The Path and the Laws of Incarnation

By: Matthew Webb

To excel beyond the karma of ones' place and time is no small matter, especially upon a world such as this. Never the less, the Laws of Incarnation must be observed.

Law 1
Remember your Mission, (as a soul with a purpose for incarnating).

Law 2
Never get caught up in local karma, (family, regional and planetary).

Law 3
Super energize the vehicles, (physical, mental and energetic bodies) so that they may adequately serve the demands of fulfilling Law 4.

Law 4
Mastery is progressively embodied, (via the expansion of consciousness). [4a) Self is realized as soul.
4b) Soul is realized as a field of intent elements.
4c) The intent elements are raised.]

Law 5
Manifest the raising, (without getting caught up in the phenomena of the Path).

The mission of the awakened soul is very simply to follow "the Path", as it has been called in many places, throughout many times. The Path is also known as, "the Cosmic Path", "the Laws of Incarnation", "the Progression of the Raising" and, "the Expansion of Consciousness". By other names it is known as, "the Knowledge of God", "the Process of Ascension" and, "the Process of Evolution". Through whatever name it is known, (and there are a great many more) the awakened soul actively employs the Laws of Incarnation in order to travel the Cosmic Path, and gain greater Mastery.

In remembering the Path as the true and revealed purpose of life, a soul fulfills Law 1.

To raise ones' consciousness is to travel a vibrational spectrum of ever higher states and levels of refinement. Traveling in this fashion implies a specific direction of inner spiritual movement. The direction of the Path is specific, and therefore, its' demand on the Practitioner is equally so. To travel into higher, more expanded levels of consciousness, is also known as, "Raising". The Adept realizes the spiritual need to perpetually raise, (travel upwards in levels of consciousness) and in so doing, they become a Master proper.

The fulfillment of Law 2 is largely a progressive, two-fold process, as follows;
2a) Honestly holding truth to be above all other considerations in life, and,
2b) Having such self realization and clarity to be beyond identification of self with anything but soul, (consciousness). The self realized soul is beyond the petty and false distinctions of nationality, creed, family, ethnicity, race, gender, occupation, socio-economic status, and ego-based titles of all sorts.

The fulfillment of Law 3 is progressively found in the greater refinement and empowerment of the vehicles the soul employs while incarnated. This Law is also known as, "the gaining of spiritual power".
3a) The physical body is made healthy by observing natural laws.
3b) The energetic body is made healthy by gaining and being aware of energy, and observing natural laws.
3c) The mental body is made healthy through honesty and clarity, and by thinking via natural laws.

The fulfillment of Law 4 is progressively found through meditative self realization, and the right employment of the knowledge gained therein. 4a) Self is realized as soul, soul is synonymous with consciousness. The soul is a fragment of God, and like God, it is composed of intent, awareness and energy.
4b) Soul is further realized, at the most fundamental level of being, as a field of intent elements. In essence, self as intent elements is the right basis for Mastery, the conveying of Mastery, and the manifestation of high intent, (see Law 5).
4c) The intent elements are raised body-wide, individually and as an interactive system, on a progressive basis. This is a process without end, and thus, the gaining of greater Mastery is also a process without end.
The gaining of Mastery must be progressive and cumulative, until a certain minimum threshold of proficiency in the raising is reached. When this threshold, (known by many as, "Adept") is crossed, the ability to fulfill Law 5 then begins to take shape.

The fulfillment of Law 5 is progressively found within the realization, and employment of that realization, of the fact that environment and self are both composed of consciousness. In this essential unity, the consciousness of self and environment are implicit, and thus, mutual psychic effects are never-ending. The psychic and spiritual relationship of self and environment is a matter of field interaction, whose results are karmic. By virtue of such realizations, the practitioner does inevitably cognize the spiritual need of raising the environment, in much the same fashion as the raising of self.

Phenomena of spiritual and psychic powers then arise, which are regarded by the wise as less relevant than the purity/height of intent from which they spring.

It is accurate to say that contained within the Knowledge of God, is; 1) Knowledge of self as consciousness. ("I Am That")
2) The means to raise consciousness progressively. (intent), ("I Am That Which Raises").
3) Knowing of both the raising and the qualities of the thing raised. (self as Master of consciousness), ("the Hand that raises is also the Hand that is raised").
4) Knowledge of field as consciousness. (the basis for, "We Are That")
5) The means to raise a field progressively. (intent), (the basis for manifestation).
6) The raising of self and field in tandem, (conclave of Masters) implying psychic and spiritual alignment, (group mind intent), ("We Are That").
7) Raising is primarily accomplished within the vehicles of the soul, (bodies) via the following 7 variables, a) the gaining of chi, b) the elevation of vibration, c) the elevation of clarity, d) psychic right alignment, e) the increase of beauty/purification, f) right intent/right action, g) the expansion/manifestation of high states.
8) The ability to demonstrate traveling of the Path, (raising) and to explain its' particulars, (especially the subtleties of intent).
9) The purpose of life, (the expansion of consciousness) and our karmic relationship to God, (as a result of the intents used moment to moment).
10) Knowledge of God as consciousness, soul as consciousness, nature as consciousness, (unity in essence).
11) Truth above all else without exception, (facts and natural laws).

The Master is a self realized Agent of God, just as a neuron is an agent of the body and mind. To be That Which Raises is to act in accord with the Will of God, who stands behind the primary momentum of evolution. To raise an area of effect, (field) is to implicitly be included within the sphere of Cosmic/Divine influence and concern. Raising is known universally in all enlightened places of cognizance. Beyond the holding of high states, it is the common standard by which those who Know the Path, also Know one another.

To raise areas of effect is to assist in the evolutionary process of self as soul, nature as aware, and humanity in sum-total. All organisms can be classified as fields of cohesive, orderly intent elements. All environments can be classified as collective fields of intent elements, which may or may not be cohesive or orderly. The Master can discern the degree of order or chaos within a given field, by feeling this within the body. Through these feelings, (energetic connections with the environment) the Master employs intent to bring higher sophistication, (raising) to any area of effect which they have the expertise to handle. Even the entire world can be so raised by a Master, but this is no easy feat given the collective karma of the modern age.

Raising the world requires extraordinarily high levels of pure intent, and even then, the psychic/spiritual effects rendered are rarely significant on a permanent basis. A conclave of Masters, on the other hand, is much more capable of not only raising the world in ways superior to individual effort, but to sustain those psychic/spiritual effects for longer periods of time. If ever there were sufficient number of those who had such skills gathered in one place, a threshold/critical mass of exerted spiritual intention could be crossed on a field-wide basis. That field may even be as large as the entire world, implying that world consciousness would be shifted significantly and semi-permanently. If the public were sufficiently educated regarding the subtleties of intent and the traveling of the Path, such a world shift of consciousness could be made solidly and permanently. This would represent a major culmination in the evolutionary process on this planet, and it is the Cause most supported by the Will of God. Any social purpose less than such raising of world consciousness and the resulting ascension of humankind en masse, is beneath the noble purposes of evolution on earth.

Matthew Webb
The World Mind Society