"The Illuminati, The Unconscious Mind
and The Unspoken Word "
"Part 2"

Feb. 11 04 - May 11 04
"The Illuminati, The Unconscious Mind and The Unspoken Word"

Greetings to all my guardian children, to all my earth cousins. I AM Blue Star, I AM of The Pleiadian Guardians, I AM that I AM. I have elected to utilize the personality of my Celestial daughter with her complete CONSCIOUS consent to transmit much needed knowledge to honor you on your quest for truth.

Now, the purpose of the present and future transmissions regarding those who are known as The Illuminati, is to demythesize the illusion that they do not exist. That is but one of my reasons. I am to also prepare you ones to confront your history of long associations with these Beings; to discuss the reasons for their continued existence in greater detail and to reveal to you their unholy allegiances and alliances with world governments as well as those who are, as you have been heard to state, "extraterrestrial entities known as The Men In Black." So, I am attempting to speak as plainly as possible, it is not always easy to locate earth star terms to convey my meaning. Also, I am speaking as non-technically as I am able to.

This shall not be a short discourse, this is why the necessity of conveying to you ones all pertinent information shall be separated into four transmissions. It is imperative that your understanding, your comprehension of all that will be stated, can be assimilated in easy fashion. I have long, long ago ascertained that too much knowledge that is given to you ones is as dangerous as too little. It has required long council sessions with my brethren regarding the time lines available for correct distribution of these facts. Should I have spoken too soon, no one would have listened. To have spoken too late………as my daughter has said, would be anticlimactic to "when the shift hits the fan."

So it has come to pass that the Illuminati have gained such extreme control over the masses on the earth star planet *was included in part 1 of the transmission, "The Illuminati and The Trojan Horse,* that it is indeed a sorry fact that millions and millions of people on this orb, are blissfully unaware of the Illuminati's very existence. It is most unfortunate that this has occurred, however it has been expected by us. For many millennia, in our efforts to educate humanity of the continued existence of these creatures, we have stated so many times that each millennia births new opportunities in the guise of "free will." That each life experience is indeed predicated upon that which is known as "the past." It is the past that Creates the "future," that each "future" is Created in the "present," yet that all "time" is simultaneous. I again reiterate this fact, I again reiterate that unless one Creates anew, then one dooms oneself to re-create the old.

Do not think of those statements as insignificant, for indeed they hold the secrets of the ages. It is well known, understood in totality by the Illuminati that it is the mind of mankind that holds the KEY to the Illuminati futures. Now, as these beings of lower intelligence beheld the early beginnings of what is now known as "the human race," they designed specific bloodlines, specific DNA repositories that their timeline projections, created through a technological experiment stolen from an advanced race of Star Keepers, clearly delineated the "hows" and "wheres" that would be most beneficial to their plans. They were well aware of the centuries that would need to pass before they themselves could enter the third dimension as "warmongers," with little or no resistance.

Much patience and strict adherence to the continuous propagation of offspring whose DNA and perceived mental abilities were of the highest caliber was required. The mating and breeding process was simply called "breeders," as it is still today. Many forays were undertaken to kidnap the most fertile of male and female life forms. The continued use of a satellite much, much larger than the largest you know of was used for the purpose of "tracking." Now, the tracking was accomplished quite easily. Each life form carries within his or molecular structure an indelible "fingerprint," which is indigenous to that individual life form only. It was simplicity itself to scan the fetus of each impregnated female thus registering the entire cellular system of the unborn. The females of the species were issued tags, or numbers, which contained their entire ancestry, their physical health, and the probability factor of their intelligence meter being inherited by the unborn. Females who did not achieve the Illuminati's desired level, as well as those females whose physical status was below what the "computer" stated as the most advantageous for healthy breeding, were "discarded." Tags as well as numbers were implanted while the females were in an unconscious state. Each of these objects emitted a frequency that was tagged and then picked up by the satellite.

Thus it was a simple process to keep tabs on any unwary breeder. Now, the males of different species were also preyed upon, for the good of none. Again, the diagram was followed for the male of the species as was the females. The difference of course laid in the potential to reproduce as well as the need for elevated sperm counts. This was all part of "selected breeding." Sperm was collected from both forms of the species much as you do it with animals today. There was and still is, an isolation chamber which effectively housed all breeding specimens collected. As the generations were birthed all newborns were charted for growth, physical stamina, intelligence potential, birth defects etc.

All parents were tracked until such time that their breeding potential ended. Or…they were "terminated." In the cases of exceptional breeders who were found, the Illuminati did not hesitate to plant their own seed into the females. These females and their offspring were "watched over" fanatically. This was indeed how so many of the Illuminati managed to infiltrate the races on this planet and others.

Even in the early days of the human races, when the most primitive of the human races were birthed, each was observed for the evolutionary pattern that would eventually emerge.

Now, if you are willing…and able… to consider all the implications of this carefully thought out plan, you will not be so willing to tsk tsk and dismiss the situation. All great leaders, whether they are nefarious or a league of extraordinary Beings, well know the importance, the necessity, of premeditating strategy. The Illuminati are indeed superb at this. They have tackled the situation as though their very existence, their future survival, depends on the outcome,…..and indeed it does. This is why they shall stop at nothing to continuously implement and update their plans.

So indeed they began to birth a "nation" composed of not only the planet's life forms synthesis, but combined with their own well planted seed which did in fact create a mutant race. Some of these ones bore physical anomalies; some had inherited an excess of same genetic encoding resulting in deformed births and/or mental instability. Many, many were sterile. This was to be expected considering the amount of synthetic type injections received as part of the whole experiment. All corporeal vehicles evolve to produce a stronger self. The stronger the vehicle, the more durable, more flexible, more capable of withstanding onslaughts of physical duress.

However, in these aforementioned cases, the vehicles lacked the "stamina" required to not only overcome very high artificially induced levels of estrogen and testosterone, to name but a few, but the molecular system itself was not created to accommodate a "foreign" entity. There were many instances when transplant surgery was performed. The success rate was but marginal. It was still in the good old early days of humanity's evolution when a seed was germinated by the Illuminati. They were well aware that birthing a race of subservient creatures alone was not enough to ensure their triumphs. They searched by means of what is known to us as a "biogenetic magnet." They searched for specific encodings which would be required to produce a race or races, of humans in this case, who not only possessed all the cellular and brain pattern motions to correctly be accepted by their satellite, but who would also have the capacity to perform as drones. They would be expected to follow all programmed data without hesitation and yet possess a fierce desire to kill wantonly.

This will all be much easier for you ones to better understand if you pay attention to the…

"Illuminati Doctrine"

Devour and conquer
Teach them to "want"
Eliminate free will
Promulgate atheism
Subjugate women
Subjugate men
Create False Prophets
Crucify The Christ
Abolish Love of Self
Abdicate The Spiritual
Teach Fear

Now, what you have read is the old tried and true system of not merely indoctrination and coercion, but it is a gospel of sorts to these ones. You see, they do not seek to change that which works so well for them. You have made it EASY for them. They have known for millennia of the power of the unconscious and the superconscious mind; although these are in fact your own resources, they have and still are effectively using them against you……because you allow it!

So it was and is that a basic fact remains in force…the Illuminati do not and cannot Create anew. Prime Creator's directive was issued to these ones long, long ago. They have Created their own destinies and have been shunned by the other Children of God.

These ones who at one time were known as "fallen angels,"have forsaken Prime Creator and instead remain permanently aligned with The Beast. God in His wondrous wisdom decreed that they would only be able to re-create. He abolished their abilities to Create. Now, if you liken this situation to removing a module from your computer, what is the result? Without the necessary component, it does not matter what you may attempt to do, the computer has lost an important function. So it was with the Illuminati. They must depend on the human race to Create for them. However, they do indeed issue the commands. It is the balance of the scales, whether you like it or not.

Now, the Illuminati relish implanting "seeds" in the subconscious mind. They have learned to be wary of the "superconscious" mind. It is indeed the superconscious aspect of Self which dictates information relative to ones Spiritual growth and Spiritual endeavors. The subconscious sends data to the conscious; the conscious mind sees with the logical mind and believes that which it beholds. The Superconscious is integrated with Soul Talk; (Celestial, please emphasize the following information …it is vitally important!)


So it is that in this "worst case scenario," fears that have been sown by these other ones, ancient patterns from previous life existences and present day fears combine to present to you an illusion of life. Now, for those who do not believe in reincarnation, I say to you ones…it does not matter whether you believe in it or not, its going to happen anyway. The age-old question you many ones have asked yourself concerning cessation of fears….it is an easy matter to cause them to cease. Simply, do not allow it. Now, those of the Illuminati hierarchy are well aware of humanity's propensity to have little understanding of the true simplicity of life. Therefore these ones have built a foundation upon your obsession with "complications." You have made it easyyyyyyyyyyy for them.

To undo that which you have Created is a "must." Some of you ones have Created these blocks through ignorance, some through naivete, some through lack of SELF belief. There is an important Key here to resolve this situation……DO NOT LIVE IN FEAR. Fear is a RE-CREATION of an event; of a life experience belief; of a state of being.

To further understand how free will dictums influence your now present life experience think on the choices to do, or not to do, something that either can or will not enhance your life. Play the "what if" game…..what if someone gave a party and no one came? What if someone declared war and no one fought? What if there was a second coming and Christ did not come?

It is how you as an individual, as part of your own Soul Cluster Group, respond to each event that shapes your individual and planetary destiny. Simply stated, it is how you respond to the Illuminati that shapes your "present future," and your "future futures." You are each God in activated manifestation. As such, you function as Co-Creator with Prime Creator. It is an awesome responsibility that we each bear, to BE all that we can Be, regardless what others opinions are.

A prevailing but ludicrous thought amongst many groups "of enlightened beings," is that the unspoken word cannot hurt another. This is not only untrue it is exceedingly dangerous rhetoric! Please to remember that what you think, you Create…or recreate. All matter is energy, energy itself is the nucleus of all life, therefore…be careful what you think. As to those "enlightened beings" that advocate those other beliefs, how do you know they are enlightened? Just ask them, they'll tell you.

Now, before I leave you ones to mull this information over, I shall again reiterate…some events in the lives of humanity on a mass scale, planetary scale, individual scale, are destined to take place. Others are not. Much covert dealings of the United States government with the north Koreans and others of their ilk will soon "come to LIGHT," seemingly as a leak within the "bureau." In fact the catalyst at play here is the presidential race. There is but one that the Illuminati fear in the "play the game of presidential monopoly." This one is a good man in all aspects. Yet, he will need to take great care in whom he places his trust. Millions of dollars shall be paid to hinder his winning the presidential race. Your present figurehead has an addiction to corrupt power. This is indeed what the Illuminati seek and FIND in the world rulers. Do not expect "any changing of the guard," to bring peace to the world as you know it.

There is too much collaboration that has been taking place behind the scenes and right under your noses. If you believe that the north Koreans are to be written off as inconsequential, then you are fools. This is precisely what they are counting on. We shall deal with this matter further on the next "go around." Now, if you have enough to tide you over, to assist in REMEBERING who you are and WHY you are here, then I have indeed accomplished much …HERE AND NOW.

If indeed I have given you a headache, then here is the remedy.
Take 2 aspirin and ….have an epiphany.

Salude……Blue Star

"There is a valley where that which is Spiritual stands on one side and that which is religious stands on the other side. In the middle walks the Creator and the Creation, in time...all shall be as one...
I shall meet you there."

"Blue Star"


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