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The Secret History of the World

The Zionist State Of Amerika



 Irish Banks Facing Mortgage Strikes

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The Secret History of the World

Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Arkadiusz Jadczyk, PhD


A Note to the Reader.

The one thing we can tell the reader is this: we work very hard, many hours a day, and have done so for many years, to discover the “bottom line” of our existence on Earth. It is our vocation, our quest, and our job. We constantly seek to validate and/or refine what we understand to be either possible or probable or both. We do this in the sincere hope that all of mankind will benefit, if not now, then at some point in one of our probable futures.

Laura Knight-Jadczyk and Arkadiusz Jadczyk, PhD







The Zionist State Of Amerika
By Jim Kirwan


Everything comes to an end eventually, and this day is probably the beginning of that end for America.
The pieces of this global jigsaw puzzle are still moving, barely. But the configurations for the world are nearly all in place. This last huge gambit by the forces of Global-disorder is almost ready for the final act in this global tragedy. And the stage-hands backstage, are just waiting for the call that will raise the curtain on the formal beginnings of World War III.

A huge amount of education has been completed over the last ten years during which a lot of people have been writing and drawing and commenting on the hidden histories behind these trogledian affairs, including me. Here's just one small part of the actual information that too many either haven't been aware of, or they have forgotten just how Iran came to be in the crosshairs: Again! (1)

Beyond this one example, there are literally hundreds of thousands of documents that have outlined just how this nation has finally become

Foremost among the things that the public has finally become aware of is the fact that
"They don't hate us because of our freedoms, they hate us because every day we are funding and committing crimes against humanity. The so-called War on Terror is a cover for our military aggression to gain control of the resources of Western Asia. This is sending the poor of this country to kill the poor of those Muslim countries. This is trading blood for oil, this is genocide and for most of the world we ARE the Terrorists" (2)

Bankers have now replaced political figureheads in both Greece and Italy; who will of course try to ram the blood-drenched policies of the already disgraced 'AUSTERITY' programs down the throats of the captured populations of both Italy and Greece. This will not work either, because it goes against every principle of life and economics and cannot ever work, anywhere! For the criminal-forces of this failing takeover attempt, this amounts to their last straw because Italy and Greece will follow in the footsteps of the now bankrupted MF Global-with many other Western "institutions" that will fail as well: Some far more spectacularly than others. But FAIL THEY WILL, because they cannot actually succeed in crushing the whole world just to pacify the dehumanized criminals at the top of the New World Order and the Zionists-International that has been reaching for the completion of this global crime for the last 88 years, without mercy.

I don't profess to 'know' when exactly this global-nightmare shall begin by raising the curtain on WWIII: but it has become clear to many of us that there is now almost no other way to end the barbarity of this global crime.

The thugs in uniform, in most Amerikan cities now, are pushing very hard for the people they are wounding, and shooting to begin fighting back; because Zionist Amerika wants us to become violent; they need the excuse to begin their hostile takeover in the open with real bullets for anyone that opposes them. I know how tempting it is to just smash the faces of these uniformed-cowards that raid sleeping camps of protestors in the middle of the night, to fondle the women and beat the men repeatedly even though they are the only ones who are armed and dangerous to anyone other than their co-conspirators, in these vastly increasing crimes against the public. But 'IF' they unleash real bullets and real firepower against the veterans and the public in the streets that will trigger the hundreds of millions of gun-owners to respond in kind and that will finish this place as a nation and as a survivable place in which anyone will be able to live for decades, if not for centuries.
There is only one-other-way, but the public still seems to resist the last real chance to avoid Armageddon. All that Americans have to do is to move their money out of the remaining big banks-every last cent of your money needs to be anywhere else; except inside those banks! If the public could do this: Then at least there would be a real chance to end the FEDERAL RESERVE and its entire DEBT-based CRIMINAL SYSTEM by which we have all been captured. Without those banks the FED would have to collapse, and the other eleven Banks in that World Wide System would also immediately be threatened by the FED's collapse.

What is preventing this is some holdover belief that the political system is this county can recover: NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. That political system was designed as a broken system that can never work when it really counts-and that time is NOW! Congress has been reduced from 535 members to 12, plus the TRAITOR in the Oval Office. The Courts are totally compromised and the administration answers to Israel and never to the American people: Hence the new name which is the only valid title for this place now:


We are living in one the most transitional moments in all of history, right now. And what we do in the next few days will affect the next ten generations directly, if that is, there are to be any next generations, anywhere. And for the record: If these non-humans have their way with us this time, there will not be a future, so there won't be any future generations to have to suffer for what we did not prevent. . .

Ironically this time the world will try to have it both ways. It will end with both a whimper and a bang. The whimpering will come from those that refuse to let-go of their addictions to whatever; and 'the bang' will be the sounds of the nuclear missiles landing on nations and people all over the planet, and not just in the Middle-East.
This is apparently what 11-11-11 is all about, and it looks a lot like a final warning to the tens-of-thousands of us that routinely monitor this cesspool that was once our world!

1) Iran War is Immanent
2) The Real Truth of Wars ­ 3min 56 second video
Found at:






part 1


A very interesting and eye opening talk on illuminati and NWO by JAck Ott.

must see all parts.



Since the Declaration of Independence in 1776 have the political conspirators attempted to undermine the sovereignty of the country for personal gain. Behind the facade of respectability is the congressional establishment. But now the American people wake up and it exposes the enemy within himself. The American people have exploited the land and have turned into a fascist war machine can execute their plans becoming less as people stand up. The video is dedicated to the global awakening social consciousness. Why play the media card from the aliens? Why did Nicholas Rockefeller for 11 months before the towers of the World Trade Center fell that America would go to Iraq and Afghanistan and a war against an invisible enemy? What do the Titanic and the then owner of the luxury ship, JP Morgan, due to the current financial system? How could we even put an end to all problems?

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Nov 19, 2011



So many people, most if not all humans in fact, have been programmed to fear those who claim to be our leaders. The programming works because we fail to connect the inner world with the external world. I go back today and read a poem I wrote nearly four years ago entitled: THE WORLD IS CHANGING. What seemed true to me then is even more so now as the occupy movement demonstrates the awakening of "we the people" as we confront our false, external rulers. Our real challenge is to confront our false, internal ruler: the saboteur.





 Irish Banks Facing Mortgage Strikes

Ireland’s New Beginning is intent on mobilising 250,000 homeowners facing repossession

Henry McDonald in Dublin,, 18 November 2011 19.48 GMT

Ireland’s IMF bailout after the irresponsible bank lending of the ‘Celtic Tiger’ years has provoked intense resentment, as seen in this Dublin graffiti. Now the banks face organised opposition from New Beginning. Photograph: Cathal McNaughton/Reuters

It’s been a tough time to be Irish. The boom years are a distant memory and now there’s just austerity and a long haul back to recovery for a nation crippled by the reckless lending of its banks.

But, a year after the country was forced to call in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), there is a sign that the people are fighting back and targeting the hated lenders with the “nuclear option” of a mortgage strike.

Ross Maguire is the co-founder of New Beginning, a new de-facto trade union for Irish mortgage holder... with banks, which aims to recruit 10,000 members in a movement that has strong parallels with the Occupy protests that have swept through scores of countries.

The nuclear weapon is for borrowers acting in concert and to say that unless proper and sustainable solutions are put in place which are fair and reasonable, then we should not continue to pay under these current conditions,” he says. So does this mean a “mortgage strike” under the New Beginning banner similar to the “rent and rates strike” by nationalists in Northern Ireland protesting against internment without trial in 1971?


Perhaps this is a good place to insert Nigel Farage assailing the European Parlaiment: What gives you the right to dikctate to the Italian and Greek people?  Thanks to Ellen.



 "It is radical but it is where we are going if things don’t change. It’s the last option but it is better that people like us have control over it because the danger is that if that kind of people power was misdirected it could wreck the financial system. New Beginning doesn’t want to smash the financial system; we merely want to reform it and re-balance power between banks and borrowers.”

With more than €70bn (£60bn) of taxpayers’ money already transferred into the banks to save them from collapse and public fury intensifying after the banks refused to pass on a cut in interest rates by the European Central Bank two weeks ago, Irish people are bracing to pay a further price for the bailout. Next month the Fine Gael-Labour coalition will introduce yet another austerity budget aimed at driving down Ireland’s national debt and satisfying the IMF that the government is getting the nation’s finances in order.

Many blame the fiscal crisis on the banks’ reckless lending to property developers – the same banks that are refusing to cut interest rates and threatening to repossess thousands of people’s homes. New Beginning estimates that up to 250,000 homeowners could be in mortgage-distress.

The quiet 42-year-old who launched this crusade against the banks from his office in a trendy building near Dublin’s Smithfield Market area is a barrister. But Maguire is the antithesis of the public perception of well-heeled “silks” in wigs and gowns: he doesn’t charge fees for families with distressed mortgageswho are fighting to keep their homes.

After working at the Dublin bar since returning from a successful legal practice in the City of London in the 1990s, Maguire noticed how skewed Irish law is towards banks as opposed to their borrowers. A person declaring bankruptcy in Ireland will be in financial and credit purdah for 12 years, Unlike Britain’s 12 months.


Now he and New Beginning are emerging as lightning rods for the anger of an entire nation towards the banks that they believe helped bust Ireland. Other more sinister forces have tried to tap into the widespread hostility towards the banking system. The Real IRA recently confirmed that they had bombed three banks in Northern Ireland in response to complaints within the nationalist community about threats to re-possess homes. The terrorist group has warned of further attacks on banks and bankers. Maguire and his group, however, offer a legal, non-violent but direct action alternative to challenge bankers’ power.

His own epiphany came last year when he and two colleagues heard of a client who had fallen foul of the banks. “A man came to us who had a loan with the Irish Nationwide building society, which subsequently was forced to merge with the Anglo Irish Bank. He got his file under the Data Protection Act and discovered that the Irish Nationwide had created a completely new version of him for their credit committee!

They had changed his occupation. They had given him a salary far higher than his actual one of €30,000 – in fact, they said he was now earning €60,000. They had changed the grade he worked at in his job to a higher one. They had even forged not only his signature but also his employer’s. It was incredible in terms of sharp practice. This was all so they could lend him more and more money during the boom.

We thought to ourselves that if this happened once across the state it was happening all over. It was then that we realised something needed to be done to check the power of the banks and that it had to be done collectively.”

Before they opt for the “nuclear option”, Maguire stresses that New Beginning has devised a practical plan to reform the mortgage payment system that will, he claims, help the banks as much as the people. They have proposed to the government an “income annuity mortgage”. It would mean a homeowner in difficulty paying a €1,000 a month mortgage could cut that to €700. If things improved, the payments could be raised to, say, €1,500.

But would the banks accept such a system, which would entail stretching out mortgage payments for longer?

The Irish banks don’t think we are serious,” Maguire says, “but just wait.”

New Beginning are about to go on a nationwide recruitment tour and Maguire compares the emerging social movement to the Irish Land League of the 19th century, which successfully gained land for the country’s peasantry, or the trade unions of the early 20th century led by socialist stalwarts such as James Connolly and Jim Larkin.

When we get over 10,000 members, each paying a levy of just €15, we will see who is serious. We are offering a fair solution for all concerned, including the banks, but if ultimately they reject it there is the nuclear option of a payment strike. Individually, people go in mortal terror to meet their banks but together in a national movement they won’t be in such a weak position.”


Maguire says they are not firebrand radicals hellbent on destroying the system. “Why throw a brick through a bank window? They will just replace the glass the next day,” he points out.

However, the barrister says they could link up with others in Northern Ireland and Britain, such as theOccupy movement and UK Uncut, who are equally disgusted at the banks’ behaviour during this long recession.

Two of the taxpayer-rescued banks in Ireland – the Bank of Ireland and First Trust [







Egypt and Zahi Hawass Covering Up Hall of Records Discovery

Here have been many discussions going on recently about a conspiracy with the supposed discovery of one of the fabled Hall of Records in Egypt. Many researchers are claiming that both the Egyptian government and Zahi Hawass are covering up the discovery.

Rumors are circulating throughout the world recently with the supposed discovery of one of the legendary Hall of Records in Egypt.  The Egyptian government along with recently retired Zahi Hawass who ran the Egyptian Antiquities Department have adamantly denied these claims saying that no such building or chamber has been found.  However, many researchers and even some archaeologists are saying that the chamber was indeed found but has been covered up due to the contents inside and what it would mean to both our understanding of history and Ancient Egypt’s history. 

According to legend and the renowned psychic Edgar Cayce, the Hall of Records are composed of three chambers spread throughout the world that contain the missing history of the lost continent of Atlantis along with the missing history of the human race.  The three chambers are said to be located in Egypt (underneath the Sphinx’s paw), somewhere on the Yucatan Peninsula and one on the lost continent of Atlantis, which would be most likely sunken in the ocean depths still.  Each chamber is thought to contain the history of the lost continent of Atlantis along with information on any of the surviving inhabitants of the legendary island.  It was Cayce’s claim that there were small groups of survivors that managed to escape the destruction of Atlantis and it was these Atlanteans that brought civilization to both Egypt and Mexico.  Cayce claimed that all of this information would be housed in these Hall of Records and would detail both the history before the destruction of Atlantis and the demise too. 

So, why would Egypt hide the Hall of Records?  Obviously, the main reason would be the knowledge that the Egyptians did not develop civilization independently but instead were taught the concepts of it.  This change in thinking would make the ancient Egyptian culture not as sophisicated as originally thought and all of their achievements would be questioned.   Buildings such as the Great Pyramid and Abu Simbel would have to be questioned as to who was really responsible for the technology and ideas behind the building of them.  Even the Sphinx would have to be questioned. 

Where is the evidence for the finding of the Hall of Records in Egypt?  The first piece of evidence was found more than twenty years ago and was a ground penetrating radar scan that revealed a strange anomaly underneath one of the Spinx’s paws.  The scan revealed what appeared to be a small chamber exactly in the location that Edgar Cayce had predicted the Hall of Records was to be found.  The second piece of evidence and the most important are a network of caves and tunnels that run all around the Giza plateau.  When these caves and tunnels were first discovered, both the Egyptian government and Zahi Hawass denied the existence of them.  The caves run underneath at least two of the three large pyramids on the Giza plateau and run very close to right beneath the Sphinx.  It is this cave chamber that runs very close to the Sphinx that the secret Hall of Records was located.  The Hall was located behind about 5 feet of rock that separated the end of the cave chamber to the entrance of the Hall of Records.  According to some sources, archaeologists were able to drill through and clear this 5 feet of rock and have gained access to the hall.  But other sources are saying that once the archaeologists realized what they had found, they further sealed the cave chamber thereby hiding the discovery.

So, has the Hall of Records really been discovered?  And, if so, will we ever hear about the contents of what the chamber had inside it?  My guess is that the Egyptian government will do everything they can to hide this discovery and unless they are forced to disclose, we will never get confirmation.  Hopefully, I will be proven wrong. 

For more information on the cave system please visit this site:

Check out more Archaeology Mysteries:

Secret Chamber Found in Great Pyramid

Mysterious Archaeology Finds That Science Cannot Explain

Read more:







The Rockefeller's...Full Documentary....




More videos like this

Money as a Moral Factor - How Do You Control Yourself?

There is a lot more about the Rockefellers of which this documentary does not even scratch the surface. The uploader urges viewers to more of their own research.

Has your life been impacted by this American family?


- Alexandra

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