “knowing” what life really is, the ability to “act,” to portray another facet of life rises to a greater distinction reflected in the actors role. This is not in any way to imply that it is an easy walk. It most certainly is not. All obstacles are placed in front of Soul, including the taming of the ego. The true test of a human being is how they handle power. If an individual is ready for a lifetime, or a brief sojourn of time, on a different planet, that one would still search and find the profession it feels it is most suited for. This is true of all professions. Gladiators of yesterday are the mercenaries, the military, the warriors of today. Only the name/title has changed, the essence remains the same. So it is that long, long ago, when you each first walked this planet, this planet that is the school house planet, your encounters with the Illuminati were concluded with those entities recording carefully what “profession” for instance, you were drawn to. They had your i.d., your vibrational numbers, your frequency levels, your professions and avocations. Each Soul Cluster was assigned a “lot” bin. In there resided everything known about you and your still unknown attributes.

Within each bin lay a corresponding i.d. for the Illuminati being assigned to you. In case of physical death of the Illuminati entity before your next “arrival,” another’s i.d. was set alongside your name vibration, as a contingency measure, to ensure that you are never left alone. These files are updated continuously. Now, this is a battle for supremacy; it is one sense, the “dark” versus the “light;” yet in the greater sense please to remember, dark is still a form of light, so to speak, yet they bear the STIGMA of the unilluminated. Their well thought-out plans to be masters of all universes has but one flaw. These ones are aware of the current shift taking place on this planet, however they have underestimated the determination, the will to succeed and the Soul Desire to be of service that the old Souls, the White Brotherhood, the Walk-Ins and many earthlings possess to be ALL that they can be, for the right reasons.

This “shift,” is one of mass consciousness, of the totality of alignment with All That Is. The earth star mother herself, she is a-moving, reacting and interacting with humanity as humanity itself acts and reacts to current planetary situations and political agendas. Fear is still rampant here on this planet It should NOT be. Far too many of you ones have been heard to speak of “looking for a safe place.” Why? For those staunch of mind, strong of Spirit, and pure of heart, there is no safe place, for there is no danger. Now, please bear in mind that the “shift” in consciousness is now existing in a tenuous state. Certain factions are now even as I speak, preparing to launch another terroristic attack in order to keep you in fear. This is the time of great choices, no more hyperbole of walking your talk, rather it is time to “walk your walk and talk your talk,” nothing less will do.

Stop fooling yourselves that you are something that you are not.
In other words dear chelas,
it is time for all to “shift or get off the pot.”

Salude……Blue Star

"There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side.
In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation. In time, all shall be as one...
I shall meet you there."
....Blue Star......


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